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Queen - Now I

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Queen - Now I

  • Queen - Shawn Mendes
    "t's hard to believe You don't remember me at all Am I hard to recognize? You say "nice to meet you" every time Yeah and I made you laugh I still remember what I said Guess I shouldn't be surprised You"
  • Queen - Rachel Stevens
    "You're looking at me And I'm looking at you Through smokin' mirrors in a club filled room I dunno what you said But I feel you know less And none of this has to make sense I-e-I ah, ah, ah, ah, ah I could"
  • Queen - Ram-Zet
    "Where did she take me can't see a thing here I try to move but my body doesn't conform me Just tyr to rest soon we'll start our journey then why am I looked up in this cage now someone opens up the door I"
  • Queen - Closterkeller
    "Between the shadow and the candles' breath She's feeding up her secret and she is hiding out, out, out Deep in the garden of newly found truths Among the voices leading thoughts And keeping awake Under"
  • Queen Of Groucho - Queen
    "You look at me every day. You look at me, and what do you say? You say, lookey there! It's the queen! It's the Queen of Groucho! You stand there gaping at the queen, Hopin' for an autograph. The queen"
  • Queenie - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Frost) A long time ago I saw you there Sitting in a corner chair I was looking for a place to stay You were only hanging out and hanging around I didn't see what I was looking for I guess I never"
  • March Of The Black Queen - Queen
    "Do you mean it, do you mean it, do you mean it? Why don't you mean it? Why do I follow you, and where do you go? Ah ah ah... You've never seen nothing like it No never in your life Like going up to"
  • European Queen (Caribbean Queen) - Billy Ocean
    "She's simply awesome. She dashed by me in painted-on jeans And all heads turned cos' she was the cream. In the blink of an eye I knew her number and her name She said I was the tiger she wanted to tame. European"
  • Black Queen - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
    "Gonna do a country blues. A little music from back home. I was raised in Louisiana, And, uh, there used to be an old black man Named Charlie Harris worked at a feed store And he'd sit out in the back, Long"
  • Queen Of The Click - Queen Pen
    "(Teddy Riley) ---Click! (QueenPen) ---Hahhhh (come on) Street team (yeah) Make moves like what (yeah) Brooklyn Uptown (yeah) Break it down now TR (QueenPen of the click) Little man Funky Mama represent"
  • Queen Jane - Kingmaker
    "I saw you sitting on the pavement Watching the goose-step of the crowd You were a picture of rebelliion A kleptomaniac and proud Well I should've seen it coming From miles away Kiss the pavement goodbye And"
  • Mississippi Queen - Ministry
    "Mississippi Queen, If you know what I mean Mississippi Queen, She taught me everything Way down around Vicksburg, Around Louisiana way Lived a cajun lady, we called her Mississippi Queen You know she was"
  • Voodoo Queen - S.E.X. APPEAL
    "Last night you had a dream You were walking in your sleep You dreamt of a place down in Africa, in Africa Making dances .. round and round African drums play the voodoo sound The goddess of love cast a"
  • Teenage Queen - Aiden
    "I can see the void, Dark like prison. Take me to the eyes of this boy. And now dance with me. I can see the world, Sharp like paper. Take me to the eyes of this girl. And now dance with me. You found"
  • Porno Queen - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "I used to think that you were real clean, until I saw you in a magazine. I always used to think that you were quite nice, but now I see that sex is your vice. Penthouse, Mayfair, they're your scene,"
  • Indian Queen - ELO
    "Whooo-oo-Whoooo This is my life I don't feel whole every night I hear love, crying down on love so bright Tell me to hear (I feel so good) How can you tell (I do believe) It's just so real (I really"
  • Indian Queen - Electric Light Orchestra
    "Whooo-oo-WhooooThis is my life I don't feel whole every nightI hear love, crying down on love so brightTell me to hear (I feel so good)How can you tell(I do believe)It's just so real(I really know)I want"
  • Delta Queen - Ricky Shane
    "Delta Queen honey honey Where you been Delta Queen honey honey Where you been. Tell me mister have you seen The girl they call the Delta Queen In New Orleans He said I know the girl you mean She's singing"
  • The Queen - Lil' Kim
    "Feat/Puff Daddy (Puffy) Intro I don't give a f**k, yeah yeah yeah As we proceed to give you what you need Queen Bee, muthaf**kas, B.I.G, muthaf**kas Junior Mafia, muthaf**kas Yeah yeah yeah yeah (Lil'"
  • Acid Queen - Venom
    "You - have got everything i need You - can bring my soul out of me I'll pay your wicked price-deliver your merchandise Gypsy you'll drive me a dream Acid Queen Wild - tames the raging beast Child - helps"

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