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Prince Lady Cab Driver

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Prince Lady Cab Driver

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Prince Lady Cab Driver
  • Prince Lady Cab Driver
    "Taxi! Taxi! Lady cab driver - Can U take me 4 a ride? Don't know where I'm goin' 'cuz I don't know where I've been So just put your foot on the gas - let's drive Lady - don't ask questions Promise I'll"
  • Hank Thompson Cab Driver
    "CAB DRIVER Writer C. Carson Parks Cab Driver, drive by Mary's place I just wanna chance to see her face Don't stop the meter, let it race Cab Driver, drive by Mary's place Cab Driver, once more round"
  • Daryl Hall Cab Driver
    "Standing in the rain Cab comes into view Ask me, "Where am I goin to?" Running for so long Been gone too many nights And my heart has paid the price This ain't heaven This aint the life bargained for My"
  • Hall & Oates Cab driver
    "Standing in the rainCab comes into viewAsk me where am I goin toRunning for so longBeen gone too many nightsAnd my heart has paid the priceThis ain't heavenThis aint the life bargained forMy reason for"
  • Lenny Kravitz Mr Cab driver
    "Mr Cab Driver won't you stop to let me in Mr Cab Driver don't like my kind of skin Mr Cab Driver you're never gonna win Mr Cab Driver won't you stop to pick me up Mr Cab Driver I might need some help Mr"
  • Son Ambulance Taxi-cab Driver
    "Cab driver, wont you take my girl for a ride? Shes a survivor, still got so much love locked up inside. She loves to lose the foolish games with heart-breaker rules. Shea a martyr of the senior class."
  • Son, Ambulance Taxi-Cab Driver
    "Cab driver, won't you take my girl for a ride? She's a survivor, still got so much love locked up inside. She loves to lose the foolish games with heart-breaker rules. She'a a martyr of the senior class. She's"
  • Bobby Bare Truck Driver Truck Driver
    "Truck driver truck driver stop your Diamond T Do you have room inside your rig for a highway bum like me Hey thank you very much don't suppose you could sorta scoot over a little bit And give me a little"
  • Gym Class Heroes Taxi Driver
    "I took [ ] She tipped me with a kiss I dropped her off at the [ ] Before she left, she made a [ ] And spilled her guts in [ ] But what's worse is I could still see her [ ] like [ ] Oh my, and in a funny"
  • Hieroglyphics Cab Fare
    "TAJAI: Yo the jam was fly Oh my now it's over my batch of pals cut so Tajai must catch a taxicab dag nab Why'd they leave me? stuck in the late night alley I'm not so hype that everyone should be sweatin' yet"
  • Bruce Springsteen Taxi Cab
    "Taxicab, taxicab at the light Won't you take me on a ride Through this city at night I got some money and I'm feelin' fine I ain't no hurry so just take your time Some people wanna die young and gloriously Well"
  • Steel Pulse Taxi Driver
    "Now hear this crowd of people I man well vex And just have fe big up me chest Cause the Taxi Driver don't have no respect Want I fe catch bus hop truck and Ride bike and stand up on the road And hitch"
  • Vic Chesnutt Wounded prince
    "Wounded prince, where's your daddy? he's out watching the fat lady singDid you break your leg? did you bloody your nose?The cameras are here, to watch your blue blood flowYour mother's being poked by some"
  • Lloyd Prince Heathen
    "Prince Heathen Young Margaret sat in a tower high And she's as pale as a milk white swan When she saw a shadow on the plain Come betwixt her and the sun. "Oh, mother, is it a thundercloud Or a flight"
  • Train Cab

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