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Raise your head')

  • Raise Your Sleepy Head - Savoy
    "You hide from the day Don't be this way Raise your sleepy head Old cloths fill the bed... Use me instead Yeah, raise your sleepy head You picked words that I'd fall for Why say something So uncalled for Little"
  • Raise My Head - Ane Brun
    "I will raise my head now and travel further than this time take all there is to take on and then unravel this cellophane mind I've got my best shoes on I'm ready for it all bring in your best crew come"
  • Raise Your Voice - Bad Religion
    "Fa fa fafa fa fa fafa raise your voice Fa fa fafa fa fa fafa raise your voice Fa fa fafa fa fa fafa raise your voice Fa fa fafa fa fa fafa raise your voice Don't be played like someone else's board game Don't"
  • Raise Your Hands - Tokio Hotel
    "You say it's all so important Alright, it's what you're playin' at I know you are more than perfect Believe that I believe in that Move back, then move forward Okay, there's got to be a way Stand still,"
  • Raise Your Flag - Chrome Division
    "Well, you've seen the show Well, you've hear songs You've seen the books and magazines Well, I've had enough It's time to change it all I hear the revolution's call Pink shirt, and bling bling And all"
  • Raise up - Aaliyah
    "This Is David Nevermind And today's controversy is coming from yet another member Or should I say members, of the hip hop community Petey Pablo, a new artist signed under Jive Has teamed up with Timbaland,"
  • Raise Hell - Persuader
    "False believer everything is sacred, so cynical Your castle's ground is shaking, But you burry your head in the sand You think you've earned the privilege of blessing, symbolic Forcefeeding the lies Mastering"
  • Raise Up - Petey Pablo
    "This is David Nevermind And today's controversy is coming from yet another member (Aiyyo tell 'em that we not gon' be playin) or should I say members of the hip-hop community: (I'll blaze 'em niggaz) Petey"
  • Raise Vibration - Lenny Kravitz
    "Hold you hands up Hold you head up To the painted sky Breayhe in spirit You can feel it Let your ego die Be a vessel Never settle For t he status quo Love will lead us and complete us This is what i know"
  • Raise The Dead - Overkill
    "Feel the power, rushing forward, it gets into your veins Almighty power, building higher, you'll never be the same I'm wanting more, I'm getting more of the feelings you can't tame I'm the master, you're"
  • Raise The Spirit - Grant Lee Phillips
    "Nothin gonna break heart your today Nothin gonna steal your light away Even when the skies are turnin grey Ah, youre gonna welcome in the rain Come on, Come on Ah let me hear it Come on, Come on Ill raise"
  • Raise The Roof - Luke
    "(feat. No Good But So Good) WHAT TIME IS IT?? (BOOTY TIME) CHORUS: Let's go Raise the roof Put em up there Raise the Roof Put em up there Raise the roof Put em up there Raise the roof Repeat"
  • Raise the Devil - Raise Hell
    "I've walked this earth with hate and rage in my heart For many years and many more I can not resist to hate these living creatures I must end their so-called lives I spit out this hatred, this hatred"
  • Lobo Wanna Raise - South Park
    "SPM uh, uhh pick up my voice a little bit just a little man, just a little bit man, yo just a little bit dog, just a little bit, yeah flippin ex-ho trippin... ohhh shit flippin, ex-ho trippin got them"
  • Raise The Dust - After The Fall
    "looking back has a different feeling this time it's a lot more meaning i'll pick a photo in my head and disreagard what you've said i'm not about to make a parting note im not asking for your vote all"
  • Bang your head - Quiet Riot
    "I'm an axe grinder, pile driverMama says that I never, never mind herGot no brains, I'm insaneThe teacher says that I'm one big painI'm like a lazer, six string razorI've got a mouth like an alligatorI"
  • Raise Your Hands - Ummet Ozcan
    "Raise your hands up /3x 1, 2, 3 Raise your hands up /3x 1, 2, 3 Raise your hands up Raise your hands up Raise your hands /4x 1, 2, 3"
  • Raise Your Fist - Angerfist
    "I want all you give it up And make some fucking noise And raise your fist Raise your fist for ANGERFIST! Raise your fist Raise your fist for Angerfist! (Angerfist,Angerfist,Angerfist, FIST) FIST! I want"
  • Raise your hands - Arashi
    "Are you ready to raise your hands in the air like this?Raise your hands! raise your hands!Kari ni umareta sugata kimi ni miraresou na natsuHey! bimyou balance guzure sou nee?Otona no furishite soukai!"
  • Raise Your Voices - Secret Garden
    "Though the night be dark and fearful Though we face the dimming day Though the heart be sad and tearful Trust in Him, He will light the way Raise your Voices! Raise your voices! praise to Him- the living"

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