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Primal Scream May The Sun Shine Bright For You

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Primal Scream May The Sun Shine Bright For You

  • May The Sun Shine Bright For You - Primal Scream
    "Everyday with the dawn Or a beauty I... on Here with you I'm where I belong May the sun bright for you Autumn, winter and spring And the summer feeling within Evergreen... he brings May the sun shine"
  • Primal Scream - Motley Crue
    "Broke dick dog My head slung low Tail knocked in the dirt Time and time of being told Trash is all I'm worth When I was just a young boy Had to take a little grief Now that I'm much older Don't put your"
  • Shine So Bright - Luna Halo
    "How could I forget Things that You have done And how could I ignore The place You brought me from But when I make it through the darkness It's so easily forgotten Heaven shines so bright on You,"
  • Bright Red Scream - My Ruin
    "You say I'm ANGRY... I guess I SHOULD BE because it makes me HAPPY My mind is CREEPY... I guess IT COULD BE Depends on what you ASK ME Your are my BRIGHT RED SCREAM Girl wet dream Your are my BRIGHT RED"
  • Primal Scream - Rusted Root
    "man-myo-ho-ren-g0-kyo Feel it turn See it burnin' Want to live See world turnin' Move on Up ahead Its burnin' Feel it burn Souls collide People yearnin' Want to live Under shelter Move on Up ahead Move"
  • Bright As The Sun - Coolio
    "Starlight Starbright First star I see tonight I wish I may I wish I might Get this lick I try to hit tonight.... Shinin' down on me Shinin' down on me Shinin' down on me Shinin' down on me Shinin'"
  • Shine - The Morning Of
    "I step outside into the light The sun is bright, I close my eyes The summer caught me by surprise And now I'm left here waiting For you to tell me how it is If I could only get a kiss I could make you"
  • Primal - SuG
    "A-- shiawase hiyori nante ne kimi to nara doko demo A-- tte ochiru hi mo chanto ne aisuru to chikaimasu. Nakushita mono wo yubiori kazoete tada, sabishii yo Mou kyou wa kore ijou ganban na yo? Sonka washi"
  • Primal - Slowdive
    "Today I lost a [...colours fray...] Watch the games you play And when it all force down you Don't forget the days When the sunshine fades away Remember what they say Remember what they say The right time She"
  • Primal - Paradise Lost
    "it's deep in the mind so slick by design i'll end up the same way maybe don't hold on to pride you'll lose if you try you'll end up the same way someday lord i'm on my way, don't let me down lord"
  • Scream - Dio
    "You've made it through another day Driving past the backroads of your mind You could have turned the other way And break down on the sanity you've found inside you Someone said that you are fantasy But"
  • Scream - Bob Catley
    "There's a line of speech inside us, each is different yet the same And it lies in wait, to shine, to say, "it's over" once again It seems to me, such a tragedy, that love should have to end So I've learned"
  • Scream - Monrose
    "Underneath the setting sun something wicced will one way come Oh my Just a dream So to take you, shake you, make you scream Verse 1: Try to see behind my eyes Being me, you're hypnotized Such a moment"
  • Scream - BoA
    "Underneath a setting sun Something wicked your way comes Who am I? Just a dream Sent to take you, shake you, make you scream Try to see - there - behind my eyes Be in me - ah - you're hypnotized Such a"
  • Scream - Timbaland
    "'''Timbaland''' I got a plan for you and I. Let's journey across the Venetian skies. '''Keri Hilson''' Can I have some of your cookies? '''Timbaland''' Can I have some of your pie? May I cut the first"
  • Scream - Wyrd
    "Came home exhausted Still thinking about you Checked the inbox only To find that there is nothing new It's like hoping for the sun to rise In the midst of heavy rains Yeah, we better have this analyzed Before"
  • Scream - Chris Cornell feat. Timbaland
    "Take a minute to tell you right And you can say what you want Turn around every night So now you're always going off Doesn't matter what I've done Or if I even crossed the line Is that the hollar going"
  • Scream - Chris Cornell
    "Take a minute to tell you rightAnd you can say what you wantTurn around every nightSo now you're always going offDoesn't matter what I've doneOr if I even crossed the lineIs that the hollar going for bloodGirl,"
  • Even You May Shine - The Mission
    "Some crazy holy roller trying to sell you Jesus Trying to sell you helter skelter He sells you genocide, he sells you kingdom come Now watch the little piggies run for shelter Cease to exist, just come"
  • Eyes May Shine - Xzibit
    "Yeah yeah Look, you could've got away but your response wasn't quick enough Can't preserve life 'cause the best wasn't thick enough Teflon, Napalm, Homicide scenes These are a few of my favorite things! But"

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