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  • Another You (feat. Mr. Probz) - Armin Van Buuren
    "I'm not saying I'm not sorry Just looking for another you It's not getting any better But what can I do When there's something wrong When we keep holding on To the best days I'm not saying I'm not sorry Just"
  • WAVES - Mr. Probz
    "My face above the water My feet can't touch the ground, touch the ground, And it feels like I can see the sands on the horizon Everytime you are not around I'm slowly drifting away (drifting away) Wave"
  • Nothing Really Matters - Mr. Probz
    "When she's ok Then I'm alright When she's awake I'm up all night And nothing really matters Nothing really matters I see her face And in my mind I sieze the day Whenever she's nearby It's like nothing"
  • Till You're Loved - Mr. Probz
    "Can you tell me How close is too close How far is too far I gotta know You see beauty In the things I don't see Body to body Soul to soul But I've been nursing a broken heart Taking the steps back to"
  • Gone (ft. Anderson .Paak) - Mr. Probz
    "I guess I’ll go step[ping even though the world is upside down wnet to know answers to the questions at the edge of the map will you fall down let up the mast so we can set sail not too many ways for me"
  • Space For Two - Mr. Probz
    "she set my 94’ four door on fire today So I took her favorite pair of diamond earnings and I pawned them away that’s when she walked in the kitchen ffull of dishes and she broke every plate se might be"

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