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Rage Against the Machine Revolver

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Rage Against the Machine Revolver

  • Revolver - Rage Against the Machine
    "His spit is worth more than her work Pass the purse to the pugilists He's a prizefighter And he bought rings and he owns kin And now he's swingin' And now he's the champion Hey revolver, don't mothers"
  • Darkness By Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against the Machine
    "Greed caused the innocent blood to flow Entire cultures lost in the overthrow Thye came to seize and take whatever they please and all they gave back was death and disease my people were left with no choice"
  • Tool and Rage Against the Machine (untitled) - Rage Against the Machine
    "Living on the street shores He didn't learn and wanted children Said, "What is there left to stay alive for?" He doesn't wanna see it... He didn't wanna deal with it Here they come, feelings that come"
  • Rage Against The Machine - Fistful Of Steel
    "Huh! Check it... uggh! Silence Something about silence makes me sick 'Cause silence can be violent Sorta like a slit wrist If the vibe was suicide Then you would push da button But if ya bowin' down Then"
  • Revolution (With Rage Against The Machine) - Tool
    "(Maynard) Living on the street shores He didn't learn and wanted children Said, "What is there left to stay alive for?" He doesn't wanna see it... (Maynard) He didn't wanna deal with it Here they come,"
  • Rage and tool song - Rage Against the Machine
    "Tool and Rage Against The Machine (untitled) Living on the street shores He didn't learn and wanted children Said, "What is there left to stay alive for?" He doesn't wanna see it... He didn't wanna"
  • Rage Against Time - Public Enemy
    "Rage Against Time Microphone check Microphone check Can I get a check up from the neck up Can I kick a rhyme While I'm checkin my time Can I get a cure Cause you did da crime For sure You're Probably"
  • Revolver - Usher
    "Cut me Cut me with your tounge Then love me when it's over You dont even know just How you much you taunt me Taunting and provoking Keep words unspoken Pandora's box is open Blame brings pain Accusations"
  • Revolver - Scarlet
    "we are the morbid and the abstract we are the breeding mammals with bad backs our messiah on the cover of magazines has a black lung an i.v. of nicotine a.m. rendezvous with strung out ambulance driver's"
  • Revolver - Mark Lanegan
    "Now after all, don't feel like nothing like walking away like a mouth full of rain at twelve o clock The bell starts ringing a dog starts barking and you're still missing still missing something You've"
  • Revolver - Isobel Campbell
    "I know what you do I will soon catch you Now after all Don't it feel like nothing Like walking away Like a mouthful of rain At twelve o'clock A bell starts ringing A dog starts barking And you're still"
  • Man Against Machine - Evile
    "Societies collapse End of days begins Men and women young and old Fight a war they cannot win Democracy in ruin Battling in vain End of modern era Tyranny rules again Man against machine Hunger in its"
  • Rage - Naked Aggression
    "If you've got no respect for me then I've got no respect for you Nothing that you say makes sense it isn't even relevent I slam my fist against the wall it doesn't seem to help at all I'm still filled"
  • Rage - John Kay
    "Words and music by John Kay, Rocket Ritchotte and Michael Wilk Runnin' wild, trouble round the corner The story of your life You got your bruises livin' in the battle zone And now you're flyin' blind Searching"
  • Six Foot Revolver - Break The Silence
    "To feel the same, as you look into these eyes. Did you ever think that you would be here? Here, alone, for life. To drag it down, when what you mean is to take control. The failure that takes the hardest"
  • Rage - Diesel Machine
    "you are the reason I exist won't stop until I get revenge I will ensure you don't persist cannot forgive, cannot forget RAGE! mother fucker, think you're bad? I'll take that smile right off your face how"
  • Rage, Rage Against The Dying Of The Light - Anaal Nathrakh
    "Do not go gentle into that good night Old age should burn and rave at close of day Rage, rage against the dying of the light Though wise men at their end know dark is right Because their words had forked"
  • Pretty Toxic Revolver - Machine Gun Kelly
    "danger, one of us just los tour savior gotta maintain when you’re going insane so I say this prayer dear, god why do I need this medicine to control my anger? and do you even exist? they’re trying to"
  • 9th Revolver - Alice Nine
    "Recollection ataerareta no wa So tiny waste omocha no jyuu de And funny faces tada kikaiteki ni To a blind target yorokobu furi wo shita Expectation mune ga itakute iki ga dekinai yo zattou no naka de I"
  • Rage Hard - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    "Rage! Rage! Rage! Rage! Rage Hard! Laugh like the head of Apollo Young and strong on the wings of tomorrow Rise up in millions get off your knees Dispelling the demons In the valley of danger We all"

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