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REM I Dont Sleep I Dream

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REM I Dont Sleep I Dream

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REM I Dont Sleep I Dream
  • Rico REM
    "zamykam oczy i nagle jakbym w czasie się przeniósł do OKMu kiedy nie miałem żadnych problemów babcia z uśmiechem na twarzy prowadzi do szkoły wnuczka ucznia, któremu obca była samodestrukcja 10 lat później wąsy,"
    "Kiedykolwiek zwątpię raz jeszcze w ten świat Wtedy mi przypomnij jak się wtedy czułem Kiedy w ludzi tłumie błysnęły miliardy świateł Nie zamykaj tych oczu na sennie Zobacz one płoną dla ciebie Tego nie"
  • Fonos REM
    "czuje zabiera mnie sen gdzieś tam, gdzie nie ma bólu I zła choć tam gdzie światłą najwięcej jak magnes znów cień przyciąga wyciąga do mnie swą rękę która wcale nie jest tak pomocna nie chcą bym budził"
  • Texas Sleep
    "(feat. Paul Buchanan) Shar - I think that youre the one When everytime you call me lady I dont know what it is That makes me feel like this just lately yeah Bridge (both) Those heavenly calls You knew"
  • Three 6 Mafia Sleep
    "(Lord Infamous) Please stay sleep, please stay sleep, please stay sleep, you niggas stay sleep Sippin On six murder minutes the sauce i give blood from the cup to the coffin lid grill silence for singin"
  • R.E.M. I Don't Sleep, I Dream
    "I'm looking for an interruption, Do you believe? You looking to dig my dreams Be prepared for anything You come into my little scene Hooray hooray hip hip hooray There's one thing I can guarantee: You"
  • H2O I Dream To Sleep
    "Someone glanced across a dance floor Not going home and loving in doorways A room to remember who to meet in Secrets in through your head and out through your mouth. Elsewhere anyone sharing a sunrise I've"
  • Shivaree I Dont Care
    "I don't care you can do most anything I am on a string and you can lead me anywhere I'll go there willingly Some may say I'm for you to use and throw away Yeah that's what they say But they'll say most"
  • Jimmies Chicken Shack Remem-Ber
    "this is another song that might go on our next record its called remember >>start song<< here in the water waste time the time to size the change here in the desert bone dry your eyes are out of bridge and"
  • Maria Mena Sleep To Dream
    "You have it all the ceiling cracks and you fly but I fall again. Please say goodbye take your love out of me and don't ask me why. I'm not your friend trying to stand but you bend me again. What's up"
  • Fiona Apple Sleep To Dream
    "I tell you how I feel But you don't care I say tell me the truth But you don't dare You say love is a hell You cannot bear And I say gimme mine Back and then go there For all I care I got my feet On the"
  • Apple Fiona Sleep To Dream
    "Apple Fiona Tidal Sleep To Dream I tell you how I feel, but you don't care I say tell me the truth, but you don't dare You say love is a hell you cannot bear And I say gimme mine back and then go there"
  • Wall Of Sleep I Sleep
    "I sleep through the endless time A distant look through veil-clouds I don't know what I am to do I've just realized I've been half through... I'm so far from the Start maybe far from the End These pictures"
  • Nightingale Sleep
    "I see the day is coming The night is led astray The dawn of new desires The end of yesterday I walk the road to nowhere Ah, that's what I call home If I only knew what I was heading for, But I don't have"
  • Modwheelmood Sleep
    "Take some wine to open your eyes Take the time What's up with you my friend? I think it's all the same I wish that I could help you I wish that I could help you with your mind Well, come on It's been"
  • Marion Sleep
    "What a cliche I, I never want to see you again We're all so cliched, 'ched With too much spandex on the brain Oh If you believe your dreams will come true Then sleep is you'll ever do And If you think"
  • Bill Anderson Sleep
    "(Jack Clement) Sleep sweet and deep Close my eyes with a smile Sleep come over me Let me rest and dream awhile. I want to dream of Two young lovers holding hands The dreams that I used to dream way back"
  • Porter Wagoner Sleep
    "Sleep sweet and deep visit me for awhile Sleep come over me let me rest and dream awhile Of two young lovers making plans of dreams I dreamed when dreams began Of things that could and should have been"
  • Robbie Seay Band Sleep
    "Woke myself up from a dream to see you there The most beautiful sight I'd seen And if I could wake you now and tell you one thing I'd say I'm sorry for the pain you felt Sleep a peaceful sleep and we'll"
  • Meduza Sleep
    "Our hearts were made as one Perpetual love, why did you have to die? I held you tight and said "loved one do not be afraid" Just close your eyes and dream Sleep forever in my arms Our love, it never"

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