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Raised by swansg i know its real

  • Raised By Wolves - Voxtrot
    "I was going hungry and lazy here When you stopped me in my tracks I was going crazy; I was desolate and ready to kill But maybe I believe in another place If you go, you won't look back And anywhere"
  • Streets Raised Me - Mobb Deep
    "Havoc Its kinda bugged how I go sometimes Know they staring, Brain feels like a wheel lost with out the ball bearing Stuck, Contemplating on who I can trust But like lleullo in a bill my feelings just"
  • Raised By Wolves - Agent 51
    "This is a call to all of those that I've been missin' This is a call to all of those I used to know I get so jaded and my blood begins to thicken Down so low Let it go And somewhere in the night I find"
  • Raised By Wolves - Falling In Reverse
    "I was lost now I'm found I'm sustained by the sound Of the angels singing me to sleep While my feet are leaving the ground Am I dead? Or am I dreaming instead? A cornucopia of opiates have flooded my head I'm"
  • Raised In The Projects - Project Pat
    "(feat. Chrome) Tryna floss in da projects, mane getcha jacked off Run up on ya wit dat moss bird face smacked off You could be dat nigga On tha curb dat cha crack off Fingaz on the trigger Full"
  • Raised in compton - Compton's Most Wanted
    "Compton is the place that I touched down. I opened my eyes to realise I was dark brown. And right there in the ghetto that color costs. Brothers smothered by the streets meaning we're lost. I grew up in"
  • Born & Raised - Fake Problems
    "On April 29th, 1980-something, I was born to a new proud mother. She said she would always care for me 'til the day she died, and she'd never let anyone ruin my life but they sure try. The day that I"
  • Adam raised a Cain - Bruce Springsteen
    "In the summer that I was baptized My father held me to his side As they put me to the water He said how on that day I cried We were prisoners of love a love in chains He was standin in the door I was standin"
  • Real - Dj Krush
    "(feat. Tragedy) Niggaz don't you know? Never promised tomorrow man Check it, check it *the next life* Life life (yeah) right now for what it is before you lose that shit For real man, shit can happen in"
  • Raised By Wolves - U2
    "Face down on a broken street There’s a man in the corner in a pool of misery I’m in white van as a red sea covers the ground Metal crash I can’t tell what it is But I take a look and now I’m sorry I did 5:30"
  • Raised By Horses - Clutch
    "I was eating dinner at the table with people from the music industry. They asked me if I liked it in "The City." I said I liked it better in the country. The label representative asked me what about"
  • Its Got Be Real - Lisa Stansfield
    "Tell me what you need to give Let me know if I should lead you onTake time to understand The magic in you Don't be frightened of the truth 'Cos the truth can only make you strongerHave feith in what you"
  • Born N Raised - Pitbull
    "(Intro:) Born and Raised in the County of Dade (ahhhh) Born and Raised, Born Born and Raised, Born and Raised in the County of Dade. (continues in background) DJ Khaled! When I ride, I ride for Trey-0-5"
  • Mama Raised Me - Master P
    "Chorus:Master P Daddy wasn't home so mama raised me I'ma thug but still mama bathed me (4X) Verse 1:Master P I live my life as a thug, roll wit' some killas Slang crack to some dope fiends, ride wit'"
  • I Don't Know Its Name - Caravan
    "Flower in a garden A garden with no gate Flower imprisoned by ice crystals The summer came too late To melt the snow on white hedgerows Don't let the winter hide you Or freeze your love for me Like frozen"
  • Born & Raised - Alexisonfire
    "All blossoms die in the light of our new culture Find your belief in that which cannot be discovered Countless lessons lie in every fever dream A million voices asking what does it all mean? I've lost"
  • Beep Raised - Jacks Of All Trades
    "2 die 4 is not something that Would come to my mind you see Pain is more like it when I'm shooting this rhyme And now I know that my master is alive and not dead Cos He didn't stay in grave but went to"
  • Arms Raised - Before You Breathe
    "You are my joy I have no other I'm into You So focused on you What would happen if I lost my sight Would You lead me and take me to the light Where we will laugh, never cry again Arms raised to You You"
  • Ghetto Raised - Pastor Troy
    "(Police sirens)... Hook : 4x Ghetto raised, ghetto payed, ghetto muthafuckers die everyday Ghetto muthafuckers don't like to pray Ghetto muthafuckers just like to spray Verse 1: (Pastor Troy) I'm from"
  • Arms Raised - Close Your Eyes
    "I lift my hands to the sky; You’re my desire My hopes and dreams they are of You I lift my hands to the sky; for Your consuming fire So bright it burns, what’s left is Yours Let’s go! So many idle words"

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