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Prince royce moneda

  • Tu Libertad (ft. Prince Royce) - Wisin
    "Es mejor aceptar la realidad para que seguir negando si el amor entre tu y yo se esta acabando es mejor dejarlo todo atrás Es mejor así amor aunque duela aceptarlo este amor ya llego a su final baby"
  • Rolls Royce - Pizzicato Five
    "(Konishi) Translators: Andrei Cunha asa me wo samashite saisho ni kangaeta koto wa nani yube bed no naka de kiita warui news no koto toka kyo mo mado no shita ni wa o-mukae no kuruma ga matteru"
  • Prince - Vanessa Carlton
    "Willing and able to run I am Willing and able I'm able to come (2x) And if I wait for you now Would you come Would you run Would you bring it back around Oh, baby how (2x) Willing and able to run I am Willing"
  • Con La Misma Moneda - Lujuria
    "No se puede ir de legal, Escondiendo un as en la manga Cualquier da te lo pueden pillar y seguro que Te llevas todas en la cara. Gastaba novia legal, por detrs se la pegaba Luciendo como trofeos, los regalos"
  • Roter Rolls Royce - Ideal
    "In meinem roten Rolls Royce, da halt ich mich am Steuer fest. In meinem roten Rolls Royce flieg ich los, wenn du mich verlsst. In meinem roten Rolls Royce, wenn ich alleine bin, In meinem roten Rolls Royce,"
  • Velvet Rolls Royce - Hurt
    "On that day you talked to me, I waited so paintently, For what you gave, When you gave. Said my boy, it's not a toy, When I drove that steel rolls royce. Now I know, What it is. Ever since this summers"
  • Royce The 5'9" (Interlude) - Tony Touch
    "(feat. Royce the 5'9") Detroit, yeah.. Royce 5-9, Tony TOUCH! The year is two-thousand Mr. Quick-to-Slap-and-Punch Uhh uhh uhh uhh.. what? Yo yo I'm entirely too hard to listen to talk I get raw and"
  • Royce The 5-9 Freestyle - Tony Touch
    "(feat. Royce the 5-9) Yo, I'm runnin up on you Whether you packin or not, whether I'm packin or not Wit the intent to flatten your knot Shinin like ten diamonds, I been rhymin I write shit, the paint"
  • Rape - Pagar Con La Misma Moneda - Pungent Stench
    "She's lying on the floor with blood between her legs A man was beating her and compelling to sex Tears in her eyes Her mind was in a haze But she recognised that motherfucker's face He's the guy who's"
  • Prince Caspian - Phish
    "Oh, to be Prince Caspian afloat upon the wavesOh, to be Prince Caspian afloat upon the wavesOh, to be Prince Caspian afloat upon the wavesOh, to be Prince Caspian,With nothing to return to but the demons"
  • Prince charming - Ben Folds Five
    "SleepUntil prince charming comes inFrom a thousand menTo kiss you on the cheekAnd wake you upYou weren't even waiting and thenI let myself inShe coolly asked, "how was it?"I'd take credit for itAnd it"
  • Prince Charming - Adam Ant
    "Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni Don't you ever, don't you ever stop being dandy, showing me you're handsome don't you ever, don't you ever stop being dandy, showing me you're handsome Prince Charming Prince Charming ridicule"
  • Prince Nez - Squirrel Nut Zippers
    "She: Anywhere old Prince Nez goes That's where I go too He clears up a stormy sky, Whenever he's by my side. Everything's nearer, everything's clearer Everything's so divine. I don't care what momma sez Prince"
  • Prince Charming - Wila Ford
    "Prince Charming can you rescue me Are you real can you make me feel Feel unreal Prince charming Oh e o ah oh Prince Charming He rides a great white horse not a greyhound bus He's a gentleman Not a"
  • Little Prince - Carole King
    "Little prince - livin' in a dream world Using everybody at your beck and call You could have it all If you only knew who you really are Little prince - livin' in a fantasy You're lonely, though illusion"
  • Prince Ali - Aladdin
    "Make way for Prince Ali Say hey! It's Prince Ali Hey! Clear the way in the old Bazaar Hey you! Let us through! It's a bright new star! Oh Come! Be the first on your block to meet his eye! Make way! Here"
  • Poison Prince - Amy Macdonald
    "A poetic genius is something I don't see Why would a genius be trippin' on me? And he's looking at me now But what he can't see Is that I'm looking through his eyes So many lies behind his eyes And tell"
  • Prince Charming - Adam And The Ants
    "Don't you ever, don't you ever Stop being dandy, showing me you're handsome Don't you ever, don't you ever Stop being dandy, showing me you're handsome Chorus: Prince Charming Prince Charming Ridicule"
  • Wounded prince - Vic Chesnutt
    "Wounded prince, where's your daddy? he's out watching the fat lady singDid you break your leg? did you bloody your nose?The cameras are here, to watch your blue blood flowYour mother's being poked by some"
  • Prince Charming - Vera Vuitton
    "Prince Charming, Oh yeah ah oh, prince charming) He rides a great white horse, It's not a greyhound bus He's a gentleman, not a hip-hop thug See him in my dreams Hate when I wake up Still holdin on People"

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