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R.I.O. feat. Nicco - Party Shaker

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R.I.O. feat. Nicco - Party Shaker

  • Party Shaker (feat. Nicco) - R.I.O.
    "Wake up, wake up People get it on Gonna rock your body Stand up, stand up We're moving all the way to the top We're flying high, so high To the sky And we land on the dance floor Right, tonight We will"
  • Tonight (ft. NICCO) - Manian
    "We got one love, it’s a true love Sip your drinks up, we getting high Cause it’s run time, for the good life Don’t stop breathing, we’re alive, alive We belong to di music, alla di way Dj drop a beat,"
  • Summer Jam (feat U-Jean) - R.I.O.
    "This ain't nothing but a summer jam Everybody go party and dance free on the floor Check if you wanna join in And DJ give us more, more Let me take you to the top Everybody move, move Let the party to"
  • Little Texas Shaker - Triumph
    "The boys were rock 'n' rollin' down in old San Antone About two thousand miles far away from their home A little brown eyed beauty was shakin' her thing The band was hot ya know the modd was right Gotta"
  • Shaker - Rustic Overtones
    "Black and blue night ski. Spells from hell, neon lights. A hot Charlston night and he's walking by. now you're cursed the worst he just walks on by. Eyes black as night and sharp as knives. Look through"
  • My Life Is A Party (R.I.O.) - ItaloBrothers
    "I say hey You say oh Let's turn it on And here we go New York, LA Berlin, Say hey. To Tokyo, Rio Bejamilo Here we go Hello, Hello Can you just feel it? Are you ready to go? Hello, Hello Do you receive"
  • Party - Yung L.A.
    "(feat. Young Dro) He party she party we party Let's party you party who party just party let's party Let's party let's party let's party let's party Whip section off tha chain party over here Big ballers"
  • Salt Shaker (Remix) Feat. Big Boi And Snoop Dogg - Ying Yang Twins
    "Oooohhhh Shawty crunk, on the floor wide open Skeet so much, they call her Billy ocean Roll, like a 18 wheeler (whomp whomp) That ho fine, but this ho a killa Ho's be drunk on it, pop Let me see ya shake"
  • Rio (feat. Menahan Street Band) - Theophilus London
    "If you wanna build a home Where the season’s fairly warm Summer birds they sing their song To you and me You’re 300 miles away I’m not coming home today Not until the flowers bloom For you and me Even"
    "Sun is up when you're around, Can't get enough 'cause it feels so good Sun is up and the music's loud, Just tell me why it feels so good to me Sun is up when you're around, Can't get enough 'cause it feels"
  • Destination (ft. Nicco) - Leonid Rudenko
    "When I'm out on the streets of strolling I can look on the fields of dawn I can look from the mountainside And see your fire is still burning with me And I know (And I know) So I know (So I know) I know"
    "There are one in a million chances but I found you, you I got lost within my senses till I found you, you Together we are one, we are Forever we are one, we are There are one in a million, one in a million One"
  • My Party (feat. Rameez) - DJane HouseKat
    "Party people, wanna see your hands up Dj HouseKat and the place to be If you wanna know me, Rameez We can find it out, you can see what we're all about Make the move and turn it out Now, now squeeze I'll"
  • Motel Shaker - Foghat
    "Peverett / Price / Jameson Shanghaied at midnight, to some sleazy motel, The blonde leading the blind, ah, she does it so well! A view of the highway, four walls and a bed, She's taking me down now"
  • Sugar Shaker - Dr. Feelgood
    "(Brilleaux/Sparks/Mayo) Like a big ol' jar of worms with skinny legs Can't see no chicken sittin' on a pigeons egg Like a big ol' bag of nails hard bitten too Good thing for me I've got someone sweeter"
  • Soul Shaker - Kik Tracee
    "(Lyrics: Stephen Shareaux Music: Rob Grad, Mike Marquis, Stephen Shareaux) Out on my own just tryin' to stake my claim Walkin' the wild side Mr. Soul Shaker is the name I was the first to come, I'll"
  • Soul Shaker - Big & Rich
    "Baby don't you know I'm a real soul shaker Baby don't you know I'm gonna catch your world on fire Gonna take you so high we'll be tearing a hole in the sky I'm a dynamite daddy, I'll put the rhythm in"
  • Salt Shaker - Ying Yang Twins
    "Hahnnnnnnnnn (7x) Ooooo...Shawty crunk on the floor wide open Skeet so much they call her billy ocean Row, like a 18-wheeler That hoe fine, but this hoe a killa' She's naked, she soakin' wet She's naked,"
  • Party (Feat. Nelly Furtado) - Emmanuel Jal
  • Soul Shaker - Doyle Bramhall II & Smokestack
    "Soul Shaker... You've got a hold on me.. Turn me on... Don't turn your heat up now.. ooohoo oo... ooohoo oo.. Day Dreamer... Everything at my feet.. Dream maker now... Your love is everywhere.. ooohoo"

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