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  • Beautiful Racket - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "So your day begins like this Wondering what might have been Old regrets and chances missed Borne away on some lambent wind The job's ok, so it doesn't inspire Thoughts of leaving it all behing You used"
  • Glam Racket - The Fall
    "Stop eating all that chocolate Eat salad instead In fact, you're a half-wit from somewhere or other Why don't you bog off back to Xanadu in Ireland Glam Rick Don't try to cheat me I'm fragile You hang"
  • The Bad Racket - Lordz Of Brooklyn
    "(Verse One: performed by Kaves) Don't make me put down my beer cause I'll bust that grill And grab the Louisville out the Coup De Ville Wiseguy, good fella, mean street, city dwella And if you talk that"
  • Lisa Little Racket - Venus
    "Lisa lost her head She wanna fade away In her little clumsy hands She grips a green grenade She hides it in her pocket Each time she goes out Lisa little racket Just waiting for it blows Lisa lost her"
  • 101 Radio Racket - Watcha
    "101 radio racket, bonzo Butcho on the air, ready to set the night on fire! Yep! It's the D.day duds! The final countdown before the fateful hour two triple "O" The golden age, where cars are supposed to"
  • Glam racket - star - Fall
    "Its a good lifeBowing to a tyrantThe rocks in spainLook like the ones round the lochs in the highlandsOn or on the continentSpirit responseCall me al from the ukProzacGlam wreckYou say that youre a star"
  • Kicking Up A Racket - Stiff Little Fingers
    "I sit and I don't make a sound While I watch the speakers pound And mum shouts up to turn it down Cos I'm waking up half the town But I don't hear a word that's said While the needles hit the red I'm"
  • 95 Glam Racket/Star - The Fall
    "Prozac It's a good life Bowing to a tyrant The rocks in Spain Look like the ones round the lochs in the Highlands On or on the continent Spirit response Call me Al from the UK Prozac Glam wreck You"
  • Sin Is Law (Racket In 711) - Mad Sin
    "There is a vibe of madness in the air tonight, That makes us feel alright Yeah I got a rocket in my pocket and speed in my veins Gonna fight till the morning light We're in a mess and we've got things"
  • The Hem Around Us - Shannon Wright
    "You fiend, you friend, you confidant You hold me against my will I scurry and scant this hectic step You climb adrift this boorish racket This wire, this mane, this coronet You hold me against my"
  • Seven Sticks Of Dynamite - Awolnation
    "who wants to dance who wants to slow dance with the rabbit down the hole rabbit down the hole I want a chance I want to slow dance A trap that rabbit down the hole rabbit down the hole lipstick like"
  • Wrong Drama Addiction (...And Life Starts Here...) - Guided By Voices
    "Manstruck-killed by the moonstruck Fever hits like wide typhoon struck Gaining steam in forest gloom Now he belongs to them Wrong drama addiction Joycraft is worthless craving Far too little that I've"
  • (fucked up) Beyond belief - Duff Mckagan
    ""This is a warning" You got democracy, debauchery, and a communist regime They tore, that wall down just to keep people happy But it goes back up again The tax man cometh and he takes all your money away Tax"
  • Too Famous - Fluffy
    "You've got so many fans they love you not your backing band You're so fantastic, in fact you're great Oh yeah, don't take of those shades Chorus Too famous Las Vegas Too famous The women throw"
  • Man in the street - Maroon Town
    "There's a man in the street looking just like a freak Who is he going to meet? Tell me There's a man on the street, looking just like a freak Who is he going to meet? All day long he's just been standing"
  • Back Street Luv - Curved Air
    "Summer's comin', time to dream the day away And she's so sunny is the girl you met today Will she make it? Can she take it? Like to try love, such a shy love Racket back street leanin' on the wall She"
  • In The Morning - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "Won't you tell me in the morning Of the kisses that you left me in my sleep Of all the thunder and the stormin' Of all the racket in the street Chorus: And if the sun should open wide Your eyes to"
  • Baggs - Shonen Knife
    "Every dog and every cat and every people has Louis Vuitton Rich people and poor people genuine spurious Louis Vuitton A kindergarden pupil has it with her mom is Louis Vuitton A college student has her"
  • Eunuch provocateur - The Mars Volta
  • Highway 1 - Foxboro Hot Tubs
    "I'm on a midnight death trip. I'm on a mission from God. A stolen car and a death wish. To hell on Highway 1 Four on the floor, a hundred miles per hour. I'm gonna fly til the tires can't fly no more. C'mon! I've"

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