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Procession nightwish

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Procession nightwish

  • Nightwish - Nightwish
    "Oh, setting Sun, Thy red rays maketh me cry. They remind me of the one Whose love awaits me in the sky. A bridal bed awaits us both After the landscape of death I cross. Before my sorrows I must die, Nightwish"
  • Procession - The Agony Scene
    "The stench of the hopeless and wounded The cries that escape from the depths of regret A bleeding mass in procession That fell on the path from which it strayed A whisper in total darkness To die at the"
  • Procession - Nico
    "Distantly the chains are falling With an anchor pulling here The moments that are rolling Are rolling in my ear And we are sitting Nowhere here When you go you will be driven Must be given to the price With"
  • Procession - New Order
    "There is no end to this I have seen your face But I don't recognize all these things You must have left behind It's a problem, you know That's been there all your life I try to make you see the world without"
  • Procession - Genitorturers
    "Subjected nevermore, to the whims of the dying Steal their flesh, from the pool of the lying Injected more, erythematous moisture Beyond high, by the chosen kind Feel it, to breathe evermore Of the wicked"
  • Procession - Enrico Garzilli
    "Archbishop Peter Abelard, your books are to be burned wherever they are found, and you are to be sentenced to perpetual silence. Prepare the fires! Abelard I will not surrender my books to your hellish"
  • Procession - Queen
    "Instrumental Father To Son A word in your ear from father to son Hear the word that I say I fought with you fought on your side Long before we were born Joyful the sound the word goes around From father"
  • Funeral Procession - Dreadful Shadows
    "A cold night - my breath turns into ice The long track to this holy place starts now The bright moon shines above the trees I don't feel well,'cos it's me who dies There's a funeral procession There's"
  • Funeral Procession - Grave Digger
    "Welcome to the other side There's no place where you can hide Where demons rule with endless power There you will spend your last hour Unfortunately you are not in heaven And your sins are unforgiven You"
  • La procession - Nana Mouskouri
    "Devant mes yeux, la procession Qui psalmodie ses litanies Remonte lentement le pont Dans la ville endormie Est-ce que j'en laisse devant moi Un chant d'espoir, un chant de joie Qui vole et qui s'envole"
  • Obscene Procession - XTC
    "Can't you see 'em, in obscene procession? Clad in fox fur all cocky, they're violent and insane Pink and wobbling with all their possessions They live on junk food and tv and booze And bottles of pain"
  • The procession - Camel
    "When he rides, my fears subside, For darkness turns once more to light. Through the skies, his white horse flies, To find a land beyond the night. Once he wore grey, he fell and slipped away From everybody's"
  • Sleeping Sun (Nightwish cover) - MoonSun
    "The sun is sleeping quietly Once upon a century Wistful oceans calm and red Ardent caresses laid to rest For my dreams I hold my life For wishes I behold my nights The truth at the end of time Losing"
  • Lysergik Funeral Procession - Down
    "Pray to someone I'm going out of my head Dislocate Stay safe in your unmade bed Lysergik funeral procession The world is watched Straight from your TV sets Makes you ill Turn off and drop out in spurts Lysergik"
  • Procession of Ashes - All Shall Perish
    "Give me your attention please This isn't a drill They're shooting to kill Still I'm here breathing Come with me now... Together we can start the fire Burning the whole world to ash This place is set for"
  • Procession Of Black Doom - Unholy
    "You arrived to valley of Endless black memories Bloodlust starts You notice the smell of death Time may end, serenade will start Procession of Black Doom Dark shadows swallow you Review to reality Exclamation"
  • In A Fullmoon Procession - Haggard
    "As the evining breaks The night awakes And the land is mournfully wrapped in silence Sorrow last And remains the past cause this will be my ending day Then the moonlight dies And torches rise See"
  • Procession Of The Soul Grinders - Diabolic
    "(Hersemann/Malone) Perpetual Limitless Unending Infinite Everlasting Never-stopping Forever!! Procession of the Soulgrinders! Left unchecked Collective thought Led to guilt No-self-will Humanity's Weakest"
  • Procession Of The Black Synod - Arkhon Infaustus
    "The black procession's inexorable strides into the void The dark, endless void... So step into the void Orgiastic mass of the fallen ones liturgical path to the void The dark, endless void... So step into"
  • Nimrodel/The Procession/The White Rider - Camel
    "'''a) Nimrodel''' ''instrumental'' '''b) The Procession''' ''instrumental'' '''c) The White Rider''' When he rides, my fears subside, For darkness turns once more to light. Through the skies, his"

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