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Put'em Up Indie,

  • Put'em up - Room 2012
    "Put em up Youre surrounded Wind it up Turn around it Dont leave me hanging Dont leave my love on the line This heart is breaking Its beating 4/4 a time And the melody cries Chorus: Put em up"
  • India - Kirsty McGee
    "india my dear, you're almost out of luck that slender chain of pearls you wear around your slender neck is fallen to the floor - why don't you pick it up? india my dear it's not that i don't love you but"
  • India - Kosheen
    "The city's dustyWith dirty dealingsThis crazy lady's got a lost-it feelingIn the core of her soul, in the coreGet up, get out, get in, get on a planeBefore you go insaneYou rang to sayI feel the sameI"
  • Indie Cindy - Pixies
    "Put this down for the record It's more or less un-checkered Wasted days and wasted nights Made me a fucking beggar No soul, my milk is curdled I'm the burgermeister of purgatory Look out for that hot plate Guess"
  • Indie Rockin - Common Rotation
    "Indie rockin', there's no stoppin' Once you get me on a roll Name-droppin', mop-toppin' Can't help this feeling It's a feeling that I stole Kick it in now with the backbeat Put the four on the floor Innocent"
  • Indie rock roll - The Killers
    "Glamorous Indie rock'n'roll is what I need It's in my soul, it's what I need Indie rock'n'roll, it's time Two of us Flipping through a thrift store magazine She plays the drums, I'm on tambourine"
  • Indie rock & roll - The Killers
    "Glamorous Indie rock'n'roll is what I need It's in my soul, it's what I need Indie rock'n'roll, it's time Two of us Flipping through a thrift store magazine She plays the drums, I'm on tambourine Bet your,"
  • Indie rock superstar - Spiller
    "Indie-rock superstar falls asleep while his girlfriend drove the car He doesnt liked the big time Doesnt wanna wait in a big line Indie-rock superstar Walks to work cause it doesnt take too long He never"
  • His Indie World - Mary Lou Lord
    "I don't think I fit into his indie world Guided By Voices and Velocity Girl Eric's Trip and Rocket Ship, Rancid and Rocket from The Crypt Bikini Kill and Built to Spill, it's plain to see that I don't"
  • India' song - India.Arie
    "Too much hypocrisy in this old southern town for meWay back in 1619 began this tragic storyThrown into slavery the crime was the color of skinNever to see the light of the past again I wanna go where the"
  • India Rubber - Radiohead
    "Did it all for you to say You never wanted me that way Now the dogs have had their meat I think I'll go plug in the mains I tumble like a clown Before your baying hounds I supplicate myself into your"
  • Indie - Negrita
    "Senza freni e senza poesia anni e mesi in anestesia scivolando sopra i tab senza patria, senza trib Tutto torna, tutto va miscellanea della realt corse all'oro ovunque sei guarda avanti e non voltarti"
  • Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll - The Killers
    "Glamorous indie rock and roll is what I want It's in my soul it's what I need Indie rock and roll, it's time Two of us flipping through a thrift store magazine She plays the drums I'm on tambourine You"
  • India Rubber Man - Steve Hackett
    "India Rubber Man How far can you bend Way across the sea far and wide Bending the rules now and then India Rubber Man How long can you extend The more I stretch the more you ask Illusion has no end India"
  • Going To India - Boy Hits Car
    "Going to India when the love breaks. Going to India watch all elephants. Fly away from the pain. Strap us in, 'cause the priest can't get us like an old guitar. There's a place full of waste, Where it"
  • Mary's In India - Dido
    "Danny is lonely Mary's in India now She said she'd call but that was three weeks ago She left all her things well, her books and her letters from him But as the sun rises on Mary sets on him And just dance,"
  • Senorita (feat. India) - Puff Daddy
    "{singing by India} Sabes bien que fue un enga~o lo que me hiciste fue un pecado asi mismo me enga~aste {~ substituted for the spanish n} {translation:} You know well it was a lie what you did to me was"
  • Indie Cindy & The Lo-Fi Lullabies - Lemon Demon
    "Indie Cindy & the Lo-Fi Lullabies Released her first LP, Entitled Moe Is We To the private public just the other day, Through Cindy's very own label, Acrobat Unstable Records. But the only chart That"
  • INDIA (feat. Play & Win) - Inna
    "I hear you calling Inndia Welcome to India You don’t need nobody but India She’s enough to make your body go wild I can live my life here right now It’s a little bit scandalous But she lives her life"
  • Breathe Ft La India - Angie Martinez
    "Yo, yo, yo, uhh, uhh, yo, yo, whoo whoo whoo whoo, yo, uhh, hey! Sometimes you gotta, catch yo' breath and, all the time you gotta watch yo' step and, catch me all on yo' neck, stressin' 'bout "What you"

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