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Priyanka Chopra

  • I Can't Make You Love Me - Priyanka Chopra
    "(Gwiazda Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra, pracuje nad wideoklipem do utworu "I Can't Make You Love Me". Data premiery nie jest jeszcze znana.)"
  • Exotic (ft. Pitbull) - Priyanka Chopra
    "Cool Me Down I'm Feeling So Exotic Yaa Right Now I'm Hotter Than The Tropics Take Me Down Oh My Cuba Baby Let's Go La-Love Me All The Way O Rio Desi Girl I'm Feeling So Exotic Baby It's So Beautiful, Must"
  • In My City (ft. will.i.am) - Priyanka Chopra
    "I know you got your own town I know you got your own ways I know you got your own life I'm just sayin' C'mon down to my place C'mon make some new friends And tell me what you drinkin' I know there a place"
  • California Gold - Dada
    "Roach coach Mexican horn Singing "La Cucaracha" Suede face beggin' for bones Won't stop 'till he's got ya Surfer boy skating to Hell Be home by dinner The rest of us trying to get Richer and phatter and"
  • Roll Over Beethoven - Billie Myers
    "Everyone says that I can do much better. Better than what, hey I should go ask Oprah. Bullet Proof, 100, your favorite alcohol. she said too much of a good thing it will kill ya. You're cheaper than a"
  • Salute - Canibus
    "The war drums sound like a hundred guns fired at once For an entire month Can-I-Bus? You know you can // (4x) Yeah, Involuntary muscle spasm assassin busts with a passion Listen to how Canibus reenact"
  • G.M.C. - Viktor Vaughn
    "Party people know the name, Vik with a "k" if its all the same, if it ain't dont bother told the little monster, "No I ain't yo' father it's Uncle Viktor, shut the lights I'm gettin' dizzy and close the"

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