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Queen livin on my own

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Queen livin on my own

  • Livin' On My Own - Ambrosia
    "(Drummond - Puerta - Pack) She got a heart of steel She don't care how I feel But nothin' warms the chill When I'm livin' on my own She keep my mind in worry She left my vision blurry Left me in"
  • Living On My Own - Queen
    "Words and music by Freddie Mercury Sometimes I feel I'm gonna break down and cry (so lonely) Nowhere to go nothing to do with my time I get lonely so lonely living on my own Sometimes I feel I'm always"
  • Livin' On Livin' - Lords Of The New Church
    "(Bator/James) The city eats it's children of dust from the cradle to grave. Drag their captives through the deep-sleeps of life. Ghosts of dream-dwelling slaves. The stranger scares the creatures of night."
  • On My Own - To Each His Own
    "No penned up frustrations about you or anyone else. Found out all the things I needed to do, I can do myself. Through one simple thought, I've found true freedom. Wash away those negative thoughts, cause"
  • Livin' - Canibus
    "(Chorus: Charlie Mackmansupreme) Children cryin', women producin' Men go to work, and some go - stealin' Everyone's got to make a livin' Heaven and Hell (Heaven and Hell) Is on Earth (Is on Earth) Children"
  • Ain't livin - Eddy
    "I looked for trouble and found it son Straight down the barrel of a lawmans gun Id try to run but I dont think I can If I move Im a dead man Aint livin long like this I cant live at all like this can I"
  • Livin' Alone - Hank Locklin
    "(Living alone living alone) I may be wealthy with more than my share I may be able to go anywhere I may own a kingdom and sit on a throne still I'll be lonely while I'm livin' alone I can follow the bright"
  • Really livin - Rascalz
    "We're gettin' mad props, like on the movie set So take that to the races, 'cause it's a sure bet How could you lose when you're rollin' with the right stuff? I'm smooth on the mic, but still I like to"
  • On my own time - Gym Class Heroes
    "I wish I could unzip my skin and take it offJust to take a walk but I cant do itI dont think Ill make it on my own (on my own)As when I take out my penand I wage it all, turn the page and fallIt just comes"
  • Queen Misery - For My Pain...
    "(Music: O-P Trr, Lyrics: Juha Kylmnen) Too many broken promises in her fragile life Too many secret thoughts she tried to hide that night So hard she tried to escape But (the) pain was everywhere No,"
  • Out on my own - Keith Urban
    "Your smiles they don't come easyLike they used to come before The awkwardness and boredomIs scattered out across the floorI can feel your love waxin' and wanin'And a quick look in your eyes needs no explainin'I'm"
  • Queen - Shawn Mendes
    "t's hard to believe You don't remember me at all Am I hard to recognize? You say "nice to meet you" every time Yeah and I made you laugh I still remember what I said Guess I shouldn't be surprised You"
  • Queen - Ram-Zet
    "Where did she take me can't see a thing here I try to move but my body doesn't conform me Just tyr to rest soon we'll start our journey then why am I looked up in this cage now someone opens up the door I"
  • Queen - Rachel Stevens
    "You're looking at me And I'm looking at you Through smokin' mirrors in a club filled room I dunno what you said But I feel you know less And none of this has to make sense I-e-I ah, ah, ah, ah, ah I could"
  • Queen - Jessie J
    "stop playing with your body, lady stop feeling like you’re not enough stop feeding into the haters stop and give yourself some love stop starting at the mirror getting faded saying you won’t fall in love stop"
  • On My Own - Broken Iris
    "A new taste shall commence when you transpose Intending to... begin Giving In To those who've passed before and died...upholding Faith For more Inside they tore Just keep my mind burning strong"
  • White Queen - Queen
    "I'm a simple man With a simple name From this soil my people came In this soil remain Oh yeah. . . And we made us our shoes And we trod soft on the land But the immigrant built roads On our blood and sand Oh"
  • On My Own - Julia Pietrucha
    "Don’t look at me Like you know how I am Just because I'm blond and thin it's easy to tease You can try to brake me down Now, I f you please But ain’t now body to take away my peace Because I got it on"
  • On My Own - Chrisette Michele
    "Never came across anything you couldn't handle No matter the problem you were always there My superhero Tho I love for it all Im a women Im a grown-up And that means You gotta let me fall and learn to"
  • On My Own - Michael McDonald
    "(Burt Bacharach & C B Sayer) So many times Said it was forever Said our love would always be true Something in my heart always knew I'd be lying here beside you On my own On my own On my own So many"

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