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Queensryche Liquid Sky

  • Liquid Sky - Queensryche
    "I ain't no Romeo. I'm just the man for you. Holding out as secrets travel, they kind of get to you. Everybody says that it could've been something. Never was a smart kid, never knew a good thing. Always"
  • Queensryche - Queensryche
    "Empirenext messagesaved,Saturday at 9:24 p.m.sorry,I'm just..... its starting to hit me like a ummmmummmma 2 ton heavy thing.Last night the word came down,ten dead in Chinatown.Innocent, their only crime"
  • Self Immolation (Liquid Sky Mix) - Fear Factory
    "Skin Your scars Surface is Rusty blades Self immolation crying out Self immolation crying out Self immolation crying out Self immolation crying out Oblivion Your weakness Is your temper Is your temper "
  • Liquid Brian - Skew Siskin
    "Climb the mountains of foreign land Tears of Allah fall in the sand Heaven above us, fools all around No one can stop us from touching the ground DIP MY BRAIN INTO THE WATER LIQUID EYES LOOK TO THE SKY HEAVEN"
  • Liquid friend - Twiztid
    "Well lemme, lemme tell you, a lunatic escaped from the asylum I used to dig a hole for the body box, then I'd hide em' In my backyard, another torture in the cellar A dwella A rather fucked up young fella"
  • The Final Voyage Of The Liquid Sky - Primus
    "I been fightin' gravity since I was two. Questers of the prize Blind men in the snow. Some streak the skies I choose to go below. Skin moves toward malignant Worshipping the sun. They clamber over corpses To"
  • Liquid - Krabathor
    "You are slowly falling down Down and down into the deep You are living from dreams Dreams and dreams, till the end It is better not to see through the eyes It is better to be open minded Everything is"
  • Liquid - Rasmus
    "I go liquid when you come around, And I know. I go solid but don't get me wrong, Yes I go. I love to watch you when you mess around, With my mind. I'm pathetic but only this time, Who knows? It's not"
  • Liquid - The Rasmus
    "I go liquid when you come around And I know I go solid but don't get me wrong Yes I go I love to watch you when you mess around With my mind I'm pathetic but only this time But who knows? And I say... It's"
  • Liquid - Mnemic
    "As my senses evolve I need to learn to stand my ground I am forced into a shaking world where all I need is safe and sound I am not satisfied Looking into a mirror but I don't really think I need to reflect I"
  • Liquid - Steve Kilbey
    "Liquid, she drank like she was in me Liquid, she's drinking more of everything She drained an ocean out of me Left me washed up in bankruptcy Like a storm far out to sea, she's gone She ran like water"
  • Liquid - Jars Of Clay
    "Arms nailed down Are you telling me something? Eyes turned out Are you looking for someone? This is the one thing The one thing that I know Blood-stained brow Are you dying for nothing? Flesh and blood Is"
  • Liquid - Pale Saints
    "silver head what makes you sick inside she stood by you seasons hand holds your dream ??? ways you can be all meanings can frame the pattern of your fins ? swims and lights ??? truth all other wise golden"
  • Chasing Blue Sky - Queensryche
    "Shakin' time, she needs Taking rides...to somewhere Let's lose our minds, no hurry I'm the wakeful night, with dreams...or something Chasing blue sky, We're chasing blue sky Taking time from all this"
  • Bullet The Blue Sky - Queensryche
    "In the howlin' wind Comes a stingin' rain See it drivin' nails Into the souls on the tree of pain From the firefly A red orange glow See the face of fear Runnin' scared in the valley below Oh, oh Bullet"
  • Liquid Love - Madonna
    "Your love is like liquid It fills me, it chills me Can't hold it, control it It runs from my touch It slips through my fingers The taste of it lingers Your love is like liquid I want it so much Liquid"
  • Liquid Indian - Guided By Voices
    "Arcane offices delivering deluxe information: 1) The Quaker's Seal of Approval 2) More movies less trivial pursuit I'm a born again boot stomping witch-humper Are we there yet? The skips and flips are"
  • Liquid Dust - Def Leppard
    "Utwór 'Liquid Dust' z albumu 'Diamond Star Halos' Def Leppard (premiera 27 maja 2022r.)."
  • Liquid Pig - Lisa Germano
    "Where did you go What did you say Who did you call What did you say Liquid Pig Look what you did Drink what you said Liquid Pig Flaky Freak Magnet Attracted to Attracting it Liquid Pig Drink what"
  • Liquid Cool - Apollo 440
    "Certainly someone who is frozen is not alive, but neither are they dead They are in a third state a biostasis what I would use to describe ... liquid cool Make me immortal yeah yeah I am immortal yeah"

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