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Quintessence Symbol

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Quintessence Symbol

  • Symbol - Quintessence
    "Suddenly, almost by stealth The whole bloodle crushes in me A symbol, a picture, a sign That resurrects just for a moment Then fades out, vanishes into shade Arm of thought can't reach it But sometimes"
  • Quintessence - Rotting Christ
    "Quintessence Here stays enthroned the one that breathes the night The blood ruler of great fights Here stays enthroned the virgin of ten thousand sins The virgin whose beauty dreams all light She is the"
  • Quintessence - Anorexia Nervosa
    "Eight Miles Deep The Well Forgotten By Mortals Oh, I Drank It Empty In One Single Sip Eight Miles Wide The Valley Beyond All Hope Oh, I Filled The Whole With One Single Fist Five Million Christians On"
  • Quintessence - Borknagar
    "The principles of the quintessential four. Surrounds the inevitable future lore. Untangle the path of a circular cast. The symbiosis of earth, air, water and fire. Soaked by water, a blinding tear. Nothing"
  • Symbol - Aion
    "The night is a symbol, senses' inspiration He's always creeping in the gloom While I am standing on His way He approaches slowly and creeps to me I recognize Him - this face and this smile He wants to"
  • Symbol - Ego
    "Wciąż mówią ci niektórzy dziś tylko narzekają Patrząc na wygląd oceniając nawijają A ja patrzę zza skroni widzę słońce Proszę pana proszę panią To ja słowa wiążę rymy składam I dużo gadam do mikrofonu"
  • In Quintessence - Squeeze
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) He smokes himself into double vision Leaves his mind on an indecision, Thinks he's invented imagination Says that god is some relation. He leaves his cigarette burning"
  • Status Symbol - Nomadi
    "Star seduto fermo in religiosa attesa chiuso ad aspettare qualche cosa il telefono non squilla pi da un quarto d'ora e senti il fiato che manca non sia mai che il venerd non si rimorchi una che almeno"
  • Symbol Song - Dredg
    "he said: patience is the key to for a change to ensue warm the arctic cold and drop down to the ground wait for the sound of the cold take these words you'll have your day live it as your last"
  • A Glance At Quintessence - Spitfire
    "manifest love absent of hindrance desire strips me of direction manifest love absent of hindrance 60 seconds it's clear again it's real again it's clear again olive nights strip me (of hope) times"
  • La Quintessence Du Mal - Seth
    "Idole de mes insomnies, obsession de mes nuits, Un silence glacial se propage en cette antre O la lune jouissive prend possession du dsir. Obscurit, tombeau des apparences, dtruit les masques de chair, Fait"
  • Symbol Of Salvation - Armored Saint
    "Go ahead Explain Tell me what you plan to be The future Go ahead Explain Tell me what you plan to see The future I've been waiting here for you all What took you so long Symbol of salvation Who's the symbol"
  • Symbol Of Life - Paradise Lost
    "All alone beside myself All alone beside myself And I've troubles on my mind And I've reached the depths of life And I hear that deaths alright Still I'll wait for you to try When the dreams have been"
  • The Symbol Shatterer - Closterkeller
    "Drunk on the blood of gods Evil personified She is the Antichrist The Symbol Shatterer You're lying wide awake Remembering my face Pushing those thoughts away The Symbol Shatterer The message has sunk"
  • Symbol Of Hope - The Music
    "The desperation, aching in my bones It's like the fire that burns in you I lie awake just to think of a reason A simple plan to help me through When I was down, I could see no future But as I lift my"
  • Symbol Of Silence - Cadaveres De Tortugas
    "My voice echoes. It fills the town Searching for you, who can't be found I close my eyes and sleep. I feel you again I'm burning inside, my fever's rising high Till the dawn does us apart I want to find"
  • Symbol Of Nevermore - Superjoint Ritual
    "We'll never see, the light of Eyes, the twist of might, the Loss of sight, contracted Gate, reward of hate, forgotten Wisdom, the grinding flesh My god beats the fuck out of your god The father of plague,"
  • Symbole przodk - Saltus
    "Gdy tysiąc lat wstecz przynieśli nam krzyż Z naszych oczu, płynęły nienawiść i gniew zatopiono nam honor - Czterolice bożyszcze Lecz powstał z dna morza, aby zemstę nam nieść! Semicka zarazo, czas tobie"
  • A Symbol Of Eight - Bolt Thrower
    "Entering - the dawn of a new era Confused perspectives - there is nothing left to fear All objectives - now rearranged No principles - to enslave Within the eye of chaos waits Deep in your soul Awakened Symbol"
  • Femme D'un Sex Symbol - Lynda Lemay
    "J'tais la femme d'un sex symbol il m'avait point du doigt dans la foule je suis la femme d'un ex-idole j'vous jure y a pas de quoi perdre la boule Je l'aime sur toutes ses photos je l'aime si je le trouve"

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