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Prologue: Into the woods

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Prologue: Into the woods

  • Woods - Dead Man Ray
    "Piano Weve been in these woods Since i dont know when Now my axe is blunt Though theres nothing cut If you want me to I will show you Where to go to In these woods Its been wonderfull Like a struggle"
  • The Woods - The Call
    "I can see night in the day time Into the woods I quietly go It takes all the strength I have in me These are the woods The night of the soul Painful to see Love without action Painful to see years of neglect Achin'"
  • The Woods - Emmy The Great
    "December came faster than most And before we knew it, it was cold And you turned to me As if to say that we should not have come this way You didn't ask a question, so I had no reply And we came upon a"
  • The Woods - Stars
    "That day we walked a little deeper Breathless and too alive to sleep You always said I was a dreamer But now I know who's dreaming deep Take me to the woods to show me something but I turn my face away Touched"
  • Tiger Woods - Dan Bern
    "I got big balls Big ol' balls Big as grapefruits Big as pumpkins Yes sir, yes sir And on my really good days They swell to the size of small dogs My balls are as big as small dogs Well, it ain't braggin'"
  • Walker's Woods - Ed Bruce
    "I stole her from Emmett Fry, and now what's done is done. Like any man I'm afraid to die, but I'm hurt too bad to run. I ran with her to Walker's Woods with him close on my heels; I knew he'd kill to get"
  • Dusty woods - Greg Brown
    "He's riding in the back of a wagon and his city choes are draggingand the sweat is pouring down his backOne eye west and one eye southTwo words fall out his mouthHe jumps down, waves, walks across the"
  • Foreverdark woods - Bathory
    "Evening is falling, all still around meThe old crow is calling, but the landscape is at peaceDown the trail through this forest, through thicket we rideThe unseen is watching from behind each stone and"
  • Forest Woods - Rockfour
    "Forest woods, they knew to chop off his right arm They said it did him harm, losing all his charm He stays awake and looks at branches painted green As if he needed peace, counting all the leaves The"
  • My Woods - No Trigger
    "There's a kid within my head with a hatchet to my nerves Rebellion fills the songs he sings and, this much I deserve With every hack at synaptic gaps, there's another to the hairline His freckled skin"
  • In The Woods - De La Soul
    "(Say party over here, party over here) (Say party over there, party over there) (Say party over here, party over here) (Say party over there, party over there) (Say party over here, party over here) (Say"
  • In The Woods - Howling Bells
    "With the lights low I'm falling through the air No escape from this place I just need to cry One more time, coz tears won't hold forever With the noise gone I'm chasing lullabies Always fading"
  • Into The Woods - Moments In The Woods - Broadways
    "BAKER'S WIFE What was that? Was that me? Was that him? Did a Prince really kiss me? And kiss me? And kiss me? And did I kiss him back? Was it wrong? Am I mad? Is that all? Does he miss me? Was he suddenly Getting"
  • Woods To Eternity - Satyricon
    "In grey depressive autumn times I wander the woods to Eternity searching for Him trying to remember while the same shy still rules the night We knew then, That these were the children of god The ones who"
  • Woods Of Valacchia - Theatres des Vampires
    "After the night of the dark moon They come back to life From the crypts... free from the chains When the sky changes colours The ghosts of the past announce the words Of the dark book Blood will be life There"
  • Woods of darney - Richard Thompson
    "I found your picture in a corporal's pocket His cold fingers still pressed it to his chest Sniper's bullet took his eyes and his breath away Now he lies out in the forest with the rest You looked shy in"
  • Trees And Woods - ABK
    "You ever chase after Death? People chase after Death everyday (Chasing after you, and you never see it coming) And don't even realize But watch out, watch out, ya never know when it's gonna chase after"
  • Lost in the Woods - The Afghan Whigs
    "Surprise, surprise I'll have you know I've come to see you die I'm hard to find, you'll never tell You know me by now, you know me by now You do, you do Reason why, start the conversation Call it occupation,"
  • Space and the Woods - Late Of The Pier
    "Suicide is in my blood It always was but it doesn't evaporate in the light any more And this world is no place For a mind or a thought No its not Well thats been said before But space and the woods still"
  • House In The Woods - Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
    "(Tom Petty) I'm goin' down to the house in the woods See my little darlin' I'm goin' down, out in the fields With summertime comin' Oh my love, what can I do What can I do but love you? For the rest"

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