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Prince - It

  • Prince - Vanessa Carlton
    "Willing and able to run I am Willing and able I'm able to come (2x) And if I wait for you now Would you come Would you run Would you bring it back around Oh, baby how (2x) Willing and able to run I am Willing"
  • Prince charming - Ben Folds Five
    "SleepUntil prince charming comes inFrom a thousand menTo kiss you on the cheekAnd wake you upYou weren't even waiting and thenI let myself inShe coolly asked, "how was it?"I'd take credit for itAnd it"
  • Little Prince - Carole King
    "Little prince - livin' in a dream world Using everybody at your beck and call You could have it all If you only knew who you really are Little prince - livin' in a fantasy You're lonely, though illusion"
  • Prince Ali - Aladdin
    "Make way for Prince Ali Say hey! It's Prince Ali Hey! Clear the way in the old Bazaar Hey you! Let us through! It's a bright new star! Oh Come! Be the first on your block to meet his eye! Make way! Here"
  • Prince kajuku - UFO
    "Catch a falling star put it in your pocket Take hold of the moonbeams, hang them around your neck Prince Kajuku's coming feathers in his hair Tapping on his juju stick, take you down there Prince Kajuku"
  • Rebel Prince - The Beautiful South
    "(Rufus Wainwright) Where is my master, the Rebel Prince, Who will shut all these windows? It's these windows all around me, It's these windows who are telling me To rid my dirty mind of all of its preciousness. Where"
  • Confusion prince - Grateful Dead
    "If only i could be less blind, if only i knew what to findEverywhere and all of the time, its bending my mindConfusion prince is at my doorThe crown i wear is the one he woreHes here to bring me down some"
  • The prince - Madness
    "Buster he sold the heatwith a rocksteady beatAn earthquake is eruptingbut not in orange streeta ghost dance is preparingyou got to help us with your feetIf you're not in the mood to dancestep back grab"
  • Prince Heathen - Lloyd
    "Prince Heathen Young Margaret sat in a tower high And she's as pale as a milk white swan When she saw a shadow on the plain Come betwixt her and the sun. "Oh, mother, is it a thundercloud Or a flight"
  • Prince Song - Barry McGuire
    "I've got a brand new story Tho' you've heard it a time or two About a Prince who kissed a girl Right out of the blue. Hey, this story Ain't no tale to me now For the Prince of Peace Has given me life somehow. You"
  • Prince Valium - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Prince Valium You disappeared Into thin air Went up in smoke And now you're here It's not about Helping you out No psycho-tool Will ever do Just come on out of your piggysty and explore You"
  • Prince Johnny - St. Vincent
    "Prince Johnny you're kind but you're not simple. By now I think I know the difference. You wanna be a son of someone. Remember the time we went and snorted. That piece of that berlin wall that you extorted. And"
  • Prince Paul - Everlast
    "Hey yo, what up Everlast? This is Prince Paul, man. Yo, I ran into Trev on the street from Nasty and he said you're doing this dope Celtic rock album. So I was like, "yo, that's my style... That's what"
  • Prince Irwin - Tangarine
    "Prince Irwin your past was standing at the trough,You had a lad in your hand, a fist in your head.While writing me a song called "Born to love".Sometimes I wonder what it is that you've caught.Your words"
  • Clown Prince - Hilltop Hoods
    "(Intro) (Pressure & Suffa) Oi P it's your round Na it's your round Oi it's your fucking round man I got the last fucking round! Hey you still owe me five anyway bro! You get the round! Fuck It's your round"
  • Panhandlin prince - Ugly Kid Joe
    "Sittin' On A Rusty Park Bench Baby Not Much Else To Do Smoke Cigarettes And Rink My Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor Brew As I Start Drinkin' And I Start Thinkin' That Death Is On My Side If My Heart Stopped"
  • Prince Igor - Warren G
    "(feat. Sissel Kyrkjebo) "Fly on the wings of the wind to the homeland, our home song where we sang freely loving where me and you felt so freely" Warren G. top dog Patrolling the beach Riggers say"
  • Prince Igor - Warren G & Sissel
    "Warren G. top dog Patrolling the beach Riggers say they hard as bricks But they soft as a peach Climbin the G of all G's Please I come blowin through like the breeze Sitting on the threes Post"
  • Prince-S - Sebadoh
    "Eleven times a scapegoat It's not a hug, but a choke And you're not what I've been missin' I'll be damned before I listen to you Princess of distress, you're a princess of distress Everything you want"
  • Prince Charming - Metallica
    "(Hetfield / Ulrich) There's a black cloud overhead That's me And the poison ivy chokes the tree Again it's me I'm the filthy one on Bourbon Street you walk on by I'm the little boy that pushes hard and"

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