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Pulcino Pio (Radio Globo) radio globo pulcino pio

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Pulcino Pio (Radio Globo) radio globo pulcino pio

  • Globo - Cabezones
    "Ven a mi otra vez que estoy atado a ti solo te llevare hasta el lado mas oculto de mi ser y volaremos en un globo que invente solos Trame otra vez que estoy volando un globo si caigo morir Ven a mi otra"
  • Father Pio - Varius Manx
    "Once he woke up at midnight with fear in his eyes he walk so long in the darkness till he saw by the road an old man Father Pio. i came to you ' cause i suffer from the plain that knows no bounds at all"
  • El Globo - Once Tiros
    "por todos lados se ven cara de terror se escuchan cuentos creidos de la ficcion dura es la realidad que toco vivir el globo manda y te vigila al decidir sobrevivir es la meta disfrazada no servis de nada"
  • Ptasie Radio - Radio 357
    "Halo, halo! Tutaj ptasie radio w brzozowym gaju, Nadajemy audycję z ptasiego kraju. Proszę, niech każdy nastawi aparat, Bo sfrunęły się ptaszki dla odbycia narad: Po pierwsze - w sprawie, Co świtem piszczy"
  • Mi Globo Azul - Timbiriche
    "Volare en mi globo azul cada vez subiendo mas y cuando este yo muy arriba gritare un mensaje a las estrellas Tal vez mi super heroe venga a unir paises con amor y cuando el este aqui volaremos juntos"
  • Poso Na Peso Pio Hamila - Amaryllis
    "( Grecki czytany ) Xamogelasa , se xegelasa édeixa tóso dynati ma eínai vitrína Den to ántexa mólis éfyges se epsachná páli óli nýchta stin Athína Póso na péso̱ pio chamilá na m'agapíseis ópo̱s paliá to"
  • Radio - Danny Saucedo
    "Radio, the radio, radio...Radio, the radio, radio...He looks like a million dollars to you,Tell me does he heat your heart like I doI know he's everything I'm not...You say he makes your life completebut"
  • Radio - NOFX
    "Never fell in love 'til i fell in love with you Never knew what a good time was 'til i had a good time with you If you wanna get the feeling and you wanna get it right Then the music got to be loud for"
  • Radio - Rancid
    "Never fell in love 'til I fell in love with you Never know what a good time was until I had a good time with you If you wanna get the feelin' and you wanna get it right Then the music's gotta be loud For"
  • Radio - The Radios
    "Radio My my radio oh no ulla ulla ugha ugha Pop chuari yeah come on ! My girl my girl my girl Won't listen won't listen to my radio She says "Now big deal ! Big deal ! Wanna see the picture show" She"
  • Radio - Jeff Buckley
    "You mind us of beeing crippled Mass appear to watch devil Radio why youre so late You turn to make your brain Its a shame Theres no blood to bleed , no sex to seeing with I wish that you will never ()to"
  • Radio - Saves The Day
    "Hearing the words as they're leaving my mouth I can't believe myself I'm trying to be what you want me to be I guess I can't catch up Once in a while, making you smile, we're singing with the radio You're"
  • Radio - Giuffria
    "One child, he follow the sound, to a far away place, lonely old town, chasing your dream Guitar on your back, fire in your heart, you live like a rebel, you know what you want Blood hot and ready, you're"
  • Radio - Eppu Normaali
    "Kun radion avaat, niin voit olla varma Ei siell soi kuin Bowie ja Karma Taikka jotain muita niitten suosikeita Joista joka ainoo tietenkin on skeida Kun ne kelaa lpi levytykset uudet Ne lyt sielt"
  • Radio - The Corrs
    "It's late at night, and I'm feeling down There's couples standing in the street Sharing summer kisses and silly sounds So I step inside, pour a glass of wine With a full glass and empty heart I search"
  • Radio - Eugenio Finardi
    "Quando son solo in casa e solo devo restare per finire un lavoro o perch ho il raffreddore. C' qualcosa di molto facile che io posso fare: accendere la radio e mettermi ad ascoltare. Amo la radio perch"
  • Radio - Musiq Soulchild
    "Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Cool Hey Everywhere I be I see shawties they lovin the Way I rock my hat, fresh tie on a button up Fresh dentals with a fresh vest or a sweater or Fresh pair of fresher than cause Everywhere"
  • Radio - Teenage Fanclub
    "I think I'll kill the radio, don't want to hear this song Can't relate to yesterday, what we did was wrong yeah...mmm... But now you lighten up my day with your views Just out of school and you're "that's"
  • Radio - Michel Polnareff
    "a parle en couleur Et a fait des shows a joue les chanteurs Radio Si tu veux la mer Cuba ou Rio Je connais un pays Radio Tou-toute la nuit Elle frquence dans mon lit Tou-toute la nuit Elle danse dans ma"
  • Radio - Theatre of Tragedy
    "Electric broadcast The new transmission waves Turn the dial Transistor radio The deadpan voice I want to hear Recieve the news Recieve the tunes We've tuned in to the ether melody It's bright and clear"

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