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    "Like a pornstar, like a fucking pornstar Ona mokra, ja to fucking popstar Szuka bolca, powróżę jej doznań Trzęś tą dupą jak eskortka, Kalifornia Like a pornstar, like a fucking pornstar Ona mokra, ja to"
  • PornStar - Cargo
    "Come over here honey. Get on your knees for daddy. Aww yeah. You know you like it. Now turn around. Im feeling horny in my dreams yeah I want to get laid. I want a girl to make me come, not to be hand-made. I"
  • Pornstar - NIELS VAN GOGH
    "Walk up in the club wit a lotta girls hanging round my neck like diamonds and pearls me and my crew we gonn' rock the house makes your chick turn inside out Wow, I just cant believe it tonight gonna be"
  • Result - Tamaki Nami
    "Kagayaku mirai wa boku no tame ni Itoshii kioku wa kimi no tame ni Kizuna wa itsudemo tsunagatteru Ano hi no yakusoku mune ni Bokura wa kiseki wo kanaeteku Dakishimeru mono ga nai ude ...yume igai ni Te"
  • Result - Nami Tamaki
    "Kagayaku mirai wa boku no tame ni Itoshii kioku wa kimi no tame ni Kizuna wa itsu demo tsunagatteru Ano hi no yakusoku mune ni Bokura wa kiseki wo kanaeteku Dakishimeru mono ga nai ude... Yume igai ni Te"
  • Masturberen Pornstar - Катя Самбука
    "Masturberen Pornstar /4x"
  • End Result - Crass
    "I am a product. I am a symbol of endless, hopeless, fruitless, aimless games. I'm a glossy packages on the supermarket shelf. My contents aren't fit for human consumption. I could tragically injure your"
  • PornStar (Feat. Dredziarz) - Kamerzysta
    "Like a pornstar, like a fucking pornstar, Ona mokra, ja to fucking popstar, Szuka bolca, powróżę jej doznań, Trzęś tą dupę jak eskortka - Kalifornia. Like a pornstar, like a fucking pornstar, Ona mokra,"
  • The End Result Is Falling - Eyes Of Fire
    "Here I am left here holding this empty heart You reach inside and try to feel what's left of me I fall back to the sea and try to forget this dream I peel the skin that holds me here inside of you I fall"
  • So What Am Still A Pornstar - A Bear Named Moe
    "I guess I just lost my left hand I don't know what to do So I'm gonna satisfy myself and I'm not gonna pay for it I've got a brand new left hand, and I'm gonna wear it tonight I wanna get in trouble I"
  • ...As A Result Of Signals Being Crossed - Fear Before The March Of Flames
    "You can't keep God off the radio Don't let him in You can't keep the Devil from the media Don't let him in There is always a salesman at the front door Don't let him in The church is trying to peddle something"
  • The End Result Of 2 Months In Prison - His Hero Is Gone
    "Nightly dreams of putting knives in the side of judges and gaurds sweet REVENGE will be mine"
  • Fondue Knight - Goldfrapp
    "(Unreleased Felt Mountain b-side) A fondue knight On a winters day I do in snow In summer rain Dont let it go Dont blow away This could so sweet On a different day Those umbrellas in the sea And they"
  • Pornscars - Dagoba
    "Loving not anymore Hopin' no more The prince charming you'll never Wait no more A pornstar you were A star you wish you were Your honor's gone Away from the woman you were Porn scars ! Mutilated til'"
  • Party like a rockstar - Sprung Monkey
    "Here we go again callin on a good friend sippin on a ride pickin up a forty cauSe my mouth's dry boardwalk hustlers with there cheap talk tryin to find the time on their tijuana knock offs hookin up with"
  • POWWW! (feat. Schwesta Ewa) - Sentino
    "Siostra Ewa, siostra Ewa Patrz na złoty zegar Cały blok już czeka Czas do Polski jechać Łóżko dwa na dwa Bo robiłam butt lift Fioletowe euro, mój nominał kafli Hajs, hajs musi zgadzać się A jak pogadać"
  • Class 'A' Human - Lesion
    "Banished for a reason of State. ...There was no place for all over there. We built much because much was the emptiness around us. That gap has never been filled... ... and you know that. Class 'A' human As"
  • Atomic asphyxia - Collapsed System
    "A white desert, the wind blows, the sandFloats in the air, so it will look everywhere.Wake up and decide your fateForceful, consistent, it won't take shapeWhen you act before it's too lateWhat remains"
  • Citizen XT99 - Dope stars inc
    "We are not Like a piece of flesh without some feelings. Like a crowd of pigs inside a barn. I cant deal with codes and got my own name. Please don't call me xt 99. We are not Like a flock of sheeps piled"
  • Remember - Bad Acid Trip
    "I have seen the result of our school system I have seen what it does I asked some kids about the holocaust And they didn't even know what it was Didn't that happen in some Time Life books I didn't see"

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