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REM Sitting Still

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REM Sitting Still

  • Sitting Still - R.E.M.
    "This name I got we all agreed See could stop stop it will rid We could bind it in the cist We could gather, throw a fit Up to buy, Katie buys a kitchen-size, but not Mae Ann Setting trap for love, making"
  • REM - VNM
    "Kiedykolwiek zwątpię raz jeszcze w ten świat Wtedy mi przypomnij jak się wtedy czułem Kiedy w ludzi tłumie błysnęły miliardy świateł Nie zamykaj tych oczu na sennie Zobacz one płoną dla ciebie Tego nie"
  • REM - Rico
    "zamykam oczy i nagle jakbym w czasie się przeniósł do OKMu kiedy nie miałem żadnych problemów babcia z uśmiechem na twarzy prowadzi do szkoły wnuczka ucznia, któremu obca była samodestrukcja 10 lat później wąsy,"
  • REM - Fonos
    "czuje zabiera mnie sen gdzieś tam, gdzie nie ma bólu I zła choć tam gdzie światłą najwięcej jak magnes znów cień przyciąga wyciąga do mnie swą rękę która wcale nie jest tak pomocna nie chcą bym budził"
  • jealousy (feat. Rema) - FKA twigs
    "I just wanna go outside and feel the sun is shinin' on my better side I've not always had my way, but I forgive my sins Yeah baby, that's okay Jealousy you put on me You're in your feelings way too deep Jealousy"
  • Sitting In Limbo - Apple Fiona
    "Apple Fiona Miscellaneous Sitting In Limbo Sitting here in Limbo waiting for the tide turn. Yeah, now, sitting here in Limbo, so many things I've got to learn. Meanwhile, they're putting up a resistance, but"
  • Sitting In Limbo - Jimmy Cliff
    "Sitting here in Limbo Waiting for the tide turn. Yeah, now, sitting here in Limbo, So many things I've got to learn. Meanwhile, they're putting up a resistance, But I know that my faith will lead me on. Sitting"
  • Sitting Above Me - Steriogram
    "You called me up to tell me one more time Why you pursue i havent a clue As long as I remember there was static on line Try one more time its the scene you will find So I may have misinterpreted the things"
  • Sitting On A Fence - The Housemartins
    "Sitting on a fence is a man who sees no sense in fighting Sitting on a fence is a man who sees no sense at all Sitting on a fence is a man who strokes his twenty beards Sitting on a fence is a man who"
  • Sitting on a platform - James Morrison
    "Sitting on a platform, waiting for your train to come Should have been here at 1 I keep checking on my watch, cause theres nothing else I can do And when it pulls in Youre not standing there Couples everywhere Yeah"
  • Sitting On My Hands - Over It
    "Rip the game open, Toe the line on your next breath. Headfirst, up in arms! Or will forty shades of green Paint their masks where I see red? On the other hand love might fail the acid test... So what if"
  • Sitting - Cat Stevens
    "Oh I'm on my way, I know I am, somewhere not so far from here All I know is all I feel right now, I feel the power growing in my hair Sitting on my own not by myself, everybody's here with me I don't need"
  • What they sitting for - Atmosphere
    "Messing with the big Texas Hold 'EmFools think I'm rich now, I'm always on the road andI no longer play this as much, think I lost touchWhat's the buy in? I'm bout to choke upWhen it comes to getting in"
  • Still - Foo Fighters
    "If you'd like to walk a while We could waste the day Follow me into the trees I will lead the way Bring some change up to the bridge Bring some alcohol There we'll make a final wish Just before the fall Promise"
  • Sitting On Top Of The World - Amanda Marshall
    "Never seen a sky so blue I've never been happy with anyone Like I am when I'm with you Look at the sun shining up in the sky I feel a little closer to heaven, baby When I'm looking into your eyes"
  • Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay - Franco Battiato
    "Sitting in the morning sun i'll be sitting when the evening comes watching the ships roll in and i watch 'em roll away again Sitting on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away sitting on the dock"
  • Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay - Otis Reding
    "Sitting in the morning sun I'll be sitting when the evening comes Watching the ships roll in And I watch 'em roll away again {Refrain} Sitting on the dock of the bay Watching the tide roll away I'm just"
  • Sitting On The Edge Of The World - Gavin Mikhail
    "Sitting on the edge of the world and the life and the love of a world surround me... I'll tell a man that all that he does can be swept aside of the man that he can be... But I still wish Wait for something"
  • Sitting On The Edge Of The Ocean - Bonnie Tyler
    "You asked me to come And so here I am Has everything gone According to plan Don't know what to say But something still burns As soon as we touch again That feeling returns A little confused But better"
  • Sitting in the window of my room - Kra
    "I Sat in the Window of My RoomWatched You Go AwayIt Was All I Could DoIt Was All I Could DoYour Going AwayTo Leave Me AloneIn All of This SorrowIn This MiserySo Look Now, My DarlingIll Have to AbandonAll"

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