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Prophecy of ragnarok brothers of metal

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Prophecy of ragnarok brothers of metal

  • Ragnarok - Unleashed
    "15000 years the exception of mankind the time to live, the time to die ...again the end of all... soon to begin the coming of the eternal ice: ragnarok... ragnarok years of wars man against man lakes"
  • Ragnarok - GWAR
    "To die Perchance to sin That's the rub For in that sleep of sin What, what kingdom may come? What of the limitless sex and violence in the wake of RagNaRok Welcome to the slaughter What are going to do? What"
  • Ragnarok - Airged L'amh
    "Look over there where the lightning strike higher from all the skies Vanir and Aesir are trying to avoid the final fall of the gods Thunders are rolling Thor's hammer is falling The greatest of battles"
  • Brothers Of Metal - Manowar
    "Strike while the iron is hot Steel is strongest so say we all And if we all were not brothers of metal would we fall? No They tried to test our spirit They tasted steel before we were done Grinding their"
  • Metal Brothers - Cryonic Temple
    "They came to us and stole our gold They told us to fight for the mighty lord We raised our hands and we said no Co's we are free we will not go We are the ones, brothers of steel And we are proud we will"
  • Brothers Of Metal, Part 1 - Manowar
    "Slowly crossing as the river runs below Never stopping for whats waiting soon will slow And this last time looking back I'll see My home for he awaits me reaching for my soul.He calls my name,and waves"
  • Metal Warriors (Brothers Of Metal Part 2) - Manowar
    "Every one of us has heard the call Brothers of True Metal proud and standing tall We know the power within us has brought us to this hall There's magic in the metal there's magic is us all Heavy metal"
  • Prophecy - Gardens Of Gehenna
    "You'll talk to the wolves, have the eyes of the night, the tongue of the ravens, you'll have the second sight. You'll hear the trees whisper to the stars and the moon about the great alterations coming"
  • Prophecy - Tales Of Dark
    "Eternal fears of unknown strength That live through hearts of foolish ones Consume this world to ruin it all While horror breeze strikes the flesh. Upon our heads the dark age rise Blackened skies that"
  • Prophecy - Soulfly
    "I see the Red Sea part in front of me I see the desert clouds bleed above me I'm with the prophets on the final destiny We'll fight the heathens and the ghost enemy This is the prophecy This is the prophecy I"
  • Prophecy - Cobalt 60
    "The images were clear I know what I've been told It's almost here I have no doubt I wish I hadn't been the channel The bringer of the omen I wish I hadn't been chosen As the witness of the curse of my"
  • I Feel The Breath Of Ragnarok - Nokturnal Mortum
    "The Wanderer the one who walks these earthly roads what do you seek among this rotten world here where only betrayals and meanness could survive By your faith in your fatherland they would call you heretic May"
  • Prophecy - Queensryche
    "Wings of fire, are sailing past the pint of no return Blinding eyes, from which it hides the key Seek to rise, begotten are the fools who'll never know Force will hide the presence that we see There's"
  • Prophecy - Mekong Delta
    "Before the night is over, you'll be initiated too. You are elected for the world, you must be prepared when the time will come Listen to the prophecy now You're given from the great old ones The music"
  • Prophecy - Death Angel
    "(music by cavestany, lyrics by galeon) enter the tomb of the old mystery in ancient gold all that ever was foretold cycle in constant change temple of doom rearranged many tales remain the same carved"
  • Prophecy - Keldian
    "glowing embers of our past memories are fading fast where you came from, where you go I can never let you know shadows on the castle walls all stories that I know mysteries of ancient times are flowing"
  • Prophecy - Iced Earth
    "I can see clearly now, a painful vision indeed An attack on hallowed ground, from high above Alien to us, the species known as man A serious threat, in the eyes of the Elder So heed my warning, before"
  • Prophecy - Flesh Field
    "The water turns to dust, And the sky comes crashing down. And you will know they're coming When all you hear are sounds Of the screams of the Earth, And the howling of the wind. And when your time has"
  • Prophecy - Front Line Assembly
    "A living giving corpse so weak A sacred path where do we fall Desired anguish fear of life Makes martyrs of us all Delusioned prayers fill the air A hopeful soul is hard to see Human cruelty frozen in"
  • Prophecy - Judas Priest
    "I am the darkness Born out of light I am the force the fire That burns here tonight Bringing the future To all mankind Guider of life - of death The sight for the blind Your future lies within my eyes What"

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