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Problems deathby

  • Problems - Ziggy Marley
    "Problems, personal problems, people problems we people got to solve them Problems, big problems, small problems still we got to solve them Settle for less is problems we could do our best and solve them stop"
  • Problems - Next
    "Problems Problems with your girl today Problems Problems with your man today situations hard to handle got me goin out ofmy head theres so much pressure i just cant deal you think its all about you and"
  • Problems - The Everly Brothers
    "Problems, problems, problems all day long Will my problems work out right or wrong My baby don't like anything I do-o-o My teacher seems to feel the same way too Worries, worries pile up on my head"
  • Problems - Nivea
    "I won't take no lies, hanging out all night The gig is up, enough, it's enough You're wrong, dead wrong, won't take no more Cause I see your game and dumb is not my name Pack your bags, call you a cab No"
  • Problems - Against Me!
    "An inventory has been taken of every belonging An estimated value sold in event of emergencies The only backup plan in case it doesn't work out In losing all semblance of coherence to a former self You"
  • Problems - No Motiv
    "1!2!3!4! I'd like to say that I am well off with my life but I know that there's always something that's just never right My life is a pain in the ass I'm strung out and I'm down just sick of all this"
  • Problems - Horace Andy
    "Problems - Don't let them get you down Don't let problems get you down It will put you in a hole Just have faith and remember God He'll guide you along With his heart and soul Remember brothers and"
  • Problems - Rappin' 4-Tay
    "no I can't run, I can't hide from all this pressure, if I sell out that means I'm copping to a lesser charge, and whenever there's a will baby, there's a way, each one teach one, I always say, the murder"
  • Problems - Sex Pistols
    "Too many problems oh why am I here I don't need to be me 'cos you're all too clear well and I can see there's something wrong with you but what do you expect me to do?. At least I gotta know what I wanna"
  • Problems - Ben Kweller
    "I'll be the one to listen to your radio I'll be the one to make you go crazy now We'll shake it down, so come on, come on yeah I'll be the one to listen to your radio I get stuck between all the things"
  • Problems - B.G.
    "B.G. Checkmate Problems Hook: i've got problems In my fucking house Bitch would you please Get the fuck out Trust these hoes, they all slick I found out, they ain't shit Almost was played by my"
  • Problems - Anne-Marie
    "Anne-MarieI think being in love with you is bad for my health But i can’t see me doing this wiyh no one else, so Guess i can’t be blaming anyone but myselh, hey I know today i called you like a hundred"
  • Problems - Megadeth
    "Too many problems, oh why am I here? I need to be me, 'cause you're all to clear And I can see there's something wrong with you Oh, what do you expect me to do? At least I gotta know what I wanna be Don't"
  • Problems - Anna Marucha & The Taxi Blues Band
    "„ Problems ” (muz. i słowa Anna Marucha) Last winter I probably got this mess following me My problems all took"
  • Problems - Az
    "I had some problems And no one could seem to solve them But you found the answer Told me to take this chance Yeah, now dig You got, rich niggaz right They do what they wanna do Heh, and you got Broke"
  • Problems - Stat Quo
    "(Intro) Uh! Uh! Uh! A-Town! A-Town! Yeah! Yeah! LT Moe on this motherfucking track nigga! C'mon! GMM! C'mon! Yeah! Stat! Quo! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Uh! Uh! Lotta niggaz talking that bullshit, yeah! We gon"
  • Problems - Bran Van 3000
    "I live in a frequency, Where action rules, That God is me, In a war against my body, In the poetry of poverty. 'Cause it's the rich ones who make it, 'Cause it's the rich ones who have the guts to"
  • Untitled - Domestic Problems - Domestic Problems
    "i can tell you the story battles never won people standing blindly out of reach of the sun and im telling you that i am in love woah i am in love i am in love with a girl that holds me with her eyes voices"
  • Real Problems In SRQ - Fake Problems
    "Someone decided I was living too fast so they broke my foot and threw me in a jail, and as they were about to throw away the key our brother came through with enough money, and it was, yeah we were free"
  • no problems - Ril Anzy
    "You think of me You will agree Tell me what you see Does it feel like you’re in lead? You try You try to scare me I will just bleed My wills won’t ever just feel the same About you Cause what I want Was"

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