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Psalm 91 (On Eagles Wings) - Shane and Shane

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Psalm 91 (On Eagles Wings) - Shane and Shane

  • Shane - Kim Wilde
    "Written by ricky & marty wilde I dreamed I lived the whole thing just last night Somehow this film just seemed to get it right I watched a gunfire under dirty western skies The one man's vision seems"
  • Shane - Pendragon
    "(1st Astronaut) 'That looks like Istanbul down there' (2nd Astronaut) 'No it's Vienna' (1st Astronaut) 'There's Buffalo' (2nd Astronaut) 'Ah, Buffalo Schmuffalo' Shane you've gotta lay down your guns Pick"
  • Shane - Girlysound
    "I know that it was the night The war broke out because You and I were driving around You were doing a story About if people understood What had happened to their world Tonight in bed sleeping A world in"
  • Shane - LIZ PHAIR
    "I know that it was the night the war broke out Because you and I were driving around And you were doing a story About if people understood what had happened to their world Tonight in bed sleeping The world"
  • Shane and Dixie - Richard Thompson
    "Oh Shane and Dixie, they were two-bit crooks They wanted to be famous like you read in books Shane had the brain and Dixie had the looks for glory As a bankrobber Shane really was no use He'd end up likely"
  • Cheers To Shane - Molly Maguire
    "There's a toothless man staring down in his glass He's the kind of man who never says no to a drink He hears tunes and words like the wind through the grass Judged by the look you'd never expect him to"
  • Psalm 91 - Lincoln Brewster
    "I won't be afraid anymore Of the terrors by night Or the arrow that flies by day And though a thousand may fall At my side And though ten thousand may fall In Him I'll put all my trust CHORUS He who dwells"
  • All About Shane - Subb
    "She's been around a couple of years ago She's doing cool things, like porno videos With all her friends and her caravan I wanna take a ride and travel across the land She's the kind of girl that make"
  • On Eagles' Wings - Theocracy
    "The tears stream down her face onto the cold hospital bed Just like a prisoner between four ugly walls The fear she can't control is running rampant in her head With every day she spent just waiting for"
  • Eagles - Third Day
    "My pain and problems keep me chained And my troubled heart makes me weak I'll wait for You to comfort me And in You I know I'll find my strength I will soar on the wings of eagles I will learn to"
  • Shane, She Wrote This - Television
    "(Verlaine) Shane I want to know Sisters rejoice in a B-minor chord, With wildly impassioned delight Rapture is mine now as I behold All turning holy and bright So bright. She gives me all the love Why"
  • On Wings Of Eagles - Riot
    "I hear the call when the sirens scream Into the night where an angel waits for me She's lookin' bad she's a killer machine I say the word and she explodes into light Blinding power and rage Players run"
  • Psalm 145 - Shane Barnard
    "Great is the Lord So worthy of praise Great is the Lord One generation will Commend Your kingdom To one another They will speak of You And I will meditate On Your wonder And they, they will speak Of Your"
  • Eagles & Horses - John Denver
    "Horses are creatures who worship the earth They gallop on feet of ivory Constrained by the wonder of dying and birth The horses still run they are free My body is merely the shell of my soul But the"
  • Wings Of Eagles - Eric Woolfson
    "You look through a window and you You see the rain falling outside But how do you know what I see Through my eyes? (My eyes) Something extraordinary, Out of the ordinary, So come take a look at the world Through"
  • Eagles Goth - Eagles Of Death Metal
    "Look on the flip side It coulda' gone real bad The way I see this thing It worked out all the better The better best anyhow And you know that you're so very precious to me You know you're so high-class Now"
  • Spirit 91 - Fool's Garden
    "Take a walk go downtown Move slowly and take care Look around and think about it, What they tell you everywhere Monuments of glory, Monuments of fame Shouldn't we believe in your dream A glimmering world"
  • Freedom '91 - New Model Army
    "It's time to rebuilding Dresden, the great machines come a-rumbling in The desecration of the ruins and everything that might have been You showed me the square in the melting snow As the light was beginning"
  • Wings - 4HIM
    "Just two brothers with visions of flight They were certain to grace The heavens that awaited Orville and Wilbur had figured it right At their moment of fate Their destiny had come to this time and place Far"
  • Eagles Fly - Sammy Hagar
    "Sunday morning, 9 a.m. I saw fire in the sky I felt my heart pound in my chest I heard an eagle cry Now I'm alive, I can breathe the air Feel the wind, smell the earth in the air I watch an eagle rise"

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