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Power metal hero wanna die cirilison

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Power metal hero wanna die cirilison

  • Die For Metal - Manowar
    "They can't stop us Let 'em try For heavy metal We will die! Quit my job this morning said forever I would hold my head up high Cause I need metal in my life Just like an eagle needs to fly So I walked"
  • Heavy metal - Chinchilla
    "Since I was a young boy , I saw metal bands in big halls They came down to play in town, I went to see their shows Metal Heroes on stage, they've come to bring us rock Well, it's more than a religion and"
  • The Power Of Metal - Grave Digger
    "A long time ago When I started listen the metal My brother shouted at me How stupid I am A fist in my face Pushed me to the floor You never stopped And I hate you more and more Watch out my friends The"
  • Metal Lungies - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Sheek Louch, Styles P) World, world, world, premiere, premiere, premiere World, world, world, premiere, premiere, premiere What these clown niggaz hollerin'? What they need to be hollerin',"
  • Power Metal - Pantera
    "You say you want it loud I'll never turn it down You wanta feel my power Pound you in the ground I wanta give you fury Blow your head apart I'll leave you comatose From the very start You say you want"
  • Power - Alicia Keys
    "Let me tell you a little story Grandma, used to say nothing before it was time Used to say that the world would be mine So I should just have faith She showed me, all I need in this life is for free Change"
  • Power - M.O.P.
    "Power (power) power (M dot O dot P devour) our (Loyalty is royalty boss We roll through wit tremendous force and bring) (Power) power (power) M dot O dot P devour (our) Family stick to the plan (we) we"
  • Power - M.M.O.
    "Power (power) power(M dot O dot P devour) our(Loyalty is royalty bossWe roll through wit tremendous force and bring)(Power) power (power)M dot O dot P devour (our)Family stick to the plan (we) we(Will)"
  • Power - Helloween
    "May I take you higher Feed well your desire We won't be forgotten Foes left slain and rotten I will have my way as once before Others stand in awe can't scorn at all I can, I can, I can make it all again I"
  • Full Metal Jackoff - D.O.A.
    "around our nation's capital there's a freeway 8 lanes wide white concrete ringed around the city for those who want inside get on get off ignore everything to the sides in your midst i drive while homeboys"
  • Brothers Of Metal - Manowar
    "Strike while the iron is hot Steel is strongest so say we all And if we all were not brothers of metal would we fall? No They tried to test our spirit They tasted steel before we were done Grinding their"
  • Live for Metal - Goddess Of Desire
  • Heavy Metal Power - Elm Street
    "Running for years now with only one dream, make metal! Our chance finally rose, to make the earth shake. We ride, We rock, We scream, Warriors 'round the world have chosen right, hit the battlefront. Raise"
  • Metal Forces - Onslaught
    "Battles burn the wrath of hell The force cannot be slain Men and steel we stand as one To fight on through the pain Soldiers die the blood runs red We bear the blackest hates Metal force now crack the"
  • Metal Invaders - Helloween
    "Fool moon standing in the streets I know the time is near Incarnate power roaring from the sky Unrelenting forces blasting through the air Roaring thunder lift your hands and pray Running through the"
  • Metal messiah - Judas Priest
    "Unholy Satan begs He don't make no sense Striving down there to Recruit all of you Do not live in sin Or taste the fear again Someone's coming back Fuck the almanacs Premonition say Better step away Sceptics"
  • I Wanna Die - Adam Green
    "I wanna chose to die, and be buried with a rubix cube. and sleep inside the big blue buildings, while the sweet disease drives through. there's a bakery in the night sky. i wanna die because the government"
  • Don't Wanna Die - Bad Azz
    "(feat. Daz Dillinger) I guess they think since Pac died, we gon' let up or somethin Rest In Peace Mr. Shakur, whyn't we let these niggas have it (Daz) ?? back home, ??? for shit, c'mon Pick a couple"
  • Metal - Nanowar
    "We are fighting with power (and steel) blood and thunder on the road (of steel) high and mighty alone we are kings til our kingdom comes! hail , power, ring, fire, heart, king, sword, holy, wind,"
  • Metal - Excrementory Grindfuckers
    "Du bist kein Heavy Metal Das liegt doch auf der Hand. Hast keine Spandexhose und kein Nietenarmband. Ich wei, Du wrst gern true und hart, doch Du hast keinen Oberlippenbart Tut mir leid, aber nein: Du"

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