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Queen a want it all

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Queen a want it all

  • I Want It All - Queen
    "(Queen) Adventure seeker on an empty street, Just an alley creeper, light on his feet A young fighter screaming, with no time for doubt With the pain and anger can't see a way out, It ain't much I'm asking,"
  • I Want It All (Queen cover) - Polish Metal Alliance
    "I want it all I want it all I want it all and I want it now Adventure seeker on an empty street Just an alley creeper light on his feet A young fighter screaming with no time for doubt With the pain and"
  • Queen - Ram-Zet
    "Where did she take me can't see a thing here I try to move but my body doesn't conform me Just tyr to rest soon we'll start our journey then why am I looked up in this cage now someone opens up the door I"
  • A King And Queen Creation - Queen Latifah
    "(feat. Mark the 45 King) [45 King] Let's start the show off, sisters ago look alive The Queen Latifah, the King of 45 Bringing a mixture of pure flavor I make beats, she rock rhymes, so I gave a A sample"
  • Queen - Dan Bern
    "Do you got to be a queen all your life Are you gonna take that crown off your head Are you ever gonna come to bed Do you got to be a queen all your life Do you plan on speaking in this year Are you gonna"
  • Queen - Riot
    "Around midnight he locked in tight to his frustrations, she told her tales With all she could, that's right. He wasn't half as good at cold manitpulation, But he just listened as he should yea. You"
  • Queen - Jessie J
    "stop playing with your body, lady stop feeling like you’re not enough stop feeding into the haters stop and give yourself some love stop starting at the mirror getting faded saying you won’t fall in love stop"
  • White Queen (As It Began) - Queen
    "So sad her eyes Smiling dark eyes So sad her eyes As it began On such a breathless night as this Upon my brow the lightest kiss I walked alone And all around the air did say My lady soon will stir this"
  • I'm a queen - LeToya
    "Chorus:(I'ma Queen)True religion on the pocket of my jeans(I'ma Queen)Can't see me in your dreamsAnd I'm everything, EVERYTHING, that you wanna be(I'ma Queen)Keep tryna to play me(I'ma Queen)I can be the"
  • Queen Of Royal Badness - Queen Latifah
    "Let me remind you on how to unwind your body So dance and shake and just keep in step Understand, draw a clear picture What I'm gonna hit you with is truly def These are the words of a Queen of a Queendom All"
  • Queen Of The Click - Queen Pen
    "(Teddy Riley) ---Click! (QueenPen) ---Hahhhh (come on) Street team (yeah) Make moves like what (yeah) Brooklyn Uptown (yeah) Break it down now TR (QueenPen of the click) Little man Funky Mama represent"
  • Want It All - Digital Underground
    "I wanna go up downtown get around town Out of town for about a month overnight While the sun's shining bright in the middle Of the warm cold freezing hot night, that's all I wanna put it in out through"
  • Drama Queen (That Girl) - Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen
    "There was a girl I knew Who always wanted to Be the one to stand out from the crowd Always believed that she Was gonna live her dreams That what went down was gonna come around For all doubters Nonbelievers Those"
  • The Queen - Lil' Kim
    "Feat/Puff Daddy (Puffy) Intro I don't give a f**k, yeah yeah yeah As we proceed to give you what you need Queen Bee, muthaf**kas, B.I.G, muthaf**kas Junior Mafia, muthaf**kas Yeah yeah yeah yeah (Lil'"
  • Drama Queen - Family Force 5
    "Chicka-pow! Don't shoot me down Oh no! How low can you go Driving fast to get to work Queen is there just being a jerk Running her mouth a million miles an hour She's talking trash It's going sour"
  • Red Queen - Gabe Lopez
    "One, two, mary go round now, fun til youre in the circus crowd, some fun house, whos aroused? you want a little piece come and get it. someone here's got his eye on you, some little thing's got"
  • Cover Queen - Tesla
    "(Keith, Hannon) Looks so good, from her head to feet to me so so sweet Got a perfect ten, there ain't no doubt She's the kind of girl you dream about You know she's got it - she's got everything She"
  • Homecoming Queen - Agent 51
    "Kelly's got a problem yeah she's dyin' every day She sits all by herself and hope that it will go away She's got everything a girl could want Got money and a car When your mind is sickly spinning It won't"
  • Ghetto Queen - R. Kelly
    "(feat. Crucial Conflict) Crucial Conflict come out and play, hey come on Crucial Conflict, Kelly and Rockland, collabo' Funny faces is all I see At my place, you on top of me Playin' strip poker, sippin'"
  • Ghetto Queen - R.Kelly
    "Crucial Conflict come out and play, hey come on Crucial Conflict, Kelly and Rockland, collabo' Funny faces is all I see At my place, you on top of me Playin' strip poker, sippin' Cristi' I grip your shoulders,"

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