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RENTON Wcalemito

  • Wcalemito - Renton
    "stawiam wszystko na ciebie czy tego chcesz tego nie wiem czy mi dasz radę nie ma znaczenia bo jest mi dobrze, a wiem co znaczy źle możesz stać w miejscu lub stracić kontrole nie każ mi krzyczeć, co ja"
  • 3 days - Renton
    "I was with a devil Was I with an angel? I was so happy Was I in danger? 3 days to love made a mark Ive never been do happy why? For 3 days more with you Id give away my life its true! Who said red bull"
  • Hey girl - Renton
    "Hey girl, come closer I wanna drink stories from your lips Hey girl, come closer I wanna touch your soul thru your skin Let us fuse our love for imagination Let us bring together all the good vibrations Hey"
  • I'm Not Sure - Renton
    "i'm not sure what happened the night before it is all black, so hard to figure it out i'd like to know, were you in control? did it feel like making love or having fun? emotions between us - are they true? you"
  • Lazy wild - Renton
    "When I wake up I wanna hear a good word from you And I want it to be true When I fall asleep I wanna walk with you in my dream In my dream I wanna lazy mornings with you Turn into crazy nights with you Survive"
  • No milk - Renton
    "I saw you swimming in a milky way I felt like drinking it to the last drop On your skin shining little milky pearls If you let me count them Ill be in heaven I just cant help myself from thinking about"
  • She was to love me - Renton
    "There was no words It was all in her smile The promise she gave Has disappeared in time The time stood still And what seemed to be clear Has gone away And means nothing today She was to love me But then"
  • Stan pogody - Renton
    "Znów drobny spór, barometr zjeżdża w dół Prywatne niebo już mgłą się zasnuwa Tak bym chciała mieć prognozę naszych serc Na życie, miesiąc, dzień mapę prognoz Niech sputnik hen wykona serię zdjęć Bym mogła"
  • This is not the end - Renton
    "When it pulls you down You better drop it You better cut off the line You better drop it There is no way out But to stop it Cause even even its out of sight It keeps on taking Tow your head to the ground Say"
  • Walk aside - Renton
    "This vehicle never stops Jumping out for a while means a crush So better hold somebodys hand There are some odds it is your friends I need a walk, I need a walk aside To see the things, how they look from"
  • What - Renton
    "From a row Immaculate thing It takes a bunch of time To a shape From your thought From your secret place Theres a long way to create Whats not growing is dead I think I stopped Could you please simulate My"
  • Wrong time, wrong place - Renton
    "Wrong time, wrong place They always go along with you and me So perfectly When you go east, Im heading west Playing around like fools That we do best We have synchronized all our clocks We have marked"
  • You are in charge - Renton
    "You are in charge of all your thoughts Cast them away and youll be lost When you jump out of the window Before make sure its the first floor There are some things that make you sad And all these things"
  • Lubi - Renton
    "A ja lubię tańczyć w klubie Ona nie lubi, bo klub ją grubi Zagubiona w me ramiona głowę chowa I od nowa w tańcu ginie To szybko nie minie To tak szybko nie minie Gdy tak blisko mamy wszystko przed oczami Gdzie"
  • Apartment for rent - Tom Waits
    "Well, it ain't no use, it ain't no goodAnd there's too many ghosts in this neighborhoodA quaint little walk up is bringing me downI have to find another crib on the other side of townThe old Murphey bed"
  • A rose alone - Mr.Big
    "When she cried,Felt like her last tear for nothingIt's her life a toss of the coin for everythingThe girl began to seeThat you don't need just any manAnd her pride is a kiss goodbye On graduation dayShe"
  • Basquiat - Mokebe
    "nie mam korony a wciąż widzą królem mnie pośród tych głowie jak .. zerwany betony gdzieś gubią szacunek a wstydu i cashu już dawno im brak nie mam ochoty na benzo nie słynę z wątroby i pesos słyszałem"
  • Jericho - Doobie Brothers
    "Well I'm standin' on top of the mountainJust about a mile from Jericho.And my throat is hot and dusty,Down to the water I must go.Catherine the Great and brave UlyssesPlayin' checkers out in the sun.Jesse"
  • HeartBreaker - Teriyaki Boyz
    "Ah~ She got me screamin' Ah~ I must be dreamin' Ah~ I'm going crazy Ah~ SOME BODY HELP! Come On! HELLO... MY... NAME... IS... ba! BA.BAABARU aita kuchi ga (ha!) Na.naze ka fusagara nai (Why?) GA.GAARUZU"

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