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Power Lines - KeezyKabeezy Original Song

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Power Lines - KeezyKabeezy Original Song

  • Cheetah Power! (Original Theme Song) - Cheetah Girls
    "when your lost, can't find your way theres only one thing i have to say Just be strong, don't give up don't let other people tell you that you suck (chorus) We got the moves, the attitude we are gonna"
  • The Power Lines - Nanci Griffith
    "(Nanci Griffith - Pat Alger - James Hooker) Nobody seems to care about you With your tool case by the roadside There beneath the power lines Or the pallor of your skin Paled beneath flourescent lights In"
  • Original - Silage
    "Let's get lost in an original sound I heard a band that was better Than the last one around So take my time, my line, my beat down I serve a God that doesn't judge me By a new sound Okay, honestly, it's"
  • Original Song - Underworld
    "When I'm alone I try to remember all of the things I want I get depressed, but don't give me handouts everyone loves a trier I would love to be lucky as you in with the rich survivors wouldn't complain"
  • Original - Boogie Down Productions
    "Extra extra, read all about it! KRS-One's rhymes, have been doubted Suckers stepped up, and got MURDERED!! Pump pump pom pom POING! Yo, this goes out, to George Bush Get off my... diggi-diggi-diggi-dick,"
  • All Clap (Original) - Canibus
    "Song: Bar War Preview Featured Artists: Album: Armadillo skin folds, lockjaw like a pit bull On full moon, man switch to wolf Full proof verse from Hell to Tunbridge Wells You never seen an emcee do"
  • Behind Enemy Lines - Behind Enemy Lines
    "Not interested in politics or don't want to f**king face it But if we don't stand against oppression we might as well embrace it When we act as if it doesn't affect us we do nothing but pretend Because"
  • Power - Crosby & Nash
    "Power by Peter, Paul & Mary performed by Crosby & Nash from the Bread & Roses Festival Just give me the warm power of the sun Give me the steady flow of a waterfall Give me the spirit of living things"
  • Power - Juice
    "JU, Overall, Conglom It's like three-thirty in the morning and we sitting here talking about money power so, I decided to get a little verse together and drop at the tape and let y'all know what we feelin' ya"
  • Straight Lines - Thea Gilmore
    "(one, two, three; two, two, three) There you go again Said, its too complicated to explain So sit me in my high chair And pat me on the head But Ill be making lists Pounding the table with my fists Trying"
  • Crossing Lines - Art Garfunkel
    "Miles to go but how could you know How far we've gone, how far we've gone All it would take to keep me awake Is a different song or someone to sing along The radio promised to take me through the night Its"
  • 32 Lines - Sophie B. Hawkins
    "I want your hand Across my belly I want your breasts Upon my back I want your pain To rip right through me I am your death You are my wrath I'll take your hand Beyond the threshold I'll take your gifts As"
  • Two Lines - The Carpenters
    "Maybe I'am a dreamer Maybe just a fool Lately I can hardly see the sun If you had a secret I could take a guess But nothin' in your eyes seems to hold me Truth or consequences Which one will be? (*) Someone"
  • Punch Lines - Canibus
    "(feat. Hamza) Canibus, Hamza! Follow us into a new era Where lyrical content is a MUST! We cut microphones like, gangsters holdin chrome Like, Toto you far from home Like, words spoken wrong will"
  • Bis Vs. Rip (Original Version) - Canibus
    "(Yo Rip {WHAT} come here man, let me talk to you for a 'sec?) {WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT NIGGA? (Why you screamin' man?) {I'M THE ILLEST, I'M THE ILLEST} (Yo, relax, yo put that down) {YO, DON'T"
  • Monday Song (Original Version) - 40 Below Summer
    "Life is lost for me And everything I dream And there's no God to save my soul There's no faith in me at all Just a life disease Disease Picture me above the sky On this half day closing Ride the wave"
  • Original Superman - Pillar
    "He heals the sick He saves the lost and died for you in case you've forgot, man He'll jump a building in a single bound I once was lost but now I'm found He needs no mask or cape or gown all He needs is"
  • Original Man - Lord Jamar
    "(Intro: sample (Lord Jamar)) All the brothers from Brooklyn, will you raise your hand, thank you... All the brothers from Manhattan, will you raise your hand (uh, uh) All the brothers from the Bronx, will"
  • 4,3,2,1 (Original) - Canibus
    "(Redman) Aiyyo I put it on a nigga, shit it on a nigga Turnin Christian to a certified sinner The bomb I release, time pent up (explodes) While you got set up I was hittin your ex hoe Shit I kept low,"
  • The Original - Kool Keith
    "(feat. Roscoe) [22 seconds of overlapping samples] I'm hot as Hades, I drive a Mercedes Chromed out, leavin niggaz in awe when it bone out Big dawg with his bone out I'ma put hands on a nigga 'fore"

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