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Press start

  • Press Here To Start - Cleopatra
    "Oh, yeah Oh, yeah, yeah Oh, babe Play me I sit here lonely in my room In a web of no emotion a cybernetic ocean My software needs some protection A hardware connection Click here if you need affection"
  • Press Rewind - Total
    "(Keisha) I think you need to think back When we were sexin' each other Tell me what you wanna do Tell me (Pam) Say you don't wanna press rewind Think back to the times Where sexin' me was the only thing"
  • Press 7 - Tyga
    "Love to say I'll wait but you know I don't pretend (I don't pretend) I'm gonna go and get a new girlfriend yeah I'll get myself a better girlfriend, yeah. 1,2,3, oh (your gonna like this one) first off,"
  • United Fire - Canibus
    "(Canibus) United by the love of hip-hop, tighter than zip-locks Watch the way Kamnouze and Canibus rock (Canibus) Yo I blow mics out of orbit The illest nigga to talk on a recording since rap started"
  • United Minds - Arrested Development
    "United minds of America make your vocal chords reach the clouds and touch the crowd of folks that overstand there's no jokes we must network together as one & tell the oppressor we'll take no less than total"
  • A Train X-Press - Group Home
    "Uhm, ah Check it out Uh Yeah, uh, check it out Um {Lil Dap} East New York express, brothers don't try to flex Only real brothers on these trains, and we know what's best Deep meditation, when we start"
  • Press - Paul McCartney
    "Darling, I Love You Very, Very, Very Much, And I Really Am Relying On Your Touch. But With All These People Listening In, I Don't Know Where I Ought To Begin. Maybe We Could Hit Upon A Word, Something"
  • Press - Cardi B
    "bitches be press bitches be press bitches be press they know how I’m coming with bitch in the flesh who the fuck she gon check she be talking that shit talking out of her neck put blood on her dress bitches"
  • Press - Joe Pace
    "Verse 1: Press toward the mark of the prize of the high calling in Jesus Christ. Stand fast in faith knowing that Jesus will make a way. Chorus: Jesus will do it, Jesus will make a way. Jesus will do"
  • Press - Lea Castel
    "Jai ouvert mon livre et les pages se sont tournes si vite Les mots en images dfilent, cest mon avenir. Et des premires lignes curieuses de connatre la suite Jai saute tantes de chapitres, presse de vivre Tous"
  • Darling Of The Underground Press - Chris & Rich Robinson
    "So the story goes that you Sold your soul for delusions of beauty and courage And while young at heart is a nice place to start Can the truth hold all your baggage, hey? So tell all your foes because my"
  • Kids Are United - Sham 69
    "For once in my life I've got something to say I wanna say it now for now is today A love has been given so why not enjoy So let's all grab and let's all enjoy If the kids are united then we'll never be"
  • I'll Start with Me - Alice Peacock
    "Well, we do okay with the things God gave us But will it be enough when it's time to save us One in three can't read, so many mouths to feed We just sit and wait like a loaded gun We cloak ourselves in"
  • Start - Rest (Dixon37)
    "To jest start (start, start, start) Nie pytaj mnie gdzie meta, Nie jeden szukając szczęścia, za daleko już odleciał, To jest start (start, start, start) Nie pytaj mnie gdzie koniec, Pamiętaj dobrze, że"
  • Start - KRÓL
    "Niefartowny rzut kośćmi Każe się cofać na początkowe pole Zakłóca ciągłość i zmienia kształt A ja znowu się na to nabiorę Śmiej się śmiej Choć to słaby żart Śmiej się śmiej Znów wracamy na start Wracamy"
  • Start! - Rage
    "Think back to when you were younger, remember when life had no scars. You were at home in your own mind, responsive to your inner call. I'm waiting you'll come back, I'm waiting for your return. Don't"
  • Start - The Connells
    "I hear you're waving me off I hear you're moving on past I hear you're sending me on At last I hear your time has come I hope your time will last And on and on and on and on At last. At last. Though"
  • Start! - The Jam
    "It's not important for you to know my name - Nor I to know yours If we communicate for two minutes only It will be enough For knowing that someone in this world Feels as desperate as me - And what you"
  • Start - The Doors
    "Alright... would all of you people in front kind of sit down so the people in the back who have nice seats can kinda see. And by the way, tonight's performance is being recorded by Electra Records, I dunno"
  • Start - Beastie Boys
    "If I ever ever see you - see you If I ever ever see you - see you If I ever ever see you - see you Again If I ever ever see you - see you If I ever ever see you - see you If I ever ever see you - see you"

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