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R.E.M. Country Feedback

  • Country Feedback - R.E.M.
    "This flower is scorched This film is on On a maddening loop. These clothes, These clothes don't fit us right I'm to blame It's all the same It's all the same You come to me with a bone in your hand You"
  • Feedback - Janet Jackson
    "Light skin, dark skin, my Asian persuasion I got them all that's why these girls out here hatin' Cause I'm sexy Do you like my style Yeah that sexy sexy sexy Like I rock it down Yeah that sexy sexy sexy You"
  • Feedback - Janet
    "Light skin, dark skin, my Asian persuasion I got them all that's why these girls out here hatin' Cause I'm sexy Do you like my style Yeah that sexy sexy sexy Like I rock it down Yeah that sexy sexy sexy You"
  • Feedback - Ojos De Brujo
    "Tropezando volviendo a levantarse sube, baja, se desliza, cuarta dimensión, en feedback, corre y frena, nada hondo. Cronometra a fondo sin leyes ni papeles va... pilla directa, lo mete a comps! Con el"
  • FEEDBACK - fejzjestm
    "Na chu* się mam, mam starać By wam się upodobać Na chu* się mam, mam starać Zaraz coś się nie spodoba Odbieram czeki – nara Komedię zmieniam w dramat Z tym kur* chciałeś działaś Z nimi działać, nara I"
  • Feedback - Love Like Blood
  • Feedback - Covenant
    "I consume the wind that makes you coldAnd drink the blood of the bleeding soulsTo check your fear and hide the noiseOf howling wolves that steals your voiceI confuse your mind and feed your dreamsTo read"
  • Feedback - Elysium
    "transform every common moment in gem that's worth living for intensify impressions dive in a dual world claim only highest standards discover shapes save quiet prayer sing softly lullaby she's the air"
  • R.E.M. - Ariana Grande
    "why you such a dream to me before you speak don’t look as I don’t wanna wake up wake up yeah, wake up wait, don’t wanna wake up oh"
  • Negatywny Feedback - Peja (Slums Attack)
    "Autorzy projektu Peja/ Slums Attack zapowiedzieli premierę albumu "Remisja”! Płyta ukaże się 7 kwietnia nakładem RPS Enterteyment (dystrybucja My Music). Nowy krążek rapera pilotował będzie singel i videoklip"
  • Feedback Birds - Run Level Zero
    "close your body around me entrap and embrace me, stick it in my favourite girl, bavarian beauty from Nremberg internal abrasions, three days trapped blasphemous being drink the stream of water bodies"
  • Paranoia Feedback - Technohead
    "I say nothing when I say it loud but I'm happy when I'm under your cloud Sometimes it's better when I'm on my own, sometimes it's better that I don't go home I try forgetting and I try to be pure but"
  • No Feedback - Khoiba
    "Your tear is up to lake Together we need a break ...on time And speed as you can hide To hide before you fright I don't mind... I'm keeping up with you But there is more than 2 Of us Can't you see it on"
  • Disflux (Feedback) - Velvet Acid Christ
    "fucking lie, your fucking lie you'll fucking die, now fucking die it's your state, your state, your physical your mental state your state, your physical, your mental state into lights, you will fall into you"
  • I Need Feedback - Swingin' Utters
    "10 AM yeah I just woke up I can't clear my head Drank too much last night again I might as well be dead Well I'm just fuckin' lazy My whole life's makin' me crazy But I wouldn't give any of it Up even"
  • Feedback In The Field - Plants And Animals
    "(Whistling) I can feel the planets at work I can feel them moving Oh There's something in the air tonight the winter birds returning And the feedback in the fields when the mating song begins Like animals,"
  • Feedback Out On Highway 101 - Van Morrison
    "Feedback out on Highway 101. Feedback out on Highway 101. Cruisin' easy, and your favorite DJ havin' fun. Look out, stand back, there's a fool out on the road. Look out, stand back, there's a fool out"
  • Country - Sicko
    "A mirror image of a silver sky, nests of pines and brandy wines, build this country to the sky Do you remember now, the oblivion of youthful minds, caught up in the fashions of their time... Roll away, I"
  • Country - Kiscsillag
    "Fogd a pnzed megynk Pestre vesznk zrgs ldafit A zsros tejtl piros nknek s lmodunk tovbb s hazarve a kapualjban az gre vettjk az sszes dit Amit Pestrl hoztunk jó sok pnzrt hadd legyenek csodk Mert kibleltk"
  • Country - Burbon
    "Gdy ciężar spada na mnie myśli moje krążą marnie boimy przyznać się że nie chcemy żyć jak dawniej Czy żeby się obudził gniew to muszę szukać go czy wyschła studnia nienawiści w mojej głowie już czy żeby"

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