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Puff Daddy Thats Crazy

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Puff Daddy Thats Crazy

  • Puff Daddy - Amazing Transparent Man
    "Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea, and frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honalee. Little Johnie Paper, he loved that rascal puff and brought him strings and ceiling wax, and other fancy"
  • Puff Puff - Magic
    "Here's that fire shit right here Here's that top of the line Cali Ya heard me? Look..... Hey brother it's that fire you aint gotta do all that just smoke him up iight K kno pass it You gonna learn how"
  • Puff Daddy And Ma$E Freestyle - Puff Daddy
    "Yo, check this out I go by the name of Puff Daddy and I got my man Ma$e He got somethin to say Yo check this out this Ma$e the Roy Jones of this rap shit I'm young I'm pretty I'm hittin hard I'm in the"
  • Daddy - Juelz Santana
    "Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? (just to hear you breathing) Damn man this shits crazy Got a little son now, little me Runnin around, its crazy I'd do anything man, do anything Life is precious, remember that. And"
  • Freestyle - Puff Daddy & Mase - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. Puff Daddy, Ma$e) Yo, check this out I go by the name of Puff Daddy and I got my man Ma$e He got somethin to say Yo check this out this Ma$e the Roy Jones of this rap shit I'm young I'm pretty"
  • Santa Baby (feat. Mase, Puff Daddy, Salt Pepa, Onyx) - Puff Daddy
    "It was December 24 on Hollis after the dark My man Santa saw a rabbi and gave the strangest remark He said that giving was his living and I had to take part So I grabbed a bag of goodies and I hopped up"
  • Do It Again - Puff Daddy - Mase
    "*featuring Puff Daddy Yeah, yeah yeah Uh huh I'm gonna do it again And again and again and again And again and again and again Won't stop, it can't stop Won't stop, can't stop Double Up, Bad Boy Double"
  • Dream Puff Daddy - - - Angel Inside - Dreams
    "I'll let you know All that's on my mind It has, a little time And I'll be sure To tell you everything I've been holding in, for so long Oh yea yeah Everyday thinking 'bout your face I can't wait, to tell"
  • That's Crazy - Puff Daddy
    "(P. Diddy) Y'all ain't ready (The saga continues) Tootsie rolls (We still here) Yo, PD, Bad Boy, Alumni, BR I had this bad bitch uptown, she was WHOA (THAT'S CRAZY) Almost had me pushing up daisies (THAT'S"
  • Huff Puff - Ying Yang Twins
    "(Hook 2x) We gonna blow this bitch down (Blow this bitch down) We gonna blow this bitch down (Blow this bitch down) Now huff Puff and blow the bitch down huff puff and blow the bitch down niggaz we start"
  • I Don't Wanna Know - Puff Daddy - Mario Winans
    "(P. Diddy - talking) Hold up, let me answer my phone Some bitch callin me about some bullshit probably I'ma call you right back I'm doin' this mixtape right now Now back to what I was sayin (Verse 1 -"
  • No One Else (Puff Daddy Remix) - Lil' Kim
    "Foxy Brown: Brown nigga, uh, cromed out six and shit Bubblin' layin' up with them Colombians Oh f**k no, I get this doe, Foxy Brown Mama Jig suits from Gabbanna True, all a nigga who you callin' Bye bye"
  • You're All I Need (Puff Daddy Remix) - Method Man
    "Intro: Method Man Rugged style it's enough to make a hardrock smile Ha ha ha cheeba cheeba y'all Cheeba cheeba y'all and you don't stop Yeah yeah cootie in the chair Cheeba cheeba y'all and you don't"
  • Baby Daddy - Lil Scrappy
    "OH, and i gave you the cars, then i give you the moon, then i show you the stars. put you in a big ass house, put money in your purse, put food in your mouth. and i was real as hell, and all you could"
  • Thats Right - Young Gunz
    "(Intro) haha, it's about time niggaz gangsta gangsta, a young gangsta, what you wanna b a gangsta, can't stop me,gangsta gangsta, a young gangsta, what you wanna b a gangsta (Verse 1 - Neef) Motha"
  • Daddy - Die Antwoord
    "Daddy, daddy, please buy me a sweet I know you got money I want that big chocolate bunny In my mother-fucking tummy Come on daddy, buy me that chocolate Bunny, I know you got money I want it, I want it,"
  • Daddy - Beyonce
    "I remember when you use to take me on a Bike ride everyday on the bayou (You remember that? We were inseparable) And I remember when you could do no wrong Youd come home from work and I jumped in your"
  • Daddy - Sabrina Taylor
    "Do you know my face? And if you walked by would you recognize me or turn and walk away reminisce about me 'cause i don't know where we stand and i don't know who i am Daddy i love you been thinking"
  • Daddy - Mia X
    "This song is dedicated to all the responsible brothers other there Whos how love and support to their children I'd like to say thank you Cuz I have a very important man in my life He means the world to"
  • Daddy - Kendall Payne
    "'N how long have I been dreaming? Who forgot to wake, to wake me up? I know it sounds crazy but daddy now I think that Im in love 'Cause when he steps in the room my heart begins to pound You said, "Never"

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