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Rahman ginga

  • Ginga Ookami - Akira Kushida
    "Ore wa Uchuu ni Hitori Dake Kimi mo Uchuu ni Tada Hitori Oigake You ze Tokoton Towoku Hoka ni Yatsu ni wa Mienai Hoshi wo Amaen Bou no Hitsushi wa Nemure Sa Yuuku Ze Ginga no Ookami Yo Jaspion Tamashii"
  • Ginga no Taazan - Akira Kushida
    "Titi wo Shiranai Haha wo Shiranai Mukumori Saemo Oboe Teinai Dakedo Ore ni wa Nakama ga Iru sa Dare Yo Rimo Atsui Wakasa ga Aru Ore wa Ginga no Taazan Yoake wo Tsureta Tayou ni Naru Yasei no Inoti Jyuu"
  • Ginga De Bal - Timbalada
    "O que trana na cabea Dessa beldade negra Fino trao o retrato de uma deusa ginga Ginga o corpo sem defeito Com direito Só pra mostrar quem herdeira dos deuses da soberania africana filha de"
  • This Is Happening - Ginga
    "I wake up in the night seven days before i hit the floor I'm standing on the edge like i dont know what was before If we can pass this point, we will be happy I don't know the words, but this is happening I"
  • Final Call - Ginga
    "I walked, out back Behind the tracks Under the moonlight up above Our tongues too dry, we speak Patch up every tear that leaks From the moonlight up above Can't seem to shed it off I carved your name"
  • Cinnamon - Ginga
    "Cinnamon, what is it you have done? With your body gone, every minute seems too long Too scared to call, so scared to ask for more Up in the bright lights of this song Still you turn me on And you turn"
  • Fever - Ginga
    "We laugh so hard it aches our throats The nights stay young but we grow old We stumble out We tumble down We laugh so hard it shakes our bones Rumors come with the bitter cold Not set, not done It's"
  • Fashion - Ginga
    "When I was a young boy I stole my father's razor blade Cut off my shadow in the shade Still it follows me to the grave All alone, parents gone This goes out to all the boys and girl (they say) Stupid"
  • In The Morning - Ginga
    "In the morning, in the morning sun I wished upon your bare neck in my palm In the morning, in the morning hour The grandfather clock skips a howl And every next morning I keep forgetting The silence that"
  • And Now - Ginga
    "Like a plague that will not leave, as long as I stay there You will sigh at my bedside, as long as I lay down With the effort to feel pity, you stroke my hair You should go where you came from, and leave"
  • They Should Have Told Us - Ginga
    "They should have told us anyhow They should have told us bravely That fate won't wait till it's too late So I can call you my baby They could have shown us anywhere They could have stood up bravely But"
  • Sparkle And Shine - Ginga
    "I stumble and fall Out and against the wall I walk above I walk above it all The stakes are high They wont go down no more Wasn't like this Wasn't like this before Ive sung this song a thousand times"
  • We Are One - Ginga
    "We are one Steps and moves If you never play, you never lose And we play songs To help us sing Turn around slow and watch the ceiling spin The sin of your skin feels Like nothing I've ever dared to know We"
  • In The Stagelights - Ginga
    "Come on home with me There's no other place where I rather be I'm just a night line bus kid Looking for you between the seats Mon amour et ma chrie In your arms I want to be I'd empty by pockets for"
  • Up A Creek - Ginga
    "As we played hide and seek I hid too far down the creek And as the owels call Spring turned to fall As long as im not found i wont leeeeeeaaaaaave I've seen the gifts they will bring Wraped up and bound"
  • Jodi Jodi Jodi - A.R. Rahman
    "Rendu manga doi rendu manga doi ada otha kallu la ada otha kallu rendu manga ada otha kallu la otha kallu la rendu manga yela yela yela yela yela yela yela yela jodi jodi jodi than edhuvum rendu thaan aanuvum"
  • Jai Ho - A.R. Rahman
    "Jai ho aaja aaja jind shamiyane ke tale aaja jariwale nile aasman ke tale jai ho jai ho ratti ratti sachi maine jaan gavayi hai nach nach koylo pe raat bitayi hai akhiyon ki neend maine phoonko se"
  • Kannathil Muthamittal - A.R. Rahman
    "Nenjil jil jil jil jil, kaadhil dhil dhil dhil dhil, kaNNathil muththamittaal nee kaNNathil muththamittaal (2) oru dheyivam thandha poovae, kaNNil thedal yeNNa thaayae (2) vazhvu thodangum idam needanae"
  • Ay Hairathe - A.R. Rahman
    "Dam dara dam dara, chashm chashme nam Dam dara dam dara, chashm chashme nam Sun mere hum dum Hamesha ishq mein hi jeena (Dam dara) Ay hairathe aashiqui jagaa math Pairon se zameen zameen laga math (Ay"
  • Tere Bina - A.R. Rahman
    "(dum dara dum dara mast mast dara - 2 dum dara dum dum oh hum dum bin tere kyaa jeenaa) - 2 tere bina beswaadi beswaadi ratiyaan, oh sajna - 2 rookhi re oh rookhi re, kaatore kaate katena tere bina beswaadi"

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