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Public image LTd armada

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Public image LTd armada

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Public image LTd armada
  • Public Image Ltd. Armada
    "And I-I won't be stupid State the obvious-pleasant platitudes Bad policies-mega magnitude Magnificent And I-would not be surprises If next door's roses died And I-would not be overcome with grief When,"
  • Public Image Limited Public Image
    "Hello, hello, hello, hello etc. You never listen to a word that I said You only seen me For the clothes that I wear Or did the interest go so much deeper Imust have been The colour of my hair CHORUS Public"
  • Public Image Limited Armada
    "And I - I won't be stupid State the obvious - pleasant platitudes Bad policies - mega magnitude Magnificent And I - would not be surprises If next door's roses died And I - would not be overcome with"
  • Alphabeat Public Image
    "You never listen to a word that I say You only see me for the clothes that I wear Oh, did the interest go so much steeper? It must have been the colour of my hair Public image, public image, public image What"
  • Morrissey The Public Image
    "When I'm dead It will be read "Here Lies The Public Image" 5 percent human being And 95 image What you see is what you get And what you get may well be worth seeing But just be careful when you"
  • Keep Of Kalessin Armada
    "This is all Closure draws near It's become your worst and darkest fear Armada - Beast of many heads Marching trails of shadows from the block A call to power A call to arms Come death - Open the mouth"
  • Nightfall Armada
    "(Efthimis KARADIMAS 1995) Led by my own will, I ruled ! Traces on a muddy path, I ruled ! The soul of a tree I got paroxysm, megalomania, all ended so sadly. The ictus of the last shovelful on my coffin's wooden"
  • 999 Public Enemy #1
    "Public enemy number one He's got the money, now see him run He signed his name, it's just a game He always knew it would bring him fame Sees himself as Robin Hood He thinks he thinks like Robin would Robbing"
  • Cypress Hill Armada Latina
    "Ay Caribe tierra de mi gente hermosa (Armada Latina) Cielo y Sol, me acompanan donde quiera (mi pana mi pana) Hermanito la lucha recien empieza (mi hermano ponle ganas) Yo naci con sangre taina, yo naci Came"
  • Luna Sea Image
    "Jikan wa dokode umareta? yasashisaga shitteru Jikanya basho wo tobikoe meni mienai shinjitsu wo "Yume Energy" kokoro hiraite Toki no shirabe owazuni tada hitori mateba ii "Yume Energy" shinjireba"
  • Complete Control Image
    "you act like you do what you want you're the first one to give in and when they talk, then they try to yell but we'll never give in new voices that wont be heard have nothing to say they're scared to"
  • Harmful Image
    "Running faster while youre waiting Does it matter, mysteries to reveal When you were here the world started to turn Shes the one Im reborn It feels so good to burn, to make it all undone Lost inside your"
  • Aion Image
    "Today I've understood what feels a man torn from hope It is like taking the Earth all her flowers away Today I uncovered loneliness for myself It is like I have already not lived among you Tomorrow I'll"
  • God Module Image
  • Ensign Image
    "Speak out, but you don't say a thing Just words without the courage to back them up Can't you feel it something deep inside Are you content to just sit back Just sit back and watch Did you ever live your"
  • Theatre of Tragedy Image
    "You act a pansy, pushover Do live your fancy, go lower Who is that, someone says your name You seem chancy, moreover The call is mine I'm gonna get you up I'm gonna get on top The call is mine On the skew,"
  • Dillinger Four Suckers Intl. Has Gone Public
    "Wasn't all that long ago When our future seemed like a massive stone Too weak then to lift it Maybe not the brightest bulb But so quickly dismissed it That if you blinked you'd have missed it Left behind"
  • In Extremo Liam (German Version) ( Ltd. Edition)
    "An einem Wintertag Als er nicht bei ihr lag Sturm blies der die Wellen brach Als ihr Schatz in See stach Der Nachtwind weinte Weinte es in ihr Ohr Weit drauen Da ging Dein Schatz verloren ... Liam, Liam,"
  • Dream On, Dreamer Set Sail, Armada
    "Sleepless nights speak to me With your voice running in my ear I'll separate my mind from this world I can't sleep. Where are those hands I always used to hold on to? Those eyes my day understood to start"
  • General Public General Public
    "Come and join the federation We could have communication You can have your application Be inside the battle station Could this be your fascination Look out for hallucinations Stick right to the regulations Must"

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