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Rachael yamagata

  • Rachael - Buffalo Tom
    "Rachael Thelmy is not very sure A little girl inside her uniform But Aren't you really just a penny whore? Rachael tell me what I'm waiting for Right Now! Right Now! Right Now! Right Now! Right Now!"
  • Rachael - Taxiride
    "Rachael, I'm sorry that we never had the time Matching love could of last forever I will never let you go from the corners of my mind Never, say never Rachael, I'm dreaming of a day when you were mine We"
  • Rachael - She Wants Revenge
    "There's a poem that she wrote and hid under the mattress, and if you find it please leave it alone. With a picture she took of a girl on the subway, with orange barrettes and the saddest face she's"
  • Murder me Rachael - The National
    "I saw my love with pretty boyI saw my love with pretty boyMurder me Rachael I made a mistakeI loved her to ribbonsloved her to ribbonsmurder me Rachael I made a mistakemurder me Rachaelmurder me RachaelI"
  • Rachael Leigh Cook - Red Car Wire
    "Wake up breathe out tell me what you Thought about I just gotta know Breakdown falling caught me on my knees I'm crawling to be with you Help me help you, you swept me off my Feet I need to be with you And"
  • Woman - Rachael Yamagata
    "Is there a woman out there who'll take me because I've been far too hurt by this man apparently I don't give him leeway apparently I don't understand and there's a last kiss that we were meant to have but"
  • All That Glitters (Rachael Kozak Remix) - Le Tigre
    "The stars are getting in and out of automobiles And we keep wondering when we're gonna feel something real Keep waiting for a Santa that will never come A real party not for people who are faking fun But"
  • Be Be Your Love - Rachael Yamagata
    "If I could take you away Pretend I was queen What would you say Would you think I'm unreal 'Cause everybody's got their way I should feel Everybody's talking how I, can't, can't be your love But I want,"
  • Letter Read - Rachael Yamagata
    "My love, my love, my love, how could you do this to me My love, my love, my love, you were supposed to be And I shouldn't have to tell you to explain yourself My love, my love, my love, how could you do"
  • Worn Me Down - Rachael Yamagata
    "Gone, she's gone How do you feel about it That's what I thought You're real torn up about it And I wish you the best But I could do without it And I will, because you've worn me down Oh, I will, because"
  • Paper Doll - Rachael Yamagata
    "Only daughter You got your ticket too soon Holy water 'Cause everybody's getting ruined They are waiting to see what you do Too long, waiting Everybody's cleared the room And they'll dress you up Stand"
  • I'll Find A Way - Rachael Yamagata
    "I'll find a way to see you again I'll find a way to see you again I used to think that anything I'd do Wouldn't matter at all anyway But now I find that when it comes to you I'm the winner of cards I"
  • 1963 - Rachael Yamagata
    "Baby, I'm stuck in the middle and I don't know why Find the words you sing to me Sweeter than the words of the bird in the sky Oh, the days you came around I feel so good for me I can take most anything 'Cause"
  • Under My Skin - Rachael Yamagata
    "I hesitate to say I was bait for you Could that be something that you all would do I'd be lying if I did now say I wasn't intrigued But timing is everything here And for the moment the 'we' is reprieved But,"
  • Meet Me By The Water - Rachael Yamagata
    "Would you please meet me by the water, baby We'll have a really good time Would you please meet me by the water, baby 'Cause I can't get you off of my mind I've been thinking everyday about you Don't"
  • Even So - Rachael Yamagata
    "You're gonna hate me when I tell you everything You're gonna question whether you really know me at all You will revisit every smile, and where it fit into the day I know this is how it will play And I"
  • I Want You - Rachael Yamagata
    "You sat down next to me, like poetry to wine Out window looked upon a yellow neon sign I took your hand while you decided what to do The only kiss, I ever miss, I shared with you The other cities hold"
  • Reason Why - Rachael Yamagata
    "I think about how it might have been We'd spend out days travelin' It's not that I don't understand you It's not that I don't want to be with you But you only wanted me The way you wanted me So, I will"
  • Quiet - Rachael Yamagata
    "Baby says I can't come with him And I had read all of this in his eyes Long before he even said so Why go, I asked You know and I know why And it'll be just as quiet when I leave As it was when I first"
  • Sunday Afternoon - Rachael Yamagata
    "It's a choice to stay It's a dream & I wanna wake You have blood on your hands and I'm feeling faint And honey You can't decide I'm a drug Ya don't wanna give up Smoke your cigarettes Make your love You"

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