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R.E.M. - Suspicion

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R.E.M. - Suspicion

  • Suspicion - R.E.M.
    "Now my suspicion's on the rise I have known, I have known your kind. Please don't talk, don't make me think Order up another drink Let me let my imagination drive. Can't you see I need Nothing too deep. Imagination Come"
  • Suspicion - Ryan Adams
    "Ain't it like the sun to never shine And leave you in the dark Ain't it like the ones we left behind Or were they moving on Getting used to all alone Just pretending you was here Voices tearing through"
  • Suspicion - Asia
    "(Wetton/Downes) Where were you yesterday? I called you up No one answered The phone rings now All the time I pick it up No one answers I know it seems like I just can't go ahead Sometimes it's like"
  • Suspicion - LP
    "Cut right to the chase and Clear to me You seem so heaven sent but Somehow I still invert the fear in me A lies is just a lie A cry is still a cry The past becomes the crime In my mind Suspicion /2x How"
  • Suspicion - Maria Solheim
    "I run along with my suspicionWe are hand in hand smilingKissing under trees and under starsNever let anybody into our houseI married my suspicion last yearWe have been very happy every sinceIf you want"
  • Suspicion - Liege Lord
    "(Lyrics: Vinci) (Music: Vinci) Do you suspect your brother, was something done to you? We all trust one another, we know this isn't true For the people's minds are cluttered With the word we call dislike When"
  • Suspicion - Ellie Campbell
    "I don't need suspicion in my life Yeah,yeah,yeah Alright Tell me baby,what's going on I used to think you'd never do me wrong The way you're acting,i just don't know What happened to the trust,you used"
  • Suspicion - Elvis Presley
    "Ev'rytime you kiss me I'm still not certain that you love me Ev'ry time you hold me I'm still not certain that you care Though you keep on saying you really, really, really love me do you speak the same"
  • Suspicion - Steve Forbert
    "VERSE Every time you kiss me I'm still not certain that you love me Every time you hold me I'm still not certain that you care Though you keep on saying You really, really, really love me Do you speak"
  • Suspicion - Crack The Sky
    "She's no fun anymore She's no fun anymore I can tell that there's something wrong 'cause she's no fun anymore She walks lightly They meet nightly They talk lighly so I don't wake up And catch her in his"
  • R.E.M. - Ariana Grande
    "why you such a dream to me before you speak don’t look as I don’t wanna wake up wake up yeah, wake up wait, don’t wanna wake up oh"
  • Under Suspicion - Robert Palmer
    "(D Linde/ A Rush) Well, I've been mistreated Been lied to and cheated Misused and abused Like something that you throw away First you fill me with thunder Then you let me go under You can run, you can"
  • Under Suspicion - Roy Orbison
    "(Rush/Linde) Well I've been mistreated Lied to and cheated Misled and abused Like an old rag you threw away First you fill me with thunder Then you let me go under You can run, you can hide But you ain't"
  • Under Suspicion - Bonnie Tyler
    "(B. Tyler, P. Hopkins & P. Oxendale) I put my trust in you 'cos I'm not the suspicious kind But it seems to me that there's someone on your mind And maybe I'm wrong and maybe there's some mistake But"
  • Above Suspicion - Mel Tillis
    "[ with Sue York ] We're above suspicion both you and I They say that I'm a good girl and that I'm a good guy We belong to others but the power of love Is just too strong for right or wrong even when you're"
  • Sneakin' Suspicion - Dr. Feelgood
    "(wilko johnson) I jumped up this morning Right out of a dream The front door was wide open And the rain was blowing in from the street The whole house felt empty And I was alone I could hear somebody"
  • Under Suspicion - Jean Shepard
    "Every time you see me talkin' to a boy that I once knew Why am I under suspicion of being untrue When I have to visit someone living in another town Why am I under suspicion of running around I swear I'm"
  • Risin' Suspicion - Heart
    "Slipped in this morning with the lights still in your eyes You got all tangled up in your little white lies I won't let it go won't let it get that far I swear I'm gonna catch you with your fingers in"
  • Under Suspicion - Madcap
    "Through eyes made of glass i watch her Always in focus i snap away Like a spider i crawl through the places No one really wants to be Paid money to bring home the bad news About that lipstick you've never"
  • Under Suspicion - Weeping Willows
    "Baby, I am truly sorry I walked out on you tonight Now I'm worried I want everything to be alright I'm writing you this letter Watching the rain outside Hoping for the better But we always seem to collide I'm"

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