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Purple disco machine Sophie and the giants

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Purple disco machine Sophie and the giants

  • Sophie - Kirsty McGee
    "sophie a face in the rain see how she smiles all the rivers running down the tresses of her hair how it clings against her skin and her eyes are filled with dreams... must i still think of her her golden"
  • Sophie - Goodshirt
    "just cause i know where she lives i won't stick around like adhesive instead i'll skin my knees and wait between she'll tug on my imagination i'll wait for an indication systematic smiles with it she's"
  • I Still Believe (Purple Disco Machine Remix) - Diana Ross
    "In love, I still believe It's all I ever need The reason that I breathe I just can't get enough An old familiar friend Call it Heaven sent It never has to end I still believe in love Love Pulling me up Whenever"
  • Giants - Grave Digger
    "Sacred hall, eternal might Endless fame, see the golden light Son of the dark, Godess of youth, Sacrifice her, and pay the price Forever you'll be guilty Forever you'll be free Forever you'll be strong Forever"
  • Giants - Take That
    "We’re giants Can’t believe it We’re giants All along On the surface And all around us We’re giants We’re strong I see you standing Se you dancing Giants Can you feel it? So much bigger than we thought I"
  • Giants - Stratovarius
    "Haven't you ever been drowning in sorrow? In the morning, Because you're never gonna fly. So insignificant, waiting for daybreak, With a heartache, Under the black and evil sky. Life is unfair, And nobody"
  • Giants - Five Iron Frenzy
    "When no one looks the clouds come rolling in, And under darkened skies the buildings grow big teeth and eyes. They breathe and walk through unending doors, Eating restaurants, and barber shops, and hardware"
  • GIANTS - True Damage
    "moving too fast life is moving in slow-mo I’m a god better ask if you don’t know homie better put your pride aside I am a benz and you’re more like a Volvo your best stuff looks like my worst synapses"
  • Giants - Dermot Kennedy
    "We used to be giants When did we stop? Just say the word and i’ll be yours You know i never forgot The hope and the hurt Has lived inside of me But there’s gold in the dirt I never took the time to see But"
  • Giants - Quintessence
    "Once there was a land Where now there is a sea Giants peacefully In this green country Grew to be tall as trees Hearing prophecies Knew the coming tide Will leave no place to hide Rivers flowing now Through"
  • Giants - Bear Hands
    "Two Words! Rock, chalk, shot a jayhawk Never been to jail 'cus I never get caught I got smarts Dark, dangerous dog, ODB got it right from the start You got one and you changed from crazy to calm I've been"
  • Giants - Helloween
    "Strong and invincible, they know every rule, Seems inconceivable anything they do. They made us their slaves - we weren't unified, Ever since we paid for selling our lives. Someday, someway, I may see"
  • In The Dark - Purple Disco Machine, Sophie and the Giants
    "I got lost In the wilderness I thought I was surely falling apart The pain you caused Cut so deep Truly was a work of art I don’t care what they say I’m gunna do it anyway Ohh ohh It’s the only thing"
  • Sophia - X-Ray Spex
    "Sophia look like a witch A beautiful witch is she Sophia look like a witch Hidden form in the name of chastity Sophia wears a crucifix Christ hung round her neck Sophia wears a crucifix Crucifix effect Sophia"
  • Sophia - Nerina Pallot
    "5 o' clock and a fire escape symphony, Spilling out across the road and the square, And the sky's the same as your own, do you think of me? Do the parks, and trees, and the leaves, reach you, there? After"
  • Sophia - Bif Naked
    "I picked you up on a gray day - the new jersey turnpike I'll give u lots of yummy candy if ya like Sophia, your hair is like silk Sophia, your skin is like milk That trucksyop, baby, everybody loved"
  • Sophia - Good Shoes
    "Sophia looked at me and she just said that, Things were so different when we first met The strange dancing boy at the camden barfly talking to strangers in the middle of the night As everybody brushes"
  • Sophia - Enter My Silence
    "Universum is so narrow - one slip and an everfall The balance of an everpresent scale of curiosity ponders your strenght to carry the vessel of sanity The vessel full of secret truths - the seeds of the"
  • Purple - Horse The Band
    "Sweet sweet pain- like a thundercloud but tears are rain full fists slapping thudding BANGING RAGING wanting not to be weak with woe empty hands-she's on the floor on the floor she SLAMS her empty hands"
  • Disco Hippie - Play
    "Breakout, two thousand zero zero A purple pokemons knocken' on my door So free now, I'm flippin' trippin' cartwheels in the breeze now Like never before My life is so wild like a child in a candy store It's"

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