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Quebonafide - Carnival

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Quebonafide - Carnival

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Quebonafide - Carnival
  • Quebonafide x Essex Carnival
    "Ten człowiek gada z mikrofonem, On jest kurwa jakiś chory Wafle ryżowe i masło orzechowe Tak się żyje, tak się żyje, tak się żyje Improwizujemy uśmiech i ból Pasujemy wszędzie, tylko nie tu Ale bij brawo"
  • zibex XX Sergiusz Quebonafide
    "Wjebałem się na scenę Tak jak babcia na wigilię A myśli moje o tym dawno mnożę już przez 100 I tez kocham po tracku czytać na grupach opinie Znowu odjebałem akcje i się śmieje czytam sto Wjebałem się na"
  • Eric Clapton Carnival
    "(Eric Clapton) Come with me, come with me, To the carnival, to the carnival. You will see, you will see, What you want to see, exactly what you want to be, At the carnival, at the carnival, at the carnival. Come"
  • Chipz Carnival
    "Come on! this is carnival over here. (yeh yeh yeh aah aah) Come on the party has started everybody''s waiting down at the beach. the night is very warm now millions of stars burning just out of reach Here"
  • Pitchfork Project Carnival
    "Wasted earth, yellow sand No chance to live Hopes have vanished The drought makes me dream The carnival is in our town Hopeful eyes, children laugh Vanished expectations Vanished expectations Carnival-it's"
  • Roberto Vecchioni Carnival
    "Si diventa grandi sulla propria pelle sulle proprie palle e su poche stelle si diventa grandi e niente fa pi male al cuore e se provi a cercare le tue parole non fanno nostalgia come quello che stato o"
  • Perry Como Carnival
    "I'll sing to the sun in the sky, I'll sing till the sun rises high, Carnival time is here, Magical time of year, And as the time draws near, Dreams lift my heart! I'll sing as I play my guitar, I'll"
  • Henning Ohlenbusch Carnival
    "Ferris wheel, umbrella conceals, If you were to try and kiss me. Carousel, The horses won't tell, If you were to try and kiss me. Carnival, Summertime eternal. The colored lights, The evening breeze, The"
  • Bikini Kill Carnival
    "This is a song about the seedy underbelly of the carnival The part that only the kids know about This is a song about 16-year-old girls giving carnies head For free rides and hits of pot I wanna go I wanna"
  • Orbit Carnival
    "The carnival came through today She says I know what I'll be And I'm in my head again She says darkness never came for me The freaks they walk by my room One day they'll come and call And they'll take"
  • Our Lady Peace Carnival
    "You know you're not a strong man And you're just about to cry Hang on, hang on it's all right, it's all right You worry about the future Sign said "Yoga class for cats" It's okay, it's okay It's no"
  • Sandy Denny Carnival
    "The Summertime's escaping, and the carnival's away, And the sunshine is awaiting for another sunny day. Breakers whisper to the shells upon the shore, And hear the seagulls they cry for more. And hear"
  • Tori Amos Carnival
    "I sing to the sun in the sky I sing to the sun rising high Carnival time is here magical time Im near and as the time draws near dreams fill my heart I sing while he plays his guitar I sing as the night"
  • Buck-Tick Carnival
    "Toke au na hairikomu na kizutsuke atte shimau dake Furuete mo namida suru na kizu no basho mo shiranai de Aisuru to ka ikiru to ka kizutsuke atte shimau dake Zetsubou to ka kibou to ka kizu no itami shiranai"
  • Natalie Merchant Carnival
    "Well I've walked these streets A virtual stage it seemed to me Makeup on their faces Actors took their places next to me Well I've walked these streets In a carnival of sights to see All the cheap thrill"
  • Vanessa Carlton Carnival
    "Never thought it'd hurt so bad. I just wanted to love you; Never thought it'd hurt so bad. Never thought it'd feel so right; I was just thinking of you. Never thought it'd feel so right. It's the edge"
  • The Cardigans Carnival
    "I will never know Cause you will never show Come on and love me now Come on and love me now I will never know Cause you will never show Come on and love me now Come on and love me now Come on and love"
  • Jeremy Enigk Carnival
    "What were my intentions in time will bring good and so we'll make this our own paradise where blue eyes should look so I played again to lay down myself the lines made me perfect and came then the light"
  • Thalarion Carnival
    "(A brief commentary of Juraj Grezdo & Nela Horvathova: "Nature scenery again. Majestic darkness full of mysteries. Darkness brings fear that forces people to wear the masks to hide their fear. After the"
  • Novembre Carnival
    "Slowly gliding down through the bottle that seems to have no end Sweet is the falling in those bubbles and colours When you leave nothing you care about behind When the state of mind is drowning and all"

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