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Public Enemy - He Got Game

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Public Enemy - He Got Game

  • Public Enemy #1 - 999
    "Public enemy number one He's got the money, now see him run He signed his name, it's just a game He always knew it would bring him fame Sees himself as Robin Hood He thinks he thinks like Robin would Robbing"
  • Public enemy - A Tribe Called Quest
    "Red Alert: Check this out, Cool DJ Red Alert With my man, Q-Tip Q-Tip: In the morning, woke up from sexual pleasures Looked at her sexual partner Who acquainted her acquaintance Five hours ago at a disco"
  • Public Enemy - Andre Nickatina
    ""Like my ass mothaf**ka, this a bidniz..." "Aight, that, thats cool..." I cook it up right so you cant resist Andre please can I have another hit Hit ya state, rock the dope And leave that place on a"
  • He Got Game - Public Enemy
    "(feat. Stephen Stills) Yeah that's right this cut goes out to all y'all that's been missin us for mad years One love y'all Yeah that's right, He Got Game PE 1998 If man is the father, the son is"
  • Public Enemy #1 - Eminem
    "I sense someones tapping into my phones why do I got this feeling in my bones I might die soon The F.B.I might be tryin to pull my file soon I might be walking blind fold into a typhoon I might be seeing"
  • Public Enemy - LITTLE BIG
    "Nobody can change it Nobody can change it Nobody can Nobody can Nobody can change it Of your fucked up style I got weak and tired I will blow your mind I'm the new cancer You still swallow lies Loading"
  • Game Face - Public Enemy
    "Hey yo, Chuck, yo the world if sleepin', G We got to wake everybody up yo Hey yo, it's goin' down, baby Let everybody know how it's goin' down, baby The way this goes down is simple, from this day forth Anything"
  • Public Enemy No. 1 - Public Enemy
    "Well I'm all in, put it up on the board Another rapper shot down from the mouth that roared 1-2-3 down for the count The result of my lyrics, oh yes, no doubt Cold rock rap - 49er supreme Is what I choose"
  • Public Enemy No. 7 - Dre Dog
    ""Like my ass mothafucka, this a bidniz..." "Aight, that, thats cool..." I cook it up right so you cant resist Andre please can I have another hit Hit ya state, rock the dope And leave that place on a"
  • Public Enemy No1 - Rory Gallagher
    "Well she's nothing much but she looks like a gangster's moll Well there ain't no doubt about it I know she ran with Mad Dog Coll She's the driver of the getaway car Public enemy No.1 She's fact and"
  • Public Enemy 1980 - Angels
    "(Brewster-Neeson-Brewster) Home movies, cold U.V.'s more groovies waiting for a ticket of leave some learners get nervous, the perverts all want to play with Eve sat back to look at your cracked actors drowning"
  • The Enemy Battle Hymn Of The Public - Public Enemy
    "No election Remember that presidential selection Got us in another Erection of body part Dick bush and colin Tape is rollin New whirl odor Flowin way past deodorant Got the masses ignorant Them dumb asses The"
  • Bring Tha Noize (with Public Enemy) - Anthrax
    "Bass, how low can you go? Death row, what a brother knows Once again, back is the incredible The rhyme animal, the incredible D Public Enemy, number one Five O said, freeze, an' I got numb Can't I tell"
  • In Public - Kelis
    "(feat. Nas) See its this thing (Kelis) I like bein seen outside I'm my ride (Your tasty) I like it everywhere (cookies tasty) (Tasty) (Ohh Yeah Let's Go) He was next to me Our flight was supposed to"
  • Public Enemy No. 1 - One Man Army And The Undead Quartet
    "You think you are on top Against all odds you've made it But life ain't that easy baby Death is giving you a fright In the mist of the night A lot of commotion is spread Someone is diggin' the graves Someone's"
  • Public Enemy Number One - Iron Maiden
    "When it all comes down the line And the lights they turn to greed And you race off with your tyres screaming Rolling thunder And the people choke with poison Children cry in fear But you've got your fast"
  • General Public - General Public
    "Come and join the federation We could have communication You can have your application Be inside the battle station Could this be your fascination Look out for hallucinations Stick right to the regulations Must"
  • Enemy - VAST
    "mother oh mother, nothing is wrong i got this black eye from falling down i said no one pushed me around mother oh mother, did I let you down i know you thought we had a fight injustice is empty in the"
  • Enemy - Ice Cube
    "Intro: Every January 16th, it's "The Dreamer, The Dreamer." And all of you say, "I have a dream; The Dreamer." And what did he dream?It stuck him right there. And little black boys, and little white girls"
  • Hoop Dreams (He Got Game) - Snoop Doggy Dogg
    "Man I had a crazy crazy dream dogg. I had a dream I was in the NBA straight playin basketball. NBA straight getting my ball on dogg. Can you imagine? Snoop Dogg in the NBA? Imagine that, Hoop Doggy"

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