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  • Der Spiegel Sieht Mich Nicht - Samsas Traum
    "Die Spiegelbilder: Tot, tot, tot, tot, Geschah ein Mord Im Schneckenhaus? Hass, Hass, Hass, Hass, Der Mrder ist noch immer da. Zorn, Zorn, Zorn, Zorn Hat seinen Namen eingeritzt. Blut, Blut, Blut, Blut An"
  • Die K - Samsas Traum
    "Der Protagonist: Nachts sitzt Du Auf meinen Lungen, Den Schweif Um meinen Hals geschlungen; Du erstickst mich, Stiehlst mir den Atem. Die Knigin: Nur Du sollst ein Knig sein, Ich will Dich ganz fr mich"
  • Transformer - Seabound
    "Wake up, wake up You cannot stay We have just removed an A-Port From your brain All these years A string of lies A perfect blue print Open your eyes (Transformer) You are no scientist You're not an amorist (Transformer) Those"
  • An Endless Tale (English) - Digimon
    "For you and for me What can I do? Being led by something unseen Once again, we Were able to meet Passing over the promised time My feeling is clear (yes) At the unchanging smile now The tale endlessly Chooses"
  • Biscuits For Smut - Helmet
    "Served up in the backyard Cooked too long on high Flying out the window Even dogs have passed them by Didn't know she was tied up Better fed than forced Time to meet the protagonist, boy He never showed"
  • Scavenger Type - NOFX
    "gigin alone at the bottom of the hill our protagonist named bill sets his sights on an anchor steam pint all he needs is thirteen quarters congregated in his hat a crow, a scavenger type California"
  • Save Us Now - Edguy
    "The sound of explosions, the children awake The turn of the tide acts up, the ground it starts to quake A pile of dented steel, in fear I realize Behind the shuttle's windshield two evil shinig eyes Highspeed"
  • Fire In Paradise - Bloodflowerz
    "you're like angels, so beautiful, it makes me cry all my dreams of you rain down from the weeping sky like roses you flourish in my heart and hurt with your thorn flowers die in the cold, turn to gold,"
  • Hibernating Reason - Neaera
    "You are a threat to the world To its integrity, to its dynamics With a conscience on stand-by And a servile need to bow A puppet of politics you are Enmeshed in the all consuming web of power You are the"
  • Descending - Lamb Of God
    "The River I'm bound to be found in, A rope chosen bound for the hang. When I'm blind and I think I see everything, Convincing myself again. This god that I worship (a faded reflection). This demon I blame"
  • Black Nothing Of A Cat - Riverboat Gamblers
    "Latchkey children, so we don't have to find a villain, cause we're bored and sleepy face down on a desk. Gotta backpack full of comics and a condom in my wallet I don't need another comment about not using"
  • A Hoax To Live For - Dead Poetic
    "You're all just staring, angry faces, begging for a place to die. Or I could leave you where you stand, Up upon that hill that'll fall to the wayside. This hoax to live for, dictating regulation of thoughts. This"
  • Panem et Circenses - Ihsahn
    "Awake, O' serpent of my heart It is time The sun stands high and unfaithful crowds await Thee Redemption in their eyes and stone at hand The arena hungers for your venom Let the games begin Bring"
  • Lame Duck Arsenal - Good Riddance
    "it's been a long eight years and still no end in sight to the paranoia and stagnation our worst fears taking flight over the atlantic in the frozen darkness before dawn and they never saw it coming so"
  • The Human Machine - Vroom
    "Do rock and roll dreams come true? I'll share the tale with you A good-hearted scientist Will be our protagonist A gale force wind drives the mill Electroscopes ignite The lab is bathed in light"
  • Sketchead - Arctic Monkeys
    "He's coming to your party He's walking up your drive And he's swinging all his keys round Sketchead He's seen you with your top off He already knows your boyfriend retain your introductions Sketchead That"
  • A Hero Loses Everyday - Silverstein
    "I've lost everything Now I've gotta find a way out They keep asking me Where I was when it was burning There's no trying to explain They'll lock me up again Throw away the key The protagonist became The"
  • Christmas in L.A. (feat Dawes) - The Killers
    "Woke up, the sun streaming in my room Warm beach from palm December afternoon You close your eyes Another year blows by Somewhere in the wind Just another life My parents sent a Christmas card and then"
  • The Prophecy - Rebellion
    "(1) We ride all alone from the battlefield The rebels beaten they had to yield Banquo and I we silently ride Brothers in arms side by side (2) There s a fog which falls on the weary soul It engulfs our"
  • My Secret Love - Various
    "Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, and Bjorn Ulvaeus FLORENCE: This is the one situation I wanted most to avoid Nothing I say will convince him this isn't a trick. THE RUSSIAN: A drink on a clear moonlit night"

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