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  • One Shot - Sinik
    "H mettez du son, mettez-vous bien C'est S I N I K, Mals'1 l'Assassin Six Nine, En attendant l'album Rentre 2004, La main sur le coeur J'arrive d'un monde o la violence tous les droits Ecoutez-moi"
  • One Shot Deal - Pop Da Brown Hornet
    "(Intro: Down Low Recka) Eh yo , yo, you got one shot, one shot One at a time man, don't be floodin the mic Word up, but you got to keep it real Cuz bitch ass niggaz, hip-hop is on another level And ain't"
  • Pamiętam (cuty Dj Story, prod. B.R.O) - B.R.O
    "Wiesz, Byłem zwykły dzieciakiem co miał marzenie Chciałem PO PROSTU ROBIĆ TEN RAP Stać na scenie I to ma znaczenie Choć wielu mówi; Patrz, ale teraz gwiazda ze mnie Cały czas tu wypływa tylko prawda ze"
  • Shot Up - Sticky Fingaz
    "Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out Giva fuck This is AK-47, banana clip rap Bloodstain your album cover before it get wrapped P-89 your mind, you won't forget that Caught behind enemy lines, you gonna"
  • Shot Off - 8-Ball & MJG
    "(feat. Ludacris) He he he, yeeah What kind of nigga always run his mouth like a hoe Like his jaw got a battery, this nigga always know Who got robbed, got shot, who got put on lock Nobody invited"
  • Luzak w aucie (One-Shot) - BeCeKa
    "O 5 rano mama budzi mnie w autobusie za 2 godziny mam pracę, idę mimo tego, że nie chce ale muszę W szerokiej bluzie, skrótem bo piłem wóde na domówce poznałem laske a, gdzie jej numer czarno to widze"
  • Gangsta rap - Ice-T
    "Whassup, Whassup?!Westside!!!Here we go,Another one, Iceberg, Gangsta Rap 2006, 8t album, SMG ! Time to take you back to the days of oldSix-fo Chevys, big fat goOut throw the West with the Gangstas rollin'South"
  • Eddie's Rap - Orlando Brown
    "Whoo! It's history in the making, y'all . . . . Yeah! Follow me! Oh! Believe you ain't never heard a young man, That can blaze the track. Ridiculous cat that can dribble behind his back. Can't stop the"
  • Truth Rap - The Game
    "Yeah, big spit, it's that Bay Area game, Sean T beats We feedin the underground with this Yay Area tycoon shit For my nigga JT Fig', y'all know where it come from Never forget it, that Bay Area shit mayne Y'knahmtalkinbout?"
  • Military rap - Blondie
    "Alright you maggots get up Do you love me I can't hear you Pick em' up and put em' down You're in the army now Well make a man of you Another solider too Shoulders back and stomach in We'll teach you discipline"
  • Stupid Rap - Eminem
    "yo look this is my aint shit I don't believing in rain shit but I got my rips cuz this is my first hit I sore and score the top tens my multi platinum cd's don't even speaking some spanish I got my range"
  • One Shot - Mad Caddies
    "Poor man cry out to his God He's dying and hungry Rich man have a heart attack Worrying about his money He alienates himself from his family And points the blame in some other direction The other"
  • One Shot - Henry Rollins
    "yeah out of the silence out of the void out of destruction mind I am calm hot animal I am gratefully guilty as charged I want to break it I want to kill it I want to rip it limb from limb I want"
  • One Shot - Rollins Band
    "yeah out of the silence out of the void out of destruction mind I am calm hot animal I am gratefully guilty as charged I want to break it I want to kill it I want to rip it limb from limb I want"
  • One shot - Danity Kane
    "Verse 1- Aundrea (Dawn)] You all in my ear (I hear you talkin dirty) You wanna give me your name But you aint sayin nothin new to me (new to me) Are you sure that you can handle me? Uh, uh uh-oh So let"
  • One Shot - Pulley
    ""This is it, my one shot at the big time; I better make it count, stand up and be heard. Cause I know, if the radio plays this song, all the kids will buy it for maybe a month from now, and I won't be"
  • One Shot - Zebrahead
    "Look and start to stare into a new point of view Trip between the lines of what they say that you can do Break apart the prejudice that rules all the fools Prove that they are wrong To prove that they"
  • One Shot - Dub Incorporation
    "One shot ! blood ! another killa' Sarce teharaste tcharchoreune madeune Blood, mais le sang appelle le sang ! Ahbeusse el guierrant del moth soffle medeun Shoot chaque guerre comme un attentat ! Quand"
  • One shot - Mario Vazquez
    "Ohhh yeah If I were a builderThen you'd have a castleTo rival the highest mountainAnd if I were a billionaireI'd give you every material thingBut unfortunately all I have to give to youIs an imperfect"
  • Free shot - KowalPP (EnklaWWA)
    "Witam was po przerwie Życie – spacer nad przepaścią Kiedy ci się lina zerwie Tam na dole gapie patrzą Rap jest moja pasją Lecz życie to nie sam rap Ryzko i hajs znikąd Powałka – bliskich dramat Ze sobą"

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