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RLS Close to Heaven feat Rose'


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RLS Close to Heaven feat Rose'

  • Close to Heaven (feat. Rose) - RLS
    "Tonight it's time to change our mind and go It's party time, ooo oh Hands in the air friends everywhere That's life we can’t decline, ooo oh You and me will be in paradise I can feel, can feel that you'll"
  • Rose - Billy Ocean
    "if you wake up in the dead of night to feel alone like a helpless child reach out for me I'll be close to you I need to touch you, that's all I wanna do and I fell a place of glory when I'm in your arms ooh,"
  • Close to heaven - Stonebridge
    "You can push and youre never gonna fall You can take what ever have it all You can be anything you want to be with some one like me (Some one like me, Like me) Show time aint gonna be alone Dont keep me"
  • Close To Heaven - Color Me Badd
    "You know your the only one for me The thought of you picks me up when I am lonely I get all crazy when you call out my name I'm close to heaven when your touching me You say that you love me Girl, I know"
  • Close to heaven - David Hasselhoff
    "The road we both been walkin? onWasn?t paved with gold at allStill we always made itGivin? up would be so wrongAin?t there moments you recallTell me why you fake itWhat?s the reason for that sudden barricadeDidn?t"
  • So close to heaven - Jewel
    "I was just a child When you took my hand We set the whole damn world on fire You showed me what it was to be loved by a man But one day the ax just fell And the whole world got shot all to hell There's"
  • This Close To Heaven - The Rembrandts
    "Sittin' on the porch as the rain comes down I'm a mixed up mind in a mixed up town Without you Uh huh Carryin' a tourch for the one I love It's a hell on earth with no chance for love Without you Uh huh This"
  • So close to heaven - Quindon Tarver
    "I Was Just a Child When You Took My Hand We Set the Whole Damned World On Fire You Showed Me What It Was to Be Loved By a Man But One Day the Ax Just Fell and the Whole World Got Shot All to Hell "
  • Too Close To Heaven - Sister2Sister
    "reswick/werfel/muscat/muscat/muscat look at us here together look at how good, how good things can be couldn't get any better it's almost too good, good to believe I keep hoping the gods don't turn"
  • Too Close To Heaven - The Waterboys
    "All your trouble will be over, so will your pain You are gonna see those blue skies bursting right through the rain The higher you climb, the lower you fall You got too close to heaven, that's all Now"
  • Too Close To Heaven - Mike Scott
    "All your trouble will be over, so will your pain You are gonna see those blue skies bursting right through the rain The higher you climb, the lower you fall You got too close to heaven, that's all Now"
  • Close To You - Bebe Winans
    "[** feat. Cece Winans:] I just want to be close to you. Sunshine, moonlight, delight just a couple words describing who you are. Lovely, so lovely - want everyone to know why I'm in love with you Patient"
  • Close your eyes to heaven - Thomas Anders
    "Now and then I love you wakeWatch you as you sleepAnd morning light around your faceThe rhythm as you breatheOnce forever held me downToday forever sweetHeaven somewhere far beyond, beyond this so needAll"
  • CLOSE - Matteo Bocelli
    "I don’t know much about the future And I guess I’m ok with that I think as long as we’re together We can take it good or bad Hey baby, what are you thinking Let’s leave the past in the past All these"
  • Rosie - Freya
    "Rosie died so suddenly So young and so much like me So... where did Rosie go? I did not know Rosie well But she woke me up to smell My own mortality Goddamn this feeling Make it go away, I close my eyes To"
  • Rose - Patti Scialfa
    "Rose was a waitress for twenty years or more bringing in the change, she was heaven sent she taught me how to balance trays when I didn't know what to do and I learned to turn tables to make my rent She"
  • Rose - Maximilian Hecker
    "My life is swinging My life is endless It is endlessly falling down from heaven And you will be washed to my shore So light, so bright Your face is shining above me Heavy rainfalls and fragile guidance"
  • Rose - LeAnn Rimes
    "Momma, don't you cry anymore. I'm not the same girl I was before. You know I'll always be your baby, But I've found some brand new arms,And they're gonna Rock Me. Momma, can't you see my love is turning? I've"
  • Anna Rose - Vienna Teng
    "Anna Rose sleep well tonight The stars are dancing on the carpet of the sky Time to close your wondering eyes Where I see the sleepiness creeping Anna Rose it makes my heart smile To know you give love"
  • Don't Try To Close A Rose - Maureen McGovern
    "They say that everything you do Turns out all wrong And that you're bound to lose But you love me too much To take me along Don't ever try to close a rose After it's bloomed to the tune Of a spring-time"

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