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  • Big Banana (ft. R3hab, Prophet) - Havana Brown
    "DJ Havana Brown, you crazy? Better answer the question now Talk to me Let’s go Thicker than a Magnum, ace of spades Strong light, we can play charades My pants keepin’ these Bananas, clips, shoot for"
  • Pues (ft. Sean Paul, R3HAB) - Luis Fonsi
    "Lusi Fonsil Budabang Bang bang bang Alongside SP Reaching out to the sexy body Girl demn! All of tchem foe we Budabang That’s my plan Me and the girls Demn , man Tu y yo tenemos ganas Me gusta tu acento"
  • Turn The Lights Down Low (feat. R3HAB) - Timmy Trumpet
    "Turn the lights down low Just before you go So I don't need to see When you're leaving me Turn the lights down low Just before you go 'Cause I can't take the pain When you walk away Turn off the lights Don't"
  • My Pony - R3HAB
    "Don't you hold back, you should know that I like the way you move You're so invitin', I'm decidin' That I will leave with you Look at you in that dress You got the things I want Oh, you're so dangerous I'm"
    "This is how we fucking party Fucking party This is how we fucking party"
  • Ready For The Weekend - R3hab & Nervo
    "Hold on, long week never ending, It's never ending I keep looking for the light at the end of the road I've been working overtime And now the weekend's on my mind So if you're hearing me tonight Then"
  • Near Me - R3hab & BURNS
    "You and I You and I When I ask I admit I cleare for you And What you sight In my mind I clear What you mean? Guess what I wanna do! Guess what I wanna do!"
  • SoundWave - R3hab & Trevor Guthrie
    "Come around, come around make a wall of thunder Be a spark in the dark, that tidal wave that's ignite Build it up now, waiting for the drop is the wonder Oh, what a sound, weighing down on a beautiful"
  • Burnin' - Calvin Harris & R3hab
    "This one’s for all the bounces Burnin'! This one’s for all the bounces"
  • This Is How We Party - R3HAB & Icona Pop
    "I jumped the line And you're always waiting for me It's who I am And you're in my territory I’ll go , go , go we get it on I’m chemical just getting started get low, low, low it’s all that you wanted you"
  • Don't Give Up On Me Now - R3HAB & Julie Bergan
    "we live fast we’re young and reckless all we had was time now you drive fast to the sound of the sirens the spark is gone in your eyes I was blind, didn’t see you were hurting but all tjhis time yyou tried so"
  • Flames - R3HAB & ZAYN & Jungleboi
    "well, well you better run from me you better hit the road you better up and leave don’t get too close cause I am a rolling stone and I keep rolling on you better run from me before I take your soul if"
  • I Luv U - Sofia Carson, R3HAB
    "you the type of guy to write a song about you lay back nobody knows what’s on your mind we been talking for a while now we been talking for a while now and I been falling for a while now you say that,"
  • Where You Wanna Be - R3HAB & Elena Temnikova
    "where’d u wanna go? if you could name a place here to Tokyo would you go alone? would you come whit me? where you wanna be? if you had one wish what would you ask for are you ready to open a new door? making"
  • Bésame (I Need You) - R3HAB, TINI, Reik
    "You got something about you something about you blow me away i think future without you future without you just ain’t okay it’s half a bilion people but it’s you that i want to taste You got something"
  • Hard For Me - Michele Morrone, R3HAB
    "You keep telling me That I am free to go but I’m addicted to you It’s a lie It’s a lie It’s a lie When I’m not here, you’re alone Can you walk by your own don’t you lie don’t you lie don’t you lie And"
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit - R3HAB & Amba Shepherd
    "Load up on guns and bring your friends It's fun to lose and to pretend She's over bored and self assured Oh no, I know a dirty word Hello, hello, hello, how low? Hello, hello, hello! With the lights"
  • Love in the Morning - Thutmose, Rema & R3HAB
    "When i hit it in the morning In the bed , in the shower Just tell me where you want it Go low make me numb one time When the sun rise I won’t let you down Pick you up I on’t let you down Scream my name When"
  • Stars Align - R3HAB & Jolin Tsai
    "Can i go back to the days that i had you Back to one more night like we’re used to I miss every minute we’ve been through From the hardest part to the bast you Make the stars align Words cannot describe Don’t"
  • Sad Boy (feat. Ava Max, Kylie Cantrall) - R3HAB & Jonas Blue
    "I go I go I go Out of my head Solo loco in my bed In that t-shirt that you left It goes Lala lala lada in my heart It goes Tick tock on the wall Stuck here waiting For your call It think you’re Bad"

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