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  • Billboard Women in Music - Chloe x Halle
    "Capable Loving Majestic Powerfull Do it for the girls"
  • Music Is Rising - Neophyte
    "The music is rising Powerfull and crazy Different en surprising Think I'm gonna stay When we are together There's no one to stop me It's only gettin' better Till the judgement day You've been trying"
  • Immortal Warriors - Narcoze
    "In a far away world From the burning soil Originated aike warriors Wild men with morbid sights Blood was glory Kill you not be killed Blood was glory Kill you not be killed Death was only a little datail On"
  • Magic Ball - Leila K
    "Mirror, mirror, on the wall Oh so powerfull crystal ball Will I stand tall? Will I fall? Tell me, magic ball Ah-a aha ah-a Will I stand tall Or will I fall? Tell me, tell me Darker secrets set with light Sell"
  • Infected Core - Krisiun
    "A powerfull agression against your core crushing of your mind desolation of your being next to mortality the walls listen up your cry the confrontation with condemination Born to meet your pain your soul"
  • Epic War - Majesty
    "Down in the valley we stand With our swords and our banners in our hands. The feeling of power is in our hearts And we know that the epic war shall start. Under the moon and the shining stars, we're"
  • Keltia - Arwen
    "I walk under the touch Of the frozen snow Wind whispers new words The forests are sad Trees die young Leaves change their colours and fall Why don't birds sing again? Why doesn't grass sing with the wind And"
  • Late Show - Venerea
    "Every night I watch the late show And you know my only dream is to be there on the screen I'd chat a bit with Dave he'd listen to what I'd say and read my name from a hidden frame And pretend that he knows"
  • Heavy Is As Heavy Does - Menomena
    "Heavy all the branches, Hanging from my fuc** up family’s tree And heavy was my father, A stoek man of pride and privacy And i don’t care much for wishful thinking Is heavy as I breathe? Because I don’t"
  • Heavy Metal - Majesty
    "Pounding hearts calling, like a storm from the north. I will obey to my sworn oath. Like warriors are waiting for the Battle, True Heroes play Heavy Metal! Coming out of darkness, powerfull like a"
  • I - Kevin Sharp
    "(Chris Farren/Jeffrey Steele/Larry Park) When it comes to love I've had my doubts But when you walked in my heart checked out And like a schoolboy crush I knew it when we touched I'm already loving you"
  • Too much - Eddy
    "When it comes to love Ive had my doubts But when you walked in my heart checked out And like a schoolboy crush I knew it when we touched Im already loving you too much Mind and body, heart and soul You"
  • Into The Stadiums - Majesty
    "In every art some times are hard, but our strenght won't fail. 'Cause Metal is the greatest art, so Metal will prevail! The time has come to sing a song about this powerfull scene. About the greatest way"
  • Fear In Flight - Alexkid
    "somewhere up there somewhere up there all so clear up here suspended in mid god air dependent on metal man machine obscene device what price i pay to face my fear my airs/fears the shortest distance"
  • Me testimony - Petey Pablo
    "With no hopes and my will to live barely a care in this world to me I found a way kidnapped and confined within a system designed to destroy the inncocent child that I use to be it stripped me mentally"
  • Daemoonion act II - Vesania
    "dead spaces ruins of morality old scars smouldering remains of energy and a crystal like a flame frozen my consciousness the army - they are a few because those who have the fight within and faces pale"
  • In Da City - Culcha Candela
    "Refrain: In da city where the party always gonna rock on Inna sunshiny weather where people come together Berlin City love you but sometimes I got to move on sometimes I got to come down from the trouble,"
  • Prophecies of Aryan Moon - Sunwheel
    "Autumn has Embraced my longing soul Father moon is watching me from high above My land and my brothers are waiting For the prophecies of Aryan Moon... Barely forgotten glorious times are Hidden in"
  • Liar - Rollins Band
    "you think you're going to live your life alone in darkness and seclusion... yeah, I know you've been out there and tried to mix with those animals and it just left you full of humiliated confusion so you"
  • The Serpent Goddess (Oobe) - Rip The Jacker
    "(The Serpent Goddess) Such A Strong Man You Are... A Man Like You, Could Own The Greatest Tale Ever Sung. Stay With Me, Give Me A Son... And I Shall Make You The Greatest King That Ever Lived... Yes...I"

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