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Primal Scream Aftermath

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Primal Scream Aftermath

  • Primal Scream - Motley Crue
    "Broke dick dog My head slung low Tail knocked in the dirt Time and time of being told Trash is all I'm worth When I was just a young boy Had to take a little grief Now that I'm much older Don't put your"
  • Primal Scream - Rusted Root
    "man-myo-ho-ren-g0-kyo Feel it turn See it burnin' Want to live See world turnin' Move on Up ahead Its burnin' Feel it burn Souls collide People yearnin' Want to live Under shelter Move on Up ahead Move"
  • Aftermath - Primal Scream
    "Helpless it may seem But only in my dreams These sort of things appear as wished Untouchable but seen If only I could touch To dream is not enough To realize the evil I can sometimes follow up Oh I expect"
  • Aftermath - Adam Lambert
    "(*Lambert, Ferras, Alisan Porter, Ely Rise) Have you lost your way? Livin' in the shadow of the message that you made And so it goes Everything inside your circle starts to overflow Take a step before"
  • Velocity Girl (Primal Scream) - Manic Street Preachers
    "Here she comes again, with vodka in her veins Been playing with the spike, she couldn't get it right Splendour in silver dress, velocity possessed The world was hers and then, it fell apart again I"
  • Aftermath (The Intro) - Dr. Dre
    "(Wind, Animals and Wild Sounds Coordinating With Beeping Countdown) (Beeping Faster) (Dr. Dre) This is dedicated to the niggaz that was down from Day 1 ..(SCREAM AND LOUD EXPLOSION) ...Welcome to the"
  • Primal - Slowdive
    "Today I lost a [...colours fray...] Watch the games you play And when it all force down you Don't forget the days When the sunshine fades away Remember what they say Remember what they say The right time She"
  • Primal - Paradise Lost
    "it's deep in the mind so slick by design i'll end up the same way maybe don't hold on to pride you'll lose if you try you'll end up the same way someday lord i'm on my way, don't let me down lord"
  • Primal - SuG
    "A-- shiawase hiyori nante ne kimi to nara doko demo A-- tte ochiru hi mo chanto ne aisuru to chikaimasu. Nakushita mono wo yubiori kazoete tada, sabishii yo Mou kyou wa kore ijou ganban na yo? Sonka washi"
  • Aftermath - Candlemass
    "Black inferno, chaos reigns supreme A cancerous growth spreading out the dark Leaving the wounded land in ashes A civilization in ruins and decay Nothing left to admire Nuclear war and the aftermath Down"
  • Aftermath - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "When the winds of the gods will meet the land It will destroy everything made by human hand When the eye of the storm has finally past Mass confusion, only the strong will last Bringing death and destruction Releasing"
  • Aftermath - Tahiti 80
    "I first saw it when you were smiling I could tell something was wrong And the way you were laughing It just lasted too long As if you were trying hard To pretend everything was fine When I knew deep in"
  • Aftermath - Bipolar
    "Walk away from the aftermath The residue of raw emotion that you always leave behind Run away. Leave today. Spare the people in your path Spare yourself the shame When the blood that's on your hands"
  • Aftermath - Armored Saint
    "So let it be felt Aftermath Shades of hell I set them free But struggle Eternally It's too late now To turn the clock around Frozen world outside Made by foolish pride Time to mend Your life begins Breathe"
  • Aftermath - Harmful
    "Now we have found the short simple ones... tearing me down, pulling you up I've never expected such a thing would happen... nothing satisfies, nothing will... Can't say i'm sorry... that's where I draw"
  • Aftermath - Tricky
    "For one , there's someone For he for she For one , there's someone For him, for me Your eyes resemble mine, see as no others can Here inherit my kingdom , speak other people's plan I'll be here for my"
  • Aftermath - R.E.M.
    "Now the radio stutters. snaps to life. Some sour song that sets it right. And when London falls He'd like to call But the stars collide. They're beautiful and much maligned. In a universe where you see"
  • Aftermath - King Diamond
    "The "LOA" house and the old voodoo burial ground Are still standing in all their glory. The Lafayetes left the hospital and Louisiana And went to...I don't care. Malone survived. He's a scared old man"
  • Aftermath - Knockout
    "Let's take this time to say good-bye to what is bringing me down. It's been so long and I can't go on so I am ending this now. I've been confused for way too long, I can't continue leading you on. Too"
  • Aftermath - Don McLean
    "Windows in a silent room , sunlight burns the walls to black Angles and dimensions melt while colors drip and pillows crack Reflections of my memories like pictures pasted on a sheet The ribbon film of"

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