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Prayer madona

  • Madona - Dalida
    "Vierge de la mer toi qui me tends les bras Sainte au voile d'or je crois encore en toi Toi la vierge noir aux mains gant de lumire Dis-moi que la mre sera clmente pour moi Les femmes du port qui guette"
  • Madona - Era
    "Samie samietto ino catepo Samie todesanto Parole Impera imperamine dovi me canta polge Dorime dorimetto samie todesanto Te dii amore, To pera omen, to di amosen, samiyo peca omen, to di amosen Samie"
  • Prayer - Celine Dion
    "Can we touch the soul of heaven Can we unite a sacred lesson Every child creates a skylight of beauty Can you hear cathedrals fallin' All the universe is callin' Cry a single chello from your heart Since"
  • Prayer - Bad News For The Devil
    "i'm hiding myself, there in the darkest corner of my mind_ and i fell depressed without you, here by my side. i feel depressed, when i'm alone in the dark, but i know_ that you are there for me, everytime"
  • Prayer - Carman
    "Nothing is impossible Nothing's out of reach All good things will come to those Who faithfully believe When you see a mountain Standing is your way Known that it will move for you If only you will"
  • Prayer - Petra
    "Words and music by Bob Hartman and John Elefante Based on 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18, Ephesians 6:18-19, Matthew 6:9-13 First I want to thank You Lord for being who You are For coming to the rescue of"
  • Prayer - Yolanda Adams
    "--Verse (Yolanda)-- I pray Youll be our eyes And watch us where we go And help us to be wise In times when we dont know Let this be our prayer When we lose our way Lead us to a place Guide us with Your"
  • Prayer - Sevendust
    "I remember praying with you, yeah I remember praying with you Feeling alone And I'm by myself I can' find no one else Thinking of you Drives me crazy I got a feeling I'm lazy So much frustration Built"
  • Prayer - Marija Serifovic
    "(Molitva - english translation) I'm wide awake An empty bed drives my dreams away Life melts like ice Disappears in the twinkling of an eye I'm losing my mind, Pushing reality out of sight Our lips are"
  • Prayer - Rick Ross
    "Song 27 Da Lord Iz My Life Lord 4give 4 My Sins (I Aint Cryin' I Aint Cryin') Cuz I Hv Sined Da Lord Is Da Stucure Of My Life N Whom I Sow B Afaid N B4 I Wrap Up This Port Of Miami Emamies N (Plz Lord) Some"
  • Prayer - Pastor Troy
    "A Yo,A Yo Theres a pray for every real nigga in the country When you wake up man,and shit feels like its to hard to bare Just Repeat this prayer I belive that Jesus is the son of God,that he died and rose again"
  • Prayer - Imani Coppola
    "Prayer Earth cancer Oxygen Aids Fire dying H2O people Earth oxygen Oxygen dying Fire spreading H2O life People doing right .(dying) Sun is shining bright(Im lying) Universe green and blue God where are"
  • Prayer - Secret Garden
    "Prayer Let your arms enfold us Through the dark of night Will your angels hold us Till we see the light Hush, lay down your troubled mind The day has vanished and left us behind And the wind, whispering"
  • Prayer - Blood Duster
    "Endless is the road I walk merciless is time Frustrations black and white contentment less defined Bravery through confidence humility with pride I can face tomorrow if supplied This course was set at"
  • Prayer - Mercury Rising
    "Endless is the road I walk merciless is time Frustrations black and white contentment less defined Bravery through confidence humility with pride I can face tomorrow if supplied This course was set"
  • Prayer - Ray Charles
    "Oh, Lord, If you ain't busy up there, I ask for help with a prayer So please don't give me the air Oh, hear me Lord, I wanna see Garbo in person With Gable when they rehearsin' While some director is cursin'. Please"
  • Prayer - Leela James
    "Oh, oh, oh Livin' in a cold, cold world Sometimes it gets hard and you feel like You can't make it out When I was just a little girl My momma told me don't you worry Hold your head And wear a"
  • Prayer - Sads
    "I sigh, My life is a matter of putting prayer togetherCry with grief.Dry the tense airto my mind a ringing bell in UtopiaBad sense is over, come through the gateGood sense is over, come through the gateBaby"
  • Prayer - BoA
    "Itazura na egao de Cool na yasashisa de Sasotteru anata no Hitomi no oku hikikomaresou Riaru to yume no hazama de yureru Kono kimochi Because I just want you, want you Kokoro atsuku sawagidasu Chijimaranai"
  • Prayer - Yellowman
    "Give thanks and prays unto the Father everyday ??? keep the devil away and remember this good ??? over evil God ??? with the devil remember that. Prayer! Have mercy on a good man and help him we pray"

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