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Powerspace Amplifire

  • Amplifire - Powerspace
    "In your position with this hometown competition You're away At least that's what the magazines all say You drive the streets Where he let his love deplete We're one and the same Two suburbanites looking"
  • Powerspace Snap Bracelet - Powerspace
    "Lightning strikes me down I'm on my knees I can't write it out, but I'll show you what I mean And the words, they will drip down the side of your cheeks And I'm able to read them when they spell out "Let's"
  • Dancing In The Future - Powerspace
    "(Oh my God, I can see into the future!) Oh, I've been counting on this countdown, countdown Only minutes till sundown, sundown Do I trust the team in front of me? Oh, can, can I stop and catch my breath,"
  • Choose Your Own Adventure - Powerspace
    "I want a box around myself So they can put me on the shelf To see the way I live But the holes are blocked By everybody else inside As far as I can tell They're all living well Living better, still Oh,"
  • It Smells Like Electricity In Here - Powerspace
    "Pick me up, I'm ready And take me down, downtown Down the underground Shaking, can't get steady Baby, calm me down Calm me down (This addiction knocks upon my door) This addiction is knocking upon my"
  • I Met My Best Friend In Prague - Powerspace
    "Look at where you've got yourself now You think the world is trying to bring you down You think that moving on Means getting passed around But every move you make Just takes you further down These are"
  • I Put The Abs In Abstinence - Powerspace
    "So how's your affair With the millionaire with silver hair? Does he care? Your love affair, I am aware Is void of love indeed The greatest weight of all Towers over your shoulders While the longest wait"
  • Stoned In Love - Powerspace
    "If you could see me here this way Looking backwards from today Would you do it all again? If I could roll it back to you Just like lovers always do I'm stoned in love, but not with you Good luck Cause"
  • Prologue: Adam Beckett - Powerspace
    "I found it difficult To be a storytelling failure For all those years Living was a challenge That caught me so off-balance And passed me by Repeatedly, I stared my future in the face She walked away Her"
  • Quarantine My Heart (Baby) - Powerspace
    "We don't need a party Just a place to meet My mind is still racing while the city sleeps But I don't complain Cause I know we're okay Race against the clock Running on no sleep When there's no time to"
  • Right On, Right Now - Powerspace
    "My feet are shuffling The clouds roll in, the wind at my neck But every day's a thunderstorm I'm always walking back these days I live to pass time It makes sense in my mind But that's not a reason To"
  • Be Aggressive - Powerspace
    "One, two, three Are you feeling me? It's getting late and it's hard to see I've got some problems But not enough to stop me Cause I can't stop, I can't stop I won't stop, won't stop Can't stop until I"
  • This Is Not What You Had Planned - Powerspace
    "The cigarettes and phone calls don't keep me warm But they're my only option Short of driving home To try and calm my nerves of this unrest Cause nothing's worse than a vacant town, yeah Still looking"
  • Sleep, Everyone... - Powerspace
    "With so little sleep At least you'd think I'd find some peace in my dreams In my dreams But my mind still winds up on the same thing The same scene The same themes 'Cause it's all stuck in my subconscious Built"
  • All Out, All Night - Powerspace
    "I met a girl from the northwest suburbs, oh oh She had a mouth like you wouldn't believe She said, "Hey kid, I think I wanna get ccccrazy So let's go Let go of everything you want And let me show you what"
  • How Could I Know? - Raul Seixas
    "Reformulation, Rearrange the game you're in Let's start from the begin With confidence you'll win That's the reason you were born Cause Jesus Christ, man Won't be coming back no more He's set up his proper"

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