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Queens Of The Stone Age Im Designer

  • Queens Of The Stone Age - Queens Of The Stone Age
    "Medication for us all, it is a new way And we're gonna take it cause we love it Don't you know? Is this the dose you've been dreamin' of? A revelation from a gun Doesn't matter Overtaken, mine was"
  • I'm Designer - Queens Of The Stone Age
    "My generation's for sale, Beats a steady job. How much have you got? My generation don't trust no one, Its hard to blame, Not even ourselves. The thing that's real for us is: fortune and fame, All the"
  • Queens - Big Noyd
    "(Big Noyd) Yeah-Yeah, Yeah, grab the pump pump (yeah) It's on we 'bout ta thump thump... ...aiyo aiyo my left eye jump, I feel bad luck upon me Make me grab my pump and call my Brook-Lyn army We by Q.B."
  • Stone Age - De La Soul
    "* BizMarkie starts out the song beatboxing while De La Soul chants the words "I'll beatbox" * Ah mic test one two Aww man, I check it better Ah whatcha mean BizMarkie? Whatcha mean BizMark? I"
  • Queens - Patrice
    "Chorus: This is ya one is for the queens 'cause it's you that make me deh I say it's you that make me be this is for all the sweet dreams how much injustice you have to face before you I bow my knees 1st"
  • Queens - Pharoahe Monch
    "Heheheh.. hey yo.. There's a place I know where the bitches go Where they rob you for your dough and shit on the low in Southside.. Queens, Queens Where if you say The Ave. People automatically know the"
  • Queens - Capone-N-Noreaga
    "(Noreaga talking) Outlaw, Outlaw Uhh-uhh. Yo give me some of that haze man. That purple haze. I don't wanna smoke that fucking haze wit this wood no more. Hydro. Shit got my hydro tasting like smydro. I'ma"
  • Queens - Chasing Victory
    "Freeze the frame Where I take the blame. I'll make you love me If it's all I do. I've got the keys to your heart and I'm coming inside. You're never gonna stop me. I'll tell the burning to stop but I'm"
  • Three Queens - Heather Dale
    "Sink into your mother's arms The womb that gave you birth Let her take your secrets back and lay them in the earth Let her take you in her arms Let her take you home Leave to her the gifts she gave of"
  • The new stone age - Omd
    "This is the room This is the wall This is the body Ive been hoping for These are the words Ive been longing just to say So this is my goal The aim of my life This is the feeling They warned me about Oh"
  • Designer Dream - Brainpool
    "HANNES: There goes another one of those who keep their minds shut down See how they swarm around the stairway to the underground Thousands of leather jackets, trainers and designer jeans Patiently waiting"
  • Designer Behavior - Md. 45
    "Don't wanna talk about it Don't wanna read about it Don't wanna hear about it Don't wanna see about it Something's funny about a medical physician Me lying on my back is his favorite position Designer"
  • Designer Luv - Pretty Willie
    "Chorus: She want a lot of luv But he ballin' got ya head with that designer luv and I wanna change your world but your such a material gurl She want a lot of luv But he ballin' go ya head with that designer"
  • Designer Skyline - Owl City
    "Affection, the gifted architect Is making a draft and beautiful design The options and possibilities Are endless when we connect and realign Collections of books and documents Arise and parade around my"
  • Designer Fetus - Oblivion Dust
    "If you've found me call my answer phone A play back to help the bruises glow I'm afraid to be alone right now Thought I was still unborn But they've pulled me out and they've got me living Sometimes"
  • Designer Behaviour - MD.45
    "L. ThomasD. Walker I don't want your roses It's too late to sweet talk now No use you coming round no more Cause this old flame went out You left me alone and going out of my head But a woman left needing"
  • A Stone - Okkervil River
    "Hot breath, rough skin, warm laughs and smiling, the loveliest words whispered and meant - you like all these things. But, though you like all these things, you love a stone. You love a stone, because"
  • We're the Queens - Queens
    "If you fell inside back you won't a smile If you feel in love, but, you maybe cry to warning just listen to a music oh... If you feel that everything is wrong close your eyes and feel this song. Just listen"
  • Valley Of The Queens - Star One
    "(Floor:) My journey's over I'm standing on the edge And close my eyes To this world of lies My will is broken It's the end of all my dreams My soul yearns For the valley of the queens My rose has withered It"
  • Valley Of The Queens - Ayreon
    "EGYPTIAN: My journey's over, I'm standing on the edge, And close my eyes To this world of lies. My will is broken, It's the end of all my dreams. My soul yearns For the valley of the queens. My"

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