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  • Synthetically Revived - Suffocation
    "Chemicals revive my life, reanimated, brought back again. My diametrical state has assured me eternal life. Serum no longer fluid. Respritoral terminus. Artificial resurrection. Dosage inefficiency. Potency"
  • One Revived - Koffin Kats
    "well waking up im so damn cold in this bar stool the smell of home before they can die, i gotta say a prayer is the real or all a dream i rise to the blackened sky another life by the dead of night you"
  • Strangled Then Revived - Waco Jesus
    "Pschotic visions within a twisted mind beyond bizarre I'm unable to describe sickened thoughts of extreme perversion and countless victims of severe mutilations unusual acts of sexual stimulation morbid"
  • Casualties - Addison Road
    "He sees his life just pass by Just another number in a suit and tie No purpose here nothing to give Is this what it means to really live? His feet never touch the ground His days fly by, he can't slow"
  • Breathe - Anberlin
    "This is surrender To a wartorn life I've lived Scars and stripes forever In need of change I can't resist No need to hide anything anymore Can't return to who I was before I can finally breathe Suddenly"
  • Re animation - Sacrifice
    "Brain dead, descending to flameNo way to survive or have life regainedRe-animation to bring back the deadRevive the soul, resurrectSynthetically revived to regain controlThe spirit world sends back my"
  • Sleeping Monkey - Phish
    "The feeling's not the same, In fact it's getting pretty tame, It's just not that great anymore, I guess I'll go outside And flag a weasel for a ride, And take it on down to the shore Wallowing in fear, The"
  • Sworn To The Darkside - Damnation
    "(lyrics: Les) The sound of bell disturb my peace Eternal emperor of infinity Nature died in fear This sign reminds me of a far-away nightmare Master of souls invites for a feast The time of huntings"
  • ???? ?????? (The Sign Of Prime Creation) - Rotting Christ
    "(The Sign Of Prime Creation) Chaos erevos the sign of prime creation Earth tartarus thy sight of pain and sorrow Aethyr Uranos the sield of self exaltation Night keravnos the born of awe"
  • Wake The Demons - Full Blown Chaos
    "We are the unseen Locked down and driven out Too long we sleep in dreams Inside nightmares unwind Today we rise The wait is over Burn down walls of shadow Tear through reality You cannot hide the dark"
  • Answer - Jennifer Knapp
    "all the things i want to say all at once they wash away As You walk by, out of mind My thoughts fly away all the things I long to hear Suddenly they reappear You say in that hour Your holy Power Will"
  • Snow White - Mechanical Poet
    "This sunny morning looks so nice And all is so refreshing She hears the ticking of her clock No sign of past depression But yet she feels it's not some stupid dream at all And Snow White awakes And Snow"
  • Imperiled Eyes - Annihilator
    "Centuries of war and waste Have dealt a mortal blow Mother earth begins to rot Humanity on death row Life does slowly cease to be Death seems so surreal As earth becomes a vacant lot There's nothing left"
  • Sweet Sweet Spirit - Elvis Presley
    "There's a sweet sweet spirit in this place And I know that it's the spirit of the Lord There are sweet expressions on each face And I know that it's the presence of the Lord Sweet Holy Spirit Sweet heavenly"
  • The Moments of Happiness - Cats Soundtrack
    "Cats Soundtrack Miscellaneous The Moments of Happiness DEUTERONOMY: The moments of happiness We had the experience but missed the meaning And approach to the meaning restores the experience In a different"
  • Enlightened By The Cold - Shadows Fall
    "When you never know Is when it's always there, It seemed so clear... The slightest touch To catch the breath, It turns it all around Single path that I can see, Emptiness devours me Enlightened by the"
  • Salem - Old Wounds - Unholy Bands From The Holyland
    "Music lyrics by Salem Screams of death. It happend again, The Nightmare has been revived. Old wounds re-opened. Desecration of the graves, And the writing on the wall. Power of hatred, Can turn the whell"
  • Old Wounds - Compilation
    "Performed by Salem screams of death it's happened again the nightmare has been revived old wounds re-opened desecrating of the graves and the writing on the wall power of hatred can turn the wheels back"
  • Scenic Road - Destiny
    "I'm sitting here n the middle of a meadow In the nowhere I breathe the scent of a rayfield Imagining how it would be to feel closeness around me A song in my head Revived by an illusion that ends in a"
  • Old Wounds - Salem
    "screams of death it's happened again the nightmare has been revived old wounds re-opened desecrating of the graves and the writing on the wall power of hatred can turn the wheels back again france -"

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