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  • Red Lips - Sky Ferreira
    "Red Lips You’re ten a penny Cheap shot Spreading your legs For the boys Watch out Cause Someone will beat you the same Freak out Wash out your mouth Such a big girl Such big news Such a big talk Your"
  • Red - Elton John
    "There's a chance we may lose it all All those hollow souls Can't hope to hold that wall What I breathe used to be my life How come a good thing dies And the evil still survive Oh I've got to paint it"
  • Red - Tara MacLean
    "Her face is down And her fingers hang loose Like horsetail cigarettes Looks like half a man is all she gets tonight My little Hercules Never hurt anyone And he's the only way of getting home So when you're"
  • Your Lips Are Red - St. Vincent
    "Your lips are red My face is red from reading your red lips My hands are black My hands are black inside this downtown taxi cab This cities red This cities red from riding us into the ground This cities"
  • Red Lips (feat. Sam Bruno) - GTA
    "No, no... No, no, don't let her smile fool Don't let her eyes confuse Red lips always lie 'Cause red lips, Has a filthy price That's a murder, in her paradise No, no red lips Has a filthy price That's"
  • Euforia (ft. Ruda Red Lips) - MONAMI (Monika Miller)
    "weź oddech w pustym plecaku są tylko naboje zapach benzyny ja trzymam zapałkę wsiadaj, nie marudź lecimy po swoje w kosmos trucizna lekko .... we krwi sie gotuje ta w lustrze odbita się wita podobnie w"
  • P.S. - Red Lips
    "Dzisiaj piszę list ze snu Adresuję go do ciebie Nie mam sieci więc nie wyślę ci go mejlem Nie martw o mnie się już więcej Mam tu czas i jest ok Tutaj czuję życia sens Pod każdym względem Między pionem"
  • Ruby Red - The Kingston Trio
    "Ruby red. Ruby red. Chorus: Ruby red were her lips. Diamond pure was her heart. Emerald green (emerald green) were her eyes. A priceless gem of perfection, but I lost her 'neath the sapphire sky. Ruby"
  • Ruby red - Kingston Trio
    "Ruby red. Ruby red. Chorus: Ruby red were her lips. Diamond pure was her heart. Emerald green (emerald green) were her eyes. A priceless gem of perfection, but I lost her 'neath the sapphire sky. Ruby"
  • Cherry Red - Lita Ford
    "She don't want no toy boy, joy boy Licking all around her candy shop No fast gun, hit and run Shoot 'em up the middle and watch 'em drop Bang, bang, get it up rock and roll Are you up for the hunt,"
  • Red Eyes - Jesper Jenset
    "Red Eyes we keep on holding too tired to sleep unless we do it Red Eyes not sorry so take it off yeah take it off don’t know what you try to tell me you lips do move to slowly the lingo ain’t for me you"
  • Red Slippers, Red Wheels - Ghost
    "In a traffic jam with sweaty hands The kids we hype up just to drop These few pretty faces in ugly places The small towns where we would never stop Shitty scenes and tired schemes All this art it makes"
  • Cherry Red - John Hiatt
    "'''Cherry Red''' I Was Thinking Back To The First Time We Met Over Plangent Chords In A Sad Vignette You Were Waving Goodbye In A Cherry Red Corvette And Your Lips Were Too Cherry Red That Is, With The"
  • Red Elbows - Ultimate Fakebook
    "My head's a spider web of daydreams-whistles while it weaves, Too many fantasies, My arms are two legs of a table folded patiently, Perched up so I can see. I guess I'm red elbows not sore knees, I guess"
  • Ruby Red - Jann Arden
    "You don't know me You don't own me You don't show me That you love me like no other You don't hold me You don't know me You don't love me anymore so Go You don't need me You can't see me You don't please"
  • Red Rum - Ribkat
    "Red... Rum (Laughter) Yeah man! Ribkat, JosyB, Jheat, lets go JosyB J-Heat 4 3 2 1 Sipping on that Red Rum, It'll leave your head numb, ya'll dont know about this one, so wont you come and get some. (2x) "
  • Red Dress - TV On The Radio
    "Hey Jackboot, fuck your war! Cause I'm fat and in love and no bombs are fallin' on me for sure But I'm scared to death That I'm livin' a life not worth dying for And your ploughshare, it's a sword And"
  • While Your Lips Are Still Red - Nightwish
    "Sweet little words made for silence Not talk Young heart for love Not heartache Dark hair for catching the wind Not to veil the sight of a cold world Kiss while your lips are still red While he's still"
  • Red Alert - Falling In Reverse
    "Stop right there this is a Red Alert I love your long legs and your little skirt I know that your boyfriend's a jerk But I don't care because he's at work You've got spunk in your step You live your life"
  • Red Wine - Woody Guthrie
    "Oh, pour me a drink of Italian red wine; And let me taste it and call back to mind Once more in my thoughts, and once more in my soul, This story as great, if not greater, than all. The AP news on June"

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